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Chapter VI Sale

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“Why are you here?”
Chu Liuyue’s heart loosened, and her voice softened a lot.
Although this White Lion looked very fierce, she could feel that it seemed to be very close to her, and even deliberately suppressed her tyrannical atmosphere of monsters.
White Lion got up, jumped off the bed, and jumped directly in front of Chu Liuyue silently.
It was very tall and strong, and Chu Liuyue, who was already thin, stood in front of it and looked even more petite, as if it could easily swallow her with one mouth.
Even the whole room seemed much narrower and lower.
Xue Xuebing’s blue eyes blinked, and his huge head lowered and shook at Chu Liuyue’s hand.
Chu Liuyue was taken aback for a moment, unsure of what it wanted to do.
Seeing that she hadn’t moved for a long time, Xuexue approached again and looked up at her eagerly.
The corner of Chu Liuyue’s eyes twitched, this is… please touch?
She tentatively reached out her hand, placed it on its head, and stroked it lightly.
The tentacles are extremely soft and smooth fur, which feels very good. It can be seen that the life is very good, and it can be cultivated like this.
Xuexue closed her eyes satisfied, stretched her body, flicked her tail, and let out a satisfying hum in her throat.
Chu Liuyue: “…”
Is this determined not to leave?
“Hey, shouldn’t you go back to your master? What’s the matter by staying with me?”
However, Xuexue didn’t seem to care, closed her eyes motionless, and seemed to really fall asleep.
Chu Liuyue was a little bit dumbfounded.
Although I don’t know why this White Lion did this, it’s getting late, and if she insists on letting it go back, something will happen.
At that time, it will be more troublesome.
After thinking about it for a while, Chu Liuyue didn’t want to worry about the matter anymore, patted his head lightly, and went to bed alone.
When she touched the quilt, she realized that it was actually warm.
There was an inspiration in her heart: This guy is here, isn’t he here to warm her bed?
The next moment, she couldn’t help but laugh: she thought too much!
“If you must stay here, you have to say it first, and you can’t let others know.”
Xuexue opened her eyes and tossed her tail happily.
Chu Liuyue lay on the bed, sorting out the things to be done the next day, and then gradually fell asleep.
When she gradually fell asleep, White Lion, who seemed to be asleep, opened his eyes and looked at Chu Liuyue.
I don’t know what she was dreaming of, her small face frowned, her forehead also burst into fine cold sweat, and her lips were pale.
A silver streamer overflowed from Xuexue’s body, slowly and silently infiltrated Chu Liuyue’s body.
In Chu Liuyue’s sleep, she felt that her body seemed to be in a piece of warm water, rare relaxation and comfort, only then gradually stretched her frowning eyebrows and fell into a peaceful sleep.
When Chu Liuyue was sleeping peacefully, there was a person who couldn’t sleep at all–Chu Xianmin!
“Say, what the hell is going on!?”
Tingfangyuan, the door is closed.
Chu Xianmin stared at the man kneeling in front of him, trying to suppress his anger.
“This…this…Miss San, the subordinates have carefully investigated, but they did not find the trace of Song Lian…”
A cold sweat broke out on Chu Liansheng’s back.
“how is this possible!?”
Chu Xianmin interrupted him sharply.
“The plan is seamless. As long as Chu Liuyue goes out, she will be stunned and brought to the forest to solve it! Previously, you said that Song Lian was already a Tier 3 martial artist. It was definitely not a problem to deal with a Chu Liuyue in the district! But now it is. Chu Liuyue didn’t die, even Song Lian and the other three were gone!? That’s how you do things for me!?”
“Miss San, it stands to reason that this is true. The subordinates saw them take Chu Liuyue out of the city gate with their own eyes! But-who knows, she didn’t die!”
Knowing that after Chu Liuyue came back alive, he realized something was wrong, and immediately went to investigate the traces of Song Lian’s three people, but even if he searched inside and outside the imperial capital, those three people seemed to have evaporated!
At this time, he realized that it was not good!
“She must have known it was me!”
Chu Xianmin said bitterly.
Thinking of that before, she was actually frightened by Chu Liuyue’s eyes, and she felt annoyed for a while!
“Miss San, what if she knows it? What kind of waves can she dig out of a waste of woodβ€””
“Idiot! If she really didn’t order anything, then why did Song Lian and the others disappear!?”
Chu Liansheng dared not speak any more.
Chu Xianmin gritted his teeth secretly.
Song Lian couldn’t find them for a day, and she couldn’t rest assured every day, who knows how Chu Liuyue came back alive and how to deal with those people!
If she uses this as a handle…
“Keep looking! In addition, send someone to monitor Chu Liuyue secretly. If there is any abnormality, report it immediately!”
When Chu Liansheng left, Chu Xianmin’s eyes gradually became gloomy.
Chu Liuyue actually dared to target her in turn, then… don’t blame her for being rude!
Sleep well all night.
When Chu Liuyue woke up the next morning, she found that Xuexue had left.
So, it’s like a vigil for her…
Chu Liuyue smiled and shook his head.
This was the first night after her rebirth. She thought it would be difficult to fall asleep, but she slept very soundly and peacefully.
About this reason, her whole body seems to be lighter.
After a simple wash, Chu Liuyue sat down in front of the mirror, wanting to see the reborn face.
A girl’s face was reflected in the dilapidated bronze mirror.
Probably because of perennial malnutrition, this little face is full of vegetables. He was almost fourteen years old, and looked almost twelve years old.
A pair of black and round eyes are extraordinarily large.
Even so, it is not difficult to see that this little face is actually very beautiful.
It’s still green now, if it’s a little longer, it will definitely be a rare beauty.
Perhaps because of the replacement of the core, those dim and cowardly eyes became calm and firm, bright as star pupils, and between the eyebrows, there was a vaguely noble breath.
Like a pearl covered with dust, it was wiped away from the dust and began to shine with dazzling light!
Chu Liuyue stared at this face, her eyes changed, and it took a long time before she finally sighed.
This face is actually similar to her in the previous life!
For a moment, she put away her thoughts, cleaned up briefly, and went out.
The rules of the Chu family are strict, and most people check in and out.
But Chu Liuyue had a lowly status on weekdays, and was often sent to do some subordinate errands, so the guard saw her going out without questioning too much.
Invisibly, this also greatly facilitated her work.
After leaving Chu’s house, she headed directly towards the Rare Treasure Pavilion.
As soon as she stepped into the Rare Treasure Pavilion, a middle-aged man greeted him with a smile on his face.
“Miss Chu, you can count it! This has been waiting for you all day!”
This middle-aged man is Yan Ge, the second master of Rare Treasure Pavilion.
When most people see him, they must yell second mister Yan politely. Everyone knows that there is a mysterious force behind Rare Treasure Pavilion and cannot be offended. Therefore, they respect Yan Ge and Rare Treasure Pavilion.
But now, he is particularly passionate about Chu Liuyue.
Chu Liuyue smiled:
“It seems that second mister Yan is very satisfied with the business yesterday.”
Yan Ge laughed.
“It’s all thanks to Miss Chu!”
That thing was left for several years, not that nobody liked it, but it was shelved because it was too expensive and not cost-effective.
Who knows that when Chu Liuyue came yesterday, she said directly that she could sell this thing.
He didn’t believe it at first, but early this morning, the Chu family and Lu family sent money over separately!
At this time, he looked at Chu Liuyue again, as if he was looking at a God of Wealth!
“You said yesterday that there is still a good deal today, I don’t know–”
Yan Ge rubbed his hands excitedly, looking at Chu Liuyue with bright eyes.
Chu Liuyue tapped her fingertips on the table lightly:
“Second mister Yan, I am here today, not to buy things, but to sell things.”
Yan Ge was taken aback.
Chu Liuyue took out a piece of paper from her sleeve and handed it over.
Yan Ge took a look, and his eyes widened in shock!
Chu Liuyue said leisurely:
“Three hundred thousand taels of silver, one point less, not for sale.”