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Chapter 01

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“…The second season champion of the Dreaming Professional League, Team Qingtao!”
“Congratulations to Team Qingtao!”
There was thunderous applause in the Ten Thousands Gymnasium.
The members of Team Qingtao stepped onto the stage and raised the championship trophy together, and the gold ribbon flew into a dazzling ocean.
After a simple celebration, they stood in a row and one of them reached out and took the microphone handed by the host. Several screens appeared in his face at the same time, and the screams in the court instantly rose by a degree, almost overturning the roof.
The boy had red lips and white teeth, handsome and free Wushuang, and a small red mole under the corner of his left eye. It was Jiang Chen, the captain of Team Qingtao.
He played the game at the age of 17, and settled in the main position for half a year. In the finals, he turned the tide with his outstanding performance and helped the team win the first season championship. In the second season he was promoted to captain, led the team to another championship, and won the season MVP.
At the age of 18, two seasons championships, a young talent, and a promising future, coupled with the immortal appearance, is now very popular in the circle, the limelight is very high.
Jiang Chen held the microphone and looked at the auditorium quietly.
Jin Cai, applause, screaming, madness… in all directions, the mountains are whistling and tsunami, all affirming them. At this moment, he was gloriously added, as if standing in the center of the whole world.
He felt all this to his heart’s content, and he evoked a faint smile.
The smile was cast on the screen, and the fans immediately gave the most direct response, screaming again.
Captain Jiang’s personality is cold, and the interviews after the game are mostly straight-faced. Now that he smiles like this, he feels like a weak leg.
“Chen will be in LAN!”
“Chen will be in LAN!”
“Chen will be in LAN!”
The sporadic sounds gathered into a sea, and in a flash, all people drank together.
“Chenhui Lanle” is Jiang Chen’s ID in the dream, and his profession is a sealer.
In today’s final, he was invincible and took the highest number of heads in the team. The bloody picture was enough to make the audience crazy for him.
Qing Tao’s team members were driven by the atmosphere, and lifted him up with red eyes.
The audience went crazy: “Ahhhhh!”
The other team members sat down and looked sour: “Tsk, this card.”
“After all, it’s the first traffic team.”
The few captains knew the inside story and looked at the stage with heavy eyes.
The audience was quiet for a long time. The host smiled and interviewed Qing Tao’s people. Finally, he looked at Jiang Chen, suppressing regret, and asked in advance: “Captain Jiang has something to say to the fans. Say it?”
Jiang Chen said: “Yes.”
He walked a few steps forward, standing still and watching the crowd, “On the day I became a professional player, I thought about how I would leave the stadium in the future.”
The tone was as plain as talking about the weather, but it was really not like good words, and the scene was silent for a moment.
The caught off-guard professional players suddenly sat upright and stared in amazement. They all knew Jiang Chen’s temper, and he was definitely not a talkative person. This was obviously something wrong.
Jiang Chen said: “Now that I have won two championships and one MVP, it is considered complete.”
The unknown premonition was confirmed, and the audience was in an uproar.
Fans were like a bolt from the blue, unable to accept, shouting “no”.
But Jiang Chen’s decision cannot be changed by anyone.
He has always done things cleanly and neatly, and his retirement declaration is only a few sentences, and his voice is calm and determined in the noisy stadium: “I am officially retiring from today for personal reasons. Thank you for your company for more than a year.”
He squeezed the microphone, the word “goodbye” wandered around in his mouth, and swallowed it back.
After detecting cancer, he went from hope to despair, and his emotions and mentality were reversed for several rounds. Among them, the taste is not good for outsiders, and the left and right are just a phrase of “retirement.” However, even if you have made up your mind and prepared, when you really say it, it’s still more uncomfortable than imagined.
His throat choked, and he suddenly remembered a recent hot sentence on the Dreaming Forum, and subconsciously changed the cold “goodbye” to make the final stroke of his career.
“Liuguang Broken Star Bounty Wall, I do not regret coming to dream in this life.”
The unruly teenager lowered his head, bowed deeply to the crowd, then straightened up and left the stage without looking back.
The otherwise restless night of the championship became even more explosive due to Jiang Chen’s sudden retirement. There were related discussions and news everywhere, guessing everything.
The two topics of “Qingtao won the championship” and “Chenhui Lanle retired” quickly rushed into hot searches, and the club subsequently issued an announcement explaining the reasons for Jiang Chen’s retirement and the personnel adjustment for the new season.
People found the main point of two words in it: sick.
No matter how specific it is.
However, there is no impenetrable wall in this world, and soon there was a rumor that Jiang Chen had cancer.
Fans went crazy again, and passers-by who followed the progress of the matter also felt distressed.
Within a long time, the topic of “Waiting for your return” was also on the hot search. More and more people learned about this young genius and prayed kindly.
Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Jiang Chen had pancreatic cancer.
On the night of his retirement, he was picked up by his family and fell into a coma halfway. After waking up, he had already arrived at the hospital. On the chair next to him was a reader, his sister, Jiang Shilan.
Jiang Chen moved the corner of his mouth: “Morning.”
Jiang Shilan looked up at him and smiled: “Morning, are you hungry? Have some food?”
Jiang Chen said: “Drink porridge.”
Jiang Shilan put the book away, got up and left.
Jiang Chen touched the phone on the bedside table, opened it, and thought it was early enough, at a quarter past two in the afternoon.
He got up to wash, and looked at himself in the mirror.
Without that layer of pre-match makeup, his face was obviously sick at this time, he almost thought coldly, it was an appearance of early death.
The death rate of his cancer is relatively high, and many people die within six months after being diagnosed. He listened to the doctor and felt that he would follow the trend, not to mention that he was exhausted for the playoffs, further depleting his body, and he was not optimistic.
He wiped the water off his face, went out to sit on the bed and flipped through his phone, picking up a few messages back.
After a while, Jiang Shilan came back, handed him the meal, and sat aside watching him eat. Jiang Chen swallowed the porridge: “Are you busy?”
Jiang Shilan said: “It’s not busy today.”
Jiang Chen said: “How many days do I have to stay?”
Jiang Shilan said: “Listen to the doctor.”
Jiang Chen said: “What did the doctor say?”
Jiang Shilan’s gentle tone remained the same: “Say your situation is pretty good.”
Jiang Chen was noncommittal, but didn’t ask any more.
He stayed in the ward until evening, and his brother and his dad also came.
The Jiang family members are very simple: one father and three children.
The first two children were born with dragons and phoenixes. When they came to Jiang Chen, they were commanders of polished rods. They were six years younger than their older brothers and sisters. Mrs. Jiang passed away unfortunately when Jiang Chen was three years old. Her father did not remarry, and the three children grew up alone.
His father, Jiang Kangle, was the vice president of the Academy of Medicine. The first two of the three children followed to study medicine. Only Jiang Chen had no interest in medicine and wanted to play games. Fortunately, his family was more supportive and did not stop him.
His ID of “Chenhui Lanle” was made up by taking one word from each of his family’s names, and the word “lan” was also in his mother’s name, so only one was used.
Now that Jiang Chen is ill, facing the three doctors in the family, he can only obey honestly.
After two months of cooperative treatment, his hair was gone, his whole person lost two circles, and he was lying on the bed in a boring manner, just dragging time.
He said: “The world is so big, I want to see it.”
His brother glanced over: “I’ll buy you a globe, you can not only look at it, but also turn it around.”
Jiang Chen laughed extremely softly, without speaking.
All three members of the Jiang family understood what he meant. He didn’t want to be cured.
They didn’t know that they were procrastinating, but giving up treatment was equivalent to watching him die, but if they didn’t give up, they had to continue to watch him be tossed. Jiang Kangle was silent for a long time, and said, “Go wherever you want.”
The eyes of the other two were red, and they turned their heads away.
Jiang Chen closed his eyes: “Yeah.”
As a result, he was at ease for only a month, and his body turned abruptly. After being rescued from a critical illness again, he happened to see the material in his father’s hands-the cryonics project.
He asked his dad to come over, studied for more than a long time, and came to a conclusion: this is a theoretical thing, and the controversy has always been great, and the technology is immature. It is likely to be frozen for a hundred years, and what he will get is just a bunch of fresh ones. organ.
But both left and right were dead. He was unwilling to die just like that, so he decided to take a gamble and freeze himself.
Several countries are currently conducting this research, and China is no exception.
However, this is the first time it has been listed as a national project. Although the technology used is immature, it is slightly different from the outside world. It is a secret of the medical school and cannot be disclosed.
After reading the document, Jiang Chen signed it.
More than a month later, the topic of “Chenhui Lanle passed away” reached the top of the hot search, and fans cried.
The youth is like a shooting star, which amazes countless people’s youth, especially after only four months from the finals, the heat is still there, and the grief fans almost flooded the square with tears, and the topic fell for several days.
The dead are gone, the living are like this.
People with e-sports talent wave after wave, the meteor of “Chenhui Lanle” was gradually forgotten, until the game made a major adjustment four years later, the veteran captain Du Feizhou was asked about the game update during an interview and raised the seal midway. The teacher said flatly: “After Chen Huilanle, there is no sealer in Yumeng.”
The new fan was unknown, but the old fan took it seriously and cried Captain Jiang again.
“Chenhui Lanle” flashed briefly and then fell silent again, year after year, thirty years have passed since his death. There are people in the circle who retire every year. Among those who retired this year is a heavyweight god-the captain of the NXK team, Fang Jingxing.
From the age of 18 to 25, Fang Jingxing has won five domestic championships and four world championships in his nearly eight years of career. Although the first domestic championship was won by the teamโ€™s ride as a rookie, the rest are He actually won the team, and his popularity in the league is well-deserved first.
This year he won the domestic championship and the world championship at the same time, full of honors and retired. Fans already knew that he was going to retire, and at the same time they gave a lot of blessings.
Fang Jingxing stood on the stage with a smile and announced: “I am officially retiring from today. Thank you for your persistence over the years.”
It has become a tradition not to say goodbye to the people of the Dreaming League when they retire. Of course, the Fang team will not make an exception.
He smiled slightly, “Glazed Light Broken Star Bounty Wall, I don’t regret coming to dream in this life.”
This scene quickly spread across the entire network. After another month, the game officially dropped a bomb, and the holographic version of Dreaming will be beta soon. If there is no problem, I will officially meet with you soon.
This is the world’s first holographic online game, and game fans are crazy.
Not only young people, but many middle-aged and elderly people are also interested in taking a look, including players who retired early. They have a chat group, and they are discussing building a sunset red gang in the game. The original Qingtao team suddenly said with emotion: “It would be great if Captain Jiang was still there.”
Everyone agreed: “Oh, yes.”
The person who was worried had no consciousness at this time, and was deeply immersed in darkness.
Time became meaningless, it didn’t matter day and night, it didn’t matter how long it was, and it didn’t bother him.
I don’t know how long it has been, the dead consciousness suddenly jumped slightly, and he vaguely heard a voice.
It was light at first, then slowly increased, rushing towards him like waves.
“Chen will be in LAN!”
“Chen will be in LAN!”
“Chen will be in LAN!”
Suddenly, I saw the golden color flying and the crowd screaming, which was the deepest picture in my memory. At this time, a voice pierced in like a flying fairy from the sky.
“…Brain activity has reached the standard line, he can wake up! He can wake up!”
Jiang Chen’s consciousness chased this voice up from the dark sea bottom, breaking through the water.
โ€”โ€”The first sealer of the invincible dream of the year, opened his eyes.