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Li Jia is the adopted daughter of the Lu family and the younger sister of Lu Yichen. Li Jia loved Lu Yichen all his life and chased him for half his life.
He was drunk and called another woman’s name. She was pregnant, and he brought back another woman he loved and told Li Jia the woman was her sister-in-law. Lu Yichen gave her a lot, but he was stingy with love.
When he broke into the busy lane regardless of danger for his beloved woman, Li Jia rushed in for him.
“Mr. Lu, I’m sorry, your sister and the fetus in her abdomen have no vital signs.”
Lu Yichen’s gentle face was grim and gloomy for the first time in a lifetime. When he returned to five years ago, his Jiajia was still alive. Just, why is Jiajia not so sticky to him?