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Shen Yu unintentionally transmigrated into a melodramatic romance novel. She is now a miserable cannon fodder who shares the same name as her. Her adopted brother is the main BOSS villain in the novel who became more and more nefarious over time under the influence of the novel’s White Lotus. He fought tooth and nail with the main male lead and in the end, the villain faces utter defeat.
Shen Yu wiped the cold sweat off her forehead before letting out a sigh in relief. She transmigrated just in time!!!
The main villain has yet to entangle himself too deeply with the White Lotus and as such, hasn’t completely blackened. Shen Yu still has an opportunity to rescue him from the clutches of the White Lotus.
Hence, from the shadows, she plotted and conspired to destroy the relationship between the BOSS villain and the White Lotus.
But who could have guessed that this villainous brother is so abnormal? Not only did he forced strawberries onto her and pulverized her house, but he even slashed his own arms without blinking an eye!
Wu wu wu, she’s sooo afraid!!

BOSS Villain: “Baby, do you have a crush on me?”
Little White Bunny: “I don’t have, I’ll never have one. I’m your younger sister!”
BOSS Villain: “Stop creating trouble, you’re just a baby who was picked up from the garbage dump.”
Little White Bunny: ……………….
In brief: I treat you as my brother and tried rescuing you. But, you …. you turn around and try to eat me!
Deranged ML X Terrified Bun FL
p.s: The original Shen Yu was really adopted!! The ML and FL are not related by blood!!!