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chapter1 1

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On a leisurely weekend, the soft sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows into the spacious and bright study.
The wide desk was covered with all kinds of tutorial materials, and the tall handsome boy sat on one side, wearing only a light gray shirt and slim trousers to show his perfect figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist. He was holding his head with one hand, staring at the young female teacher who was talking about the topic around him.
The female teacher was young, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, which concealed the bright and bright eyes, but added a bit of calm to the book; her brown medium-long hair was slightly curled, and at this time she only loosely wrapped her long hair with a rope, allowing a few strands of broken hair to fall mischievously to the side of her fair face.
“well, that’s all for today’s tutorial.” When Su Chunchun finished his last question, he closed his book and looked at the handsome boy around him with a gentle smile of praise. “although Shen transferred to another school and left behind a lot of homework, he learned very quickly, and it is estimated that he won’t need a teacher to study in two weeks.”
Shen Liang’s eyes moved slightly when he heard the words. He just smiled and whispered, “the teacher taught me well.”
His facial features were deep and handsome, and his voice was calm and beautiful, and as he said this, he raised his hand and closed the broken hair that had fallen from her ear. If the average girl would have blushed shyly.
It’s just that, Su Chunchun seems to have no sense of it, with a smile of a teacher’s face, “Oh, my God.” Obviously he is still young, but he is so mature in his speech. "
When Su Chunchun finished looking at the clock on the wall, he said, “I’ll go back today. I’ll come back to study for you next weekend.”
At the same time, a mechanical sound sounded in, Shen Liang’s mind. [tick– system 1008611 reminds you that the hostess Su Chunchun has a good feeling plus 5, and currently has a good impression of 70. He is impressed by the host as an excellent, mature and sensible student. ]
Shen Liang moves slightly, rarely in a frustrated mood, and no matter how ambiguous he is, the person in front of him has never had any superfluous thoughts. Although the popularity has reached 70, it is clear that in the eyes of Su Chunchun, she is only her proud student.
Shen Liang looked at the eyes unaffected by the sound, and the person who was still packing up bent his fingers and tapped his head gently. [it seems that such gentle measures can not make the other person understand what I mean. If it goes on like this, good feelings will always be limited to about 80% of the relationship between teachers and students. ]
So, is the host going to change the strategy? The host must not forget that the main task is to be a stumbling block to the relationship between men and women, and the regional task is to win the heart of the woman. But the final result is to stimulate the potential of the male lead Han Xiping, so that the male and female leading a happy life together. ]
I understand, this is my third task, are you still worried? Shen Liang chuckled. For the sake of high points, he would certainly do his best.
Su Chunchun, with her back to Shen Liang, bent her lips mockingly. Since she awakened to consciousness, one of her abilities is to be able to hear this inexplicable conversation. Often, they can be heard brazenly discussing how to deal with her in front of her.
Su Chunchun has experienced many different worlds, but each time her name is Su Chunchun, is the heroine in this story, and these so-called system strategists, more or less the same tasks are related to her.
It’s the same this time, she woke up in this body a few days ago, also known as Su Chunchun, 24 years old, graduated from a prestigious school and is currently a trainee teacher in a high school. And the hero of this story, that is, her boyfriend Han Xiping, whom she promised to date some time ago, was originally her upperclassman and is currently starting a business.
As for the person in front of her, the only son of the Shen Liang,Shen’s family, she is working part-time as a tutor in the third year of high school. As for the follow-up development, she had already guessed almost from their conversation.
It is a life set like a puppet, and then the matchmaker is allowed to pull the rope until the end of the script.
It’s just that she hasn’t left according to the script for a long time.
Don’t you want her heart? Then trade your own heart.
Su Chunchun hands and feet quickly put away the things, the movements are a bit more urgent than usual, the corner of the eye is also can not hide the faint joy.
Of course, Shen Liang sees it all, and naturally knows why. But on the face of it, he only said softly, “teacher, today is the weekend, leaving so early?”
“because I have an appointment, or I’ll be late.” There was a shy smile on Su Chunchun’s face, which was completely different from the smile he had just given him.
The air pressure around Shen Liang dropped bit by bit, and the original feeling of closeness gradually became terrible.
Su Chunchun didn’t seem to notice the change of Shen Liang, so he picked up his schoolbag and stood up. “then I’ll go first.”
Slightly elongated line with a helpless sigh, this tone let people hear the heart “thump” a panic, Su Chunchun some doubt, see Shen Liang handsome face originally gentle smile has faded, dark eyes hot and deep can not see the bottom.
Su Chunchun had never seen such Shen Liang, look nervous for a moment. She seemed a little frightened by his appearance. She tried to speak briskly, “what’s wrong with Shen Liang,?”
Shen Liang slowly stood up, relative to Su Chunchun’s height of 1.65 meters, at this time nearly 1.8 meters tall Shen Liang like a shadow over her head.
“in fact, there is one thing that has not been told to the teacher, for fear of annoying the teacher.”
Shen Liang bent slightly, his eyes locked on Su Chunchun’s face. His regular exercise figure has a thin layer of muscles, with a strong flavor of youth hormones, so even though he is young, he still has a strong pressure.
Su Chunchun retreated uncomfortably for each other’s approach until his waist was pressed against the desk, half-circled in his arms by the other party with his hand on the edge of the desk.
Su Chunchun finally got a flustered look in his eyes. He raised his hand and shoved someone too close to him with a vibrato in his voice. “Shen, Shen Liang, don’t joke with the teacher.”
Shen Liang easily grabs his chest and pushes his hands, and his delicate white skin is as soft as satin in the palm of his hand.
“it is because the teacher has been so ignorant, let me very distressed, and looked at the teacher Huanhuan happy to date with others, I am really very uncomfortable here.” Shen Liang pointed to the position of the heart, although there is still a smile on the lips, it makes people feel cold at the bottom of my heart for no reason.
Su Chunchun could not move her hands, and her body was trapped in the small space in front of the other person’s body. She dared not even move, but her lips trembled slightly but could not make a sound. Her intuition told her that she should stop the other party’s next words as soon as possible, but she could only tremble uncontrollably under the strong aura of Shen Liang, which could not be refuted.
Shen Liang word by word, as if with a deep voice pressed in Su Chunchun’s ear, “from the first time I saw the teacher, I have been deeply in love with the teacher.”
“Shen Liang!” Su Chunchun finally cried out and even freed himself from the control of Shen Liang because he was so frightened that he staggered and knocked down the table and chair. It’s just that when her frightened eyes fell on Shen Liang’s dark eyes, her rebuke, which was about to blurt out, turned into a cover-up. “I, I have something to do.”
She spoke hurriedly and hurried out of the door.
Generally speaking, the hostess will definitely have a big psychological fluctuation when she receives an unexpected confession. in this case, as long as the strategist uses a little means, the heroine’s emotional balance will always lean towards him.
However, it is the development that is out of control that makes these strategists find it both interesting and challenging.
Su Chunchun raised his hand and touched his glasses to cover the panic in the fundus of his eyes.
Another ability of her is to control her affection for the strategist. Even if this ability seems to be a bit of a chicken, for people who rely heavily on affection to judge their partner’s love, the change in affection can prompt them to do a lot of things in the direction she wants.
Target Su Chunchun has dropped 30% in favor, and is now 40%, impressively a somewhat scary student. ]
The sound of the system increased the smile on Shen Liang’s face-he worked hard to create a gentle and excellent image for several months, but now he can only brush his good feelings to 70, but now he has lost nearly half of his good feelings in an unexpected confession.
“teacher, you can’t leave.” When Shen Liang’s faint voice sounded, he quickly took a few steps forward, took Su Chunchun’s hand on the doorknob and led him to his arms.
As, Su Chunchun turned around, his fingers stroked his glasses, and the glasses on the bridge of his nose had accidentally slipped to the ground. Without the cover of her glasses, her delicate and beautiful eyebrows and eyes are completely exposed, her skin is white and smooth, and her big eyes are black and clear, but because of myopia, she looks more and more innocent.
Shen Liang’s eyes so directly hit the bottom of each other’s eyes-the previous indifferent smell of books disappeared, at this time the hazy helplessness made people unconsciously raise a dark mind.
“it turns out that the teacher is so good-looking.” Half a second of distracted, Shen Liang chuckled, squeezed one leg between Su Chunchun’s legs and held someone in the other and trapped him between himself and the door.
“Shen Liang!” Su Chunchun looked at him in horror, holding his hands against Shen Liang’s leaning body. “you, you let me go!” Ah. Somebody, is there anyone. "
Shen Liang easily suppressed Su Chunchun’s resistance and licked her soft earlobe with a smile. “Zhang Ma is cooking downstairs. The teacher wants her to come up and see how you seduce your students.”
The present situation, if seen, could not be explained in any case.
“No, it’s not!” Su Chunchun shook his head eagerly, his eyes were red. “Shen Liang, wake up.”
“it seems that the teacher really doesn’t believe what I said.” Shen Liang’s fingers fondled Su Chunchun’s slightly reddish, moist eyes with pity.
The cool fingertips made Su Chunchun’s eyelashes tremble, and before he could speak, he felt the coolness fall on his lips.
“I have never regarded you as a teacher. Every time I watch you talk about a topic, I always think– the teacher’s lips, the taste should be …” It’s very good. "