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Lin Zhizhi, the proud son of a cultivation family, accidentally obtained a system that can check the favorability of others. With a single glance, not only does he discover that his best friend wants to bang him, but the system also tells him he was chosen as its host due to his ultra rare Seductive Physique. Luckily, it’s powers are latent, but the seal will soon break.

He learns its effects can be suppressed with his own strength, and in order to escape the fate “everybody wants to be my cultivation partner,” Lin Zhizhi will pretend to be an iceberg and endeavor to improve his cultivation!

Passerby coming up to him with a cold face: We just met, can we get to know each other?

Lin Zhizhi glanced up [favoribility 90 and attitude is crush] on his head…

#Ruined my friends! #secretly in love with me, what should I do, anxiously searching online #In this world where everyone’s affection for me is full or almost full, I think my future can only be murder or death