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Chapter 1

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On the outskirts of Interstellar City, Yunmeng Wandering Animal Life Base
“Come here.” The boy’s unique warm and clear voice sounded in the breeze. A large group of small animals lying on the grass basking in the sun got up and snored towards the sound source.
Standing in the warm sunshine, Zhu Qingan was wearing a beige knee-length coat, half of his baby face was buried in a cotton wool scarf, only a pair of black eyes filled with smiles were revealed.
He squatted down and fed the small animals with jerky. After a long time, he finally fed the cubs. Pat the small paw prints on the corners of the clothes. Prepare to walk into the rest room in the base.
Zhu Qingan is the owner and the only employee of this stray animal base.
He lives in a tight life, works as a group performer in Hengcheng, and occasionally does some small jobs.
The only thing that can make him proud is this small stray animal life base that belongs to him only. Although unlike those famous large bases, there are many employees and good equipment resources.
But it’s enough, there are many furry who love him.
Zhu Qingan turned on the light brain, glanced at the light brain desktop hastily, and suddenly found that there was a piece of software on the desktop.
A white square frame with a black heart in the middle.
There is a small word “False Love” underneath
Virus software?
Zhu Qingan’s first reaction was to drag the software icon and throw it into the trash can to delete it. But he accidentally stabbed the picture, and the screen immediately went dark, turning into a black and white love background, with a white text box popped up in the middle.
[This is a light brain mobile game. ]
[Welcome to “False Love”, this is a love-making game. ]
[You will meet the protagonist of the game-Qin Hengyi here. ]
[Qin Hengyi has accidental memory loss, can’t remember everything, even forgets his name. The temperament becomes manic and restless, longing to be loved and comforted. ]
[You need to claim that you are the lover who loves him the most, comfort him, love him… even if this love is acting. ]
simply put.
It is that the protagonist of the game loses all his memories and has a manic temperament. Players who have never known the protagonist, in order to appease the protagonist, must kindly deceive the protagonist-“I am the lover who loves you the most. Before you lose your memory, we have been in love for a long time. I love you very much and can take care of you. …”
Very exciting. Especially after being accidentally discovered the truth.
But don’t worry too much about the protagonist’s suspicion, the protagonist’s memory is blank. I don’t remember if I really have a lover. Probably this is why this game is called “False Love”.
[This game does not require krypton gold, reject the liver emperor, the protagonist of the game personally spends money for you, protects you, even changes your destiny, and embarks on the pinnacle of life. ]
Zhu Qingan didn’t dare to be interested, but when he saw the last sentence, he was taken aback.
The most famous game in the empire does not dare to claim that… No matter how powerful the protagonist is, they are all useless paper men.
What do these three no games want to do?
[Do you choose to start? ]
God messenger ghost sent, Zhu Qingan clicked the start.
[Your journey of acting as a lover has begun, I wish you a happy one. ]
The black and white background image disappeared, and the screen fell into darkness again.
Zhu Qingan pursed his lips. This is a small game with three nos. He is not very demanding. He is ready to watch a full mosaic style game. By the way, he has a game experience of one card and one card, and a logical game plot.
A word box popped up on the dark screen.
[Please poke the screen and light the candle! ]
Zhu Qingan poked the screen.
A warm yellow light radiated from his position, illuminating the area.
The viewing angle of the game is very wide, and the space can be seen at a glance.
This is a small square space without windows and doors, the walls and floors are gray…
Only a small iron bed…
Zhu Qingan looked up, and the game turned his attention to the iron bed.
He was also taken aback.
There was a man sitting on the bed. That is the protagonist of the game named Qin Hengyi.
The man was so tall that the small bed could not accommodate him. He can only sit on the bed against the wall.
He is wearing a black shirt, which outlines his slender figure well. But the clothes were not shiny, stained with dry brown blood and dust.
He is very handsome, even if the light is dim, you can see that his face is rigid, the bridge of the nose is high, and his features are European style.
He seemed to be sleeping and didn’t notice anyone approaching.
Zhu Qingan breathed a sigh of relief.
But the next second, the man suddenly opened his eyes.
Just look at him.
——This is a pair of deep and gloomy crimson eyes, as if soaked in sticky and sweet blood plasma, it is creepy.
Zhu Qingan: “…………”
Although it is an interstellar society with mixed races, there will never be pure humans with red eyes.
Unless it’s an alien, a non-living body, or a mixed race…
This game lacks common sense.
The man saw Zhu Qingan, stood up, and approached the opponent step by step.
There was a low pattering sound from the leather shoes stepping on the ground.
The ghastly atmosphere is about to emerge.
In the next second, this man seemed to split into two bloody halves, attacking Zhu Qingan with a sharp smile. Become a horror game.
The man looked at Zhu Qingan, his red eyes narrowed slightly and his thin lips opened slightly.
“who are you?”
His voice came from Guangmin.
It sounds very good, with a sense of maturity and calmness, and its magnetic dullness, like an old big clock, echoing in Zhu Qingan’s ears for a long time.
Zhu Qingan: “…………”
How does he know how to answer.
He wanted to point his fork straight, but couldn’t get out.
A red emergency prompt box pops up.
[Please answer the protagonist’s question as soon as possible! ]
[Answer prompt: What you have to do now is to claim that you are the lover who loves him the most, give him comfort, and let his emotions settle first. ]
Zhu Qingan: “…………”
The man in the game waited quietly.
Zhu Qingan looked at the man’s quiet appearance carefully.
Although the man’s eyes are red, the eyelashes are very long and soft, just covering them, and the hair is slightly curled, and the soft and fluffy look must be easy to touch.
Like the canine fighting beast in the base that was abandoned because of a disability in battle. It also lost its memory. It was big and strong, but its temperament was lively and docile, and it had many problems every day.
Zhu Qingan will help it answer one by one.
In return, it will give him a fluffy tail to touch.
The game painter seems to be doing a good job and it is worth playing.
Zhu Qingan decided to do as prompted by the game.
He is currently doing group acting, stealing a few small acting skills, not lacking in some supporting roles.
He has a fair and delicate baby face, his slightly drooping eyes look watery by nature, and his eye sockets and cheeks are still flushed with strawberry.
It’s a look that wants people to kiss in their arms.
He spoke slowly, his voice was soft and clear, and he could easily express feelings of aggrieved feelings, even with a touch of shyness and affection:
“I am the lover who loves you the most. I have always liked you, do you…don’t you remember me?”
The author took the copy of the file “All Ghosts Want to Keep Me in Captivity”, and has written:
The author followed the text “After Adopting Ghost Villains”:
Ji Tang has a ghost shelter, and his daily task is to clear their grievances and give them the warmth they can’t ask for.
When he faced Li Gui, a teenager who had been abused in his childhood and took revenge on the society with a chainsaw: “Put down the chainsaw. Hold my hand, you will always be my favorite boy.”
Facing the general Li Gui who died unjustly on the battlefield and became a historical sinner: “What if thousands of people question you? You will always be my hero. I am the best minister who can wave the flag and shout for you and win the dust.”
Facing the deaf musician Li Gui: “It doesn’t matter if you can’t hear everything. You can feel the warm embrace, the hot kiss. And my love, just fine.”
Later, he became the first favorite among Li ghosts. Later, the big ghosts he had flirted with discovered each other’s existence.
I who died thought everything would end.
Until I met you.
The black and white sky became deep and blue. Thousands of miles of frozen soil has since melted away from ice.
The heart beats hot again, tears streaming out of my eyes.
——You are a warmer existence than life.

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