Quick Transmigration :daddy is coming Doomsday Rebirth: Get You After transmigrated as an infatuated female supporting role, I just want to start a career Transmigrated as a villain master's substitute wife my handmaiden is enthroned After picking up a mad dog by mistake (rebirth) The Miaojiang boy who transmigrate books has become everyone's white-moonlight/muse After transmigrated the book, I picked up the protagonist shou(bottom) After transmigrated an insect, I picked up a cling man I'm a sleep tester in a supernatural hotel [Unlimited] feast of fear One hundred thousand whys [unlimited] encounter a ghost Zombie King is on the hot search again with his cubs Yin Yang ferry Me and my underworld friends [End Times] The female supporting role is going to be bad [70] The male supporting role is brainstorming every day that I love him marriage addiction The wealthy young master is the white-moonlight/muse of the paranoid villain After getting married, the sockpuppet fell to the ground After first-love became a villain, he was targeted by the hero After breaking up with his double, he went crazy Shock! Beauties of Peking Opera are popular in entertainment circles The shelf life of this breeder is a bit long Capture the Black Lotus The bad guys are softhearted by my crying shock! The system actually gave my mind-reading skills to the target? Exiled imperial concubine's rich life The boss with sociophobia is a group darling After bringing the baby in reverse, I became popular in the baby show why should i whitewash The school bully is playing nice again Don't pamper yourself in a rich family Young Master Gu’s All-Powerful Sweet Wife The Sweet Stepmother and Her Cute Cubs The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds Rejecting the Big Shot After Marrying the Lord of the Underworld The Marshal’s Wife is The Real Boss Inferior by Nature BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie Whose wedding car did I get into? Beyond The Outline Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating Life After Marrying My Love Rival The Pheromones Say We Have No Chance Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine Mutated Pheromones He lost his memory after the breakup The general's wife is not easy to mess with [ABO] After Marrying the Villain, I Became Popular The first lady Kaleidoscope of Death I don't have pheromones, you smell wrong Every part-time job is caught by the president My artist has been reborn First class lawyer When two A meet, there must be one O After marrying an enemy general Show me tenderness Winner Takes All Exclusive deep love Drunk for years The villain cannon fodder Gong only wants salted fish Thousand Autumns AWM [PUBG Mobile] kiss me again The real young master who was retrieved is a boss Strongly Pampered Male Wife Let me have a bite Kill the Wolf Do you like me Death knocked at the door of hell mist [unlimited] Forget it It's important to change GONG Business paradox A cat forced to become a villain After the cannon fodder is reborn, he gets hold of the Devil The big brother of boss The beauty holds the lamp to watch the sword The white moonlight of the boss is actually me Criminal Psychology Absolutely Fit BE Crazy Survival System After the vase cannon fodder is reborn Go to college in Mary Sue Book Beloved Enemy Can not burn out Run Freely Breaking Through the Clouds I was spoiled after being forced to marry Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Mermaid has fallen Marrying an old-fashioned scientific researcher Wife first I can let me do it Open unlimited hours A Certain Someone Abandoned Pearl Qiang Jin Jiu ABO Deacon I Only Like Your Character Settings Fake Slackers Global University Entrance Examination The Husky and His White Cat Shizun The Founder of Diabolism I Like Your Pheromones Rebirth of the villain self-help system After the divorce, it was found that the ex-husband was pregnant [Zerg] Little dandy, he's a little cute What if my husband is the future great devil? My Wife Luo Luo nightmare swamp Go deep in love Traps You smell good What to do if you accidentally fu*k a boy Erotic supporting actress Dawn Sleep Don’t Learn Mandarin Ducks After Being Betrayed, The Immortal Master Ran Away With The Demon Venerable After Having an AI Boyfriend, I Will Never Be Afraid of Sunspots After transmigrate to the book , Got married with the movie queen got married The beauty is good-for-nothing With the girl met in the game I heard that I'm a scumbag A Survivorship Bias Winter Solstice Chang’an Small Restaurant After Getting A Job in the Nether World, I Became Famous Wishing You Eternal Happiness Substitute Zhao There are moons in the sky Just simply love you Connive Become O and be favored by A Sweetheart Wife Becoming the ex-wife of the substitute heroine Salted Fish Doesn’t Want to Inherit Hundred of Billion Property Transmigrated as a Rich and Vicious Widow School Heroine Secretly Loves Me In Love After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister After Becoming an Interstellar Food Blogger Cannon Fodder Scum Gong’s Whitewashing Manual I Really Want to Sleep Until I Wake Up Naturally I Obviously Just Want to be a Minor Character The Villain’s Memories Revealed Do You Know How to Capture a Villain? The Hope You Gave Me Back to ’70s to Marry Unlucky Male Partner The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Inextricable Allure of the World Obey Your Orders Silent Reading Guardian Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect Faraway Wanderers Legend of Fei Jin Se The Founder of Diabolism Heaven Official’s Blessing I became popular after cp with my dead opponent Gold medal coach [E-sports] Shining After being targeted by a Scum Gong Must catch up Commander, your flowers are gone The Starry Sky, The Starry Sea The Gold Master Turned out I am a Scheming Little Cannon Fodder My Omega Fiancé a Bursts Assistant Lin Has Something To Say Cloud Raising Dragon Cub App The Heartthrob Protagonist Just Wants To Monopolize Me Whispering To You Good Luck in the Year of the Pig one inch star He is so sweet to the delicate boy After kicking the scumbag, he was targeted by the boss After the breakup, I accidentally counterattacked Stepmother The Queen’s Gigolo After He Swapped Bodies With His Pregnant Wife The Sick Villain Just Want to Live a man is not a grass or a tree How to Lead a Talented Team The Wind and Moon of Yan Yun meeting on the scumbag road Villain’s Delicate and Charming Wife Burst! the Actor Was Won By the Newcomer You Look Like You’re Drawing Me The Selfish Gene waste heat Cherish the people who love you Prefer to force The Supporting Female Character Is Not Behaving Again After Waking up Beside the Villain The Paranoid Brother Relies On My Love to Live The Pig Teammates of the Thriller Game Are Overturning Every Day The Law of Love With God My Captain Arrogant Beauty Omega He divorced after 12 years of secret love Don't press your head to engage in cp A little love Wild nature is hard to tame The president is easy to marry, but the stepfather is hard to be Hot Tears Global Awakening: Join The Chat Group At The Beginning He Lived Like You I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreed Let Go of that Shou Dinghai Fusheng Records Golden Assistant Loving You Dearly Unconventional Escape Game My Exes Are Everywhere Marrying the Imperial Elder Seizing Dreams After Transmigrating I And The Villain After Transmigrating into a Novel, I have Four Older Brothers Top Giants: Rebirth of the Black-Bellied Wife Turing’s Code Accidentally Born in the ‘60s The Cubs Picked Up Are All Villains 2013 Tiandi Baiju The Laws of Love The Demon King Took Off His Little Horns Younger martial brother, please wake up Mountain and River Pillow This Cannon Fodder Is Not Scientific I Don’t Want To Be A Villain I Used Non-humans as Actors for Those Years My Omega Superior Has a Tail There is An Apocalyptic Man in the Village Who Doesn’t Like a Sweet Little Alpha? Before and After Divorce After the System Punished Me to Give Birth I’m Leaving I nurture the hope of the world Online boyfriend is an alien The Actor's cannon fodder ex-husband is reborn The Supreme Villainess’s Journeys as a Cannon Fodder The Fantastical Beasts at World’s End As a Captain, You Must Be Cold I Am the Cutest in the Universe Reborn Evil Mother-in-law The Villain Runs Wild Don’t Wait for Your Boyfriend in the Crematorium The Dog I Picked Up is the Villain Hit Love Preference I Ran Away After Flirting with the Paranoid Male Protagonist The Paranoid Villain’s Little Fairy The Devil is My White Moonlight I ran away after the online dating screwed Star Marshal The Vicious Supporting Role Only Wants to Debut as Center My Good Life Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level Cover The Sky With One Hand, Beat The Ground With The Other Using Marriage as Bait She is the Escape Boss After Crossing Through Ten Worlds, I Failed To Run Away The Emperor’s Favorite Imperial Concubine From the Northeast I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully On The Most Effective Way Of Pushing The Male Supporting Character Down There Is Something Wrong with My Capture Target Kneel to Me The Boss of the Escape Game is My Husband Doomsday Cruise On the Thousand Postures Reconstructed by the Scumbags Transmigrated As the Ex of the Blind Villain Morbid Addiction I Love It Within the Web Streaming Business Happy Doomsday The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old The Starting Point of Raising a Husband They Are Not Human! The Conqueror Isn’t Alone Back To My Youth Who Can Keep the Moon Private by Love Transmigrating to Before the Big Boss Blackened Meeting You Again The Female Supporting Character Is Wrecking Worlds Again Re-Engraving Adolescence Eighties Housekeeper Little Wife Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class My Outside Expression Is Different From My Inner Expression When the Fair Rich Beauty Becomes the Poor Girl Mad Dog Mother of School Grass Girls’ Dormitory Escape Feast of Flowers Therapy Planet No. 13 I Am the Sister of the School Grass The God of Beauty is the Treasure of the World and Cannot be Monopolize Starting as a Child Star Obviously, He Has a Crush on Me Forever Jiangnan Impossible Lovers The Night Wanderer The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth Folding Moon Split personality The Emperor’s Daily Nitpicking Rainbow Amber I Want To Be a Good Person in This Life New Marriage (Rebirth) Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person! The Cannon Fodder is Prepared to Divorce Guide To Save The Yandere Villains Game Making: The Latest Chapter Begins With Healing the Player Crowdsourcing-driven Translation Community: How It Works Wan Wu Sang Zhi My Savior Identity Got Exposed Because Of My Savings During the Snowstorm Second Marriage with the Alliance Marshal Accidentally Attacked a Great Demon King Every Day After Marriage Is Really Fragrant transmigrated as the Film Emperor’s Fiancée Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself 100 Ghost Collection Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Escape From the Library After Rebirth, She Spoiled the Paranoid Master Ji Eternal Burning How to Escape from the Hands of Yandere‌ After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy Improper Relationship Heroine’s Road to Becoming Scum Unattainable Primahibernal (Chu Dong) Special Relationship The Play of Lips and Teeth After Becoming a Spare Tire, I Was Targeted by the Villain and the Male Lead at the Same Time Poor Lady Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister I was Idle and Cool Spirit Planters The Soft and Cute Omega Male Yishi Yijia The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart The Cannon Fodder and Villain’s Happy Ending Come To My Side Fix Smile Order After Transmigrating Into An Idol Talent Show Thousand Miles of Knowledge Leisure Life of Princess Yu Yu Crossing to the Wild Too Bad Master Died Early Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Queen and Her Duke Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train I Don’t Mind You Being Ugly and Blind The Deepest Color of the Night My Vests Are All Over The World Soon To Die The President Mistook Him For A Canary! Shimmer Blind and Delicate Husband These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues The Fake Young Master Just Want to Win Glory for the Country My Feelings Can Wait Reborn Moonlight Youth This Male Was Forced To Support His Family The Overbearing Demon Must Be Cured How To Pursue your Idol She Wants To Divorce Me I Am Your Father Five Cases I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost Both the Kills and You Are Mine This Venerable One Really Didn’t Abandon My Familiar The Class Genius Sitting Next to Me Is Always Trying To Flirt With Me I Can Read Minds But Will Not Be Marked Guidebook for the Dark Duke Made by God My Marvel Super Girlfriends I Just Came to Borrow a Light She’s So Sweet Rebirth of the Pampered Wife’s Daily Life Don’t Touch My Healer Heart Like Brilliant Words Little White Lotus’ Record of Courting Disaster My Corpse is Bohemian My Target is the Male Lead’s Son Welcome to Nightmare Live ​Transmigrated into Ancient Times to Sell Desserts The Geeky Girl Alpha’s Daily Life After Marriage Cannon Fodder Fake Master Was Stunned After Being Reborn Granting you Sovereignty of the Nation The Affectionate Film Emperor Only Loves Me It’s Still Popular Among Wealthy Families to Hold The Wrong Child When The Flowers Falls, I’ll See You Again I Just Want to Divorce I Became the Disabled Tyrant of the Future Saving The Tragic Male Lead Transmigrated as the Villain’s Cat A Bug’s Desire to Survive This Ninja Is Obviously Not Strong but Really Hard to Kill The Abandoned Son Runs Rampant Criminal Investigation Notes Riling Up The Jianghu Encountering a Snake The Man Who Married a Tyrant God’s Love Game Divorced Flying Ash The Villainess is Three and a Half Years Old Don’t Pretend to be Poor with Me Deluge The Correct Strategy to Approach the Yandere Supporting Male Lead Savage Addiction Dressed as a Stand-in for the White Moonlight Nonlinear Love The Sickly Beauty Substitute Called It Quits I’m Actually a Bigshot I Cried After I Got Involved with the Villain He’s a Dragon Paying Dues All-Round Mid Laner Bu Tian Gang In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time Tales of Soldier Little Ancestor Never Meeting Again In Our Next Life Deep Kiss Woke Up, The Love Game Became A Thriller Transmigrated into A Big Shot’s Cannon Fodder Little Pampered Wife The Big Villain Asked Me to Save Him When I Was Reborn The Great Villain is Not to Be Trifled With Music Playlist Transmigrated into the Primitive Wilderness as a Great God God-level Closed Beta Player A Contemptuous Beauty The Devoted Second Male Lead Decided to Favor Someone Else I Raised a Big Boss in the ’90s Ex-boyfriend The Ninth Secret Bureau I Really Didn’t Want to Become a Scumbag Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival Games Pro-Mom Fan Transmigrates into Villainess Cannon Fodder Is King [Quick Transmigration] The Peasant Gourmet Chef Mary Sue Reversal System A True B*tch Never Looks Back The Sword Immortal was My Ex-Boyfriend Not Familiar Above the Clouds Infrastructure‌ ‌Frenzy‌ A Lucky Coin Blackstone Code My Amazing Boyfriend This is a Miracle Rebirth After Being Abducted You Are Mine Godzilla In Konoha Purely by Accident Falling In Love With The Grim Reaper After the Soft Sister Differentiated Into A It Is Said That I Attacked the Great Demon King Giving You a Little Sweetness Heavenly Consort I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space The Male Lead’s Male Wife Konoha Hypocrite I Matched 100% with Six Alphas I Became the Heroine of Abusive Novel and Her Elder Brother Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss Old Enemy Became Sweet and Sticky The Uncanny Valley Traveling Guide Lady of Fortune, Jiao Niang Ultimate Assassin System Higher Level Wife Transmigrated in the 90’s as a Little Dumpling The Days I Clear Escape Games Pretending to be an NPC Single Dog Ending system Who Cares Villain in the Kindergarten The Whole World Is My Crematorium The Cannon Fodder Doesn’t Want to Die My Patients Fall in Love with Me Morbid Attachment Super Scholar’s Japanese Girlfriend Third Movement Rubik’s Cube of Heavens Cultural Relics Are Not To Be Messed With There’s No Such Thing as Love in a Swordsman’s Heart I Became a Heartthrob After A Job in Quick Transmigration The Peasant Female Doctor