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    Cover of My flower wants to die

    My flower wants to die

    by 漾回

    King Kong Barbie Little Phoenix (Yu Fei) x Extreme Indulgence Indus Flower (Wen Yan)
    Yu Fei has been reduced from the ancient gods to a little phoenix isolated by the six realms. It is not her own pride that supports her to live, but the sneering words of those who have made trouble.
    She repaid her debt for her father, and she was suffering by Byakugan, but she still laughed at Yan Yan.
    Bearing the burden of humiliation like this, the purpose is to return to the ranks of the gods one day, and then step on these people who are pushing the wall down.
    But Yu Fei, who decided not to show kindness to strangers, showed mercy to a bunch of sycamore flowers that sneaked out in the forbidden area of the four seasons.
    The spirit flower is difficult to raise, but Yu Fei seems to treat it as a sister who loves each other in adversity, and takes care of it very carefully.
    When the flowers withered, she watered them with divine blood;
    The petals are curled up, she gently sweeps them away with the divine feather;
    The flower stalks turned yellow, and she healed them with divine power;
    The flower wanted to take shape, so she cast a spell to help him…
    The crimson divine power at her fingertips was still lingering, Yu Fei looked hesitantly at the purple-clothed man who crushed the flower pot, and said awkwardly:
    “Uh…unexpectedly, you are still a male flower.”
    Qiu Shen wen yan was regarded as the maintenance of Xiao Jiaohua, and found that Yu Fei was the weak and could not take care of himself.
    After entering the forbidden area, he almost lost his life when encountering a spirit deer riot.
    Went to the spiritual vein, was attacked by stone spirits, and was almost buried in the cave.
    After walking around the ghost clan, he was almost targeted by Xie Yin, and his blood was drained.
    Wen Yan, who had been silently protecting her all this time, wondered why there was such a young master with low cultivation in the Phoenix Clan?
    In this way, he also really believed that she was betrayed by relatives, weak and unable to take care of herself, so he was cautious in every way, for fear of shocking her.
    Unfortunately, the former enemies tracked down his trail and chased him down.
    In desperation, Yu Fei fully cultivated and killed Buddhas and gods.
    After killing the man, Yu Fei stared at those innocent big eyes with water-cut autumn eyes again, “There’s a lot of blood, I’m a little scared.”
    Suddenly, Master Qiushen, who was deceived by her weak appearance, realized, “What are you playing, Little Phoenix?”
    1. Private establishment like a mountain
    2. 1v1+He
    3. There is a discrepancy between the introduction and the article, so leave me alone!

    1. Chapter One
      2,732 Words
    2. Chapter two
      3,264 Words
    3. third chapter
      2,651 Words
    4. Chapter Four
      2,369 Words
    5. chapter Five
      2,303 Words
    6. Chapter Six
      3,515 Words
    7. Chapter VII
      2,499 Words
    8. chapter eight
      4,302 Words
    9. Chapter nine
      2,432 Words
    10. chapter Ten
      2,469 Words
    11. Chapter Eleven
      2,197 Words
    12. Chapter Twelve
      2,451 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen
      2,302 Words
    14. Chapter Fourteen
      2,523 Words
    15. Chapter fifteen
      2,454 Words
    16. Chapter Sixteen
      2,266 Words
    17. Chapter Seventeen
      2,150 Words
    18. Chapter Eighteen
      2,425 Words
    19. Chapter Nineteen
      2,271 Words
    20. Chapter Twenty
      2,655 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      2,355 Words
    22. Chapter Twenty Two
      2,317 Words
    23. Chapter Twenty-Three
      2,455 Words
    24. Chapter Twenty-Four
      2,341 Words
    25. Chapter Twenty-Five
      2,689 Words
    26. Chapter Twenty Six
      2,283 Words
    27. Chapter Twenty Seven
      2,135 Words
    28. Chapter Twenty Eight
      2,403 Words
    29. Chapter Twenty Nine
      2,225 Words
    30. Chapter Thirty
      2,293 Words
    31. Chapter Thirty-One
      3,106 Words
    32. Chapter Thirty-Two
      2,270 Words
    33. Chapter Thirty-Three
      2,288 Words
    34. Chapter Thirty-Four
      2,358 Words
    35. Chapter Thirty-Five
      2,289 Words
    36. Chapter Thirty-Six
      2,298 Words
    37. Chapter Thirty-Seven
      2,638 Words
    38. Chapter Thirty-eight
      2,296 Words
    39. Chapter Thirty-Nine
      2,271 Words
    40. Chapter Forty
      2,384 Words
    41. Chapter Forty-One
      2,658 Words
    42. Chapter Forty-Two
      2,497 Words
    43. Chapter Forty-Three
      2,393 Words
    44. Chapter Forty-Four
      2,175 Words
    45. Chapter Forty-Five
      2,313 Words
    46. Chapter Forty-Six
      2,452 Words
    47. Chapter Forty Seven
      2,337 Words
    48. Chapter Forty-eight
      2,504 Words
    49. Chapter Forty-Nine
      2,375 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      2,149 Words
    51. Chapter 51
      2,536 Words
    52. Chapter 52
      2,433 Words
    53. Chapter Fifty-Three
      2,348 Words
    54. Chapter Fifty-Four
      2,377 Words
    55. Chapter Fifty-Five
      2,363 Words
    56. Chapter fifty-six
      2,492 Words
    57. Chapter fifty-seven
      2,425 Words
    58. Chapter 58
      2,342 Words
    59. Chapter Fifty-Nine
      2,754 Words
    60. Chapter 60
      2,784 Words
    61. Chapter 61
      2,514 Words
    62. Chapter 62
      2,889 Words
    63. Chapter 63
      2,290 Words
    64. Chapter 64
      2,297 Words
    65. Chapter 65
      2,697 Words
    66. Chapter 66
      2,492 Words
    67. Chapter 67
      2,422 Words
    68. Chapter 68
      2,241 Words
    69. Chapter 69
      2,361 Words
    70. Chapter Seventy
      2,815 Words
    71. Chapter 71
      2,618 Words
    72. Chapter 72
      2,692 Words
    73. Chapter 73
      2,490 Words
    74. Chapter Seventy-Four
      2,754 Words
    75. Chapter Seventy-Five
      2,295 Words
    76. Chapter 76
      2,315 Words
    77. Chapter Seventy-Seven
      2,520 Words
    78. Chapter 78
      2,889 Words
    79. Chapter 79
      3,078 Words
    80. Chapter Eightieth
      4,545 Words
    81. Chapter 81
      6,240 Words