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    Cover of My husband can’t give me anything but money
    DramaRomanceSlice of Life

    My husband can’t give me anything but money

    by 晓鱼干

    Qiao Mu, who died suddenly at work, transmigrated into a white-moonlight/muse stand-in in a wealthy novel. The male protagonist is her legally licensed husband, and the female protagonist is the white-moonlight/muse deeply buried by her husband.
    The white-moonlight/muse went abroad because of some things, and the hero has always missed her. After many years, the white-moonlight/muse came back again, and the hero could no longer control his feelings, and the two quickly fell in love.
    At this time, the stand-in cannon fodder quit. She has fallen in love with the male protagonist deeply, and she is reluctant to part with the glamorous life of the wealthy family, so she keeps acting as a demon in the middle, dealing with white-moonlight/muse.
    In the end, she succeeded in making the relationship between the hero and white-moonlight/muse better, but she was kicked out and committed suicide in depression.
    Fortunately, Qiao Mu wore it before all the tragedies happened. The husband who was about to receive the certificate said to her, “I can’t give you anything except money.”
    Qiao Mu was almost moved to tears: What a peerless sound of nature is this!
    Thus, Qiao Mu’s life became:
    Blue blood top luxury, buy!
    Luxury yachts, buy!
    Favorite novels, invest in casting yourself!
    My favorite idol, spend money on it yourself!
    Before she knew it, she was getting richer and richer.
    The media interviewed her: “Can Mr. Qiao share with us the reason why he is so successful?”
    Qiao Mu said with an innocent face, “It’s just… ability.”
    Later, when white-moonlight/muse returned to China as promised, Qiao Mu happily raised her feet every day and waited for her husband to give her a divorce with one billion soft sister coins.
    But the day passed, and it was not gone yet.
    Two days passed, and they did not leave.
    One month passed, two months passed…
    Qiao Mu couldn’t sit still anymore, and cautiously probed, the stern man raised his eyebrows: “Want to know who I like? Close your eyes, and I’ll tell you.”
    Qiao Mu immediately closed her eyes tightly, but she didn’t want to. The next moment, two warm lips pressed against hers.
    【Double C】

    1. Chapter 1 The first day of salted fish
      2,411 Words
    2. Chapter 2 The Second Day of Salted Fish
      2,900 Words
    3. Chapter 3 The third day of salted fish
      2,715 Words
    4. Chapter 4 The Fourth Day of Salted Fish
      2,593 Words
    5. Chapter 5 The Fifth Day of Salted Fish
      4,538 Words
    6. Chapter 6 The Sixth Day of Salted Fish
      2,717 Words
    7. Chapter 7 The Seventh Day of Salted Fish
      4,280 Words
    8. Chapter 8 The Eighth Day of Salted Fish
      2,611 Words
    9. Chapter 9 The Ninth Day of Salted Fish
      3,761 Words
    10. Chapter 10 The Tenth Day of Salted Fish
      4,866 Words
    11. Chapter 11 The Eleventh Day of Salted Fish
      2,554 Words
    12. Chapter 12: The Twelfth Day of Salted Fish
      7,473 Words
    13. Chapter 13: Day 13 of Salted Fish
      6,923 Words
    14. Chapter 14: Day 14 of Salted Fish
      6,355 Words
    15. Chapter 15: Day 15 of Salted Fish
      7,643 Words
    16. Chapter 16: Day 16 of Salted Fish
      7,344 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Day 17 of Salted Fish
      9,453 Words
    18. Chapter 18: Day 18 of Salted Fish
      7,526 Words
    19. Chapter 19: Day 19 of Salted Fish
      6,690 Words
    20. Chapter 20: Day 20 of Salted Fish
      6,745 Words
    21. Chapter 21: Day 21 of Salted Fish
      7,576 Words
    22. Chapter 22: Day 22 of Salted Fish
      4,742 Words
    23. Chapter 23: Day 23 of Salted Fish
      7,689 Words
    24. Chapter 24: Day 24 of Salted Fish
      6,886 Words
    25. Chapter 25 The 25th day of salted fish
      6,865 Words
    26. Chapter 26: Day 26 of Salted Fish
      6,862 Words
    27. Chapter 27: Day 27 of Salted Fish
      6,850 Words
    28. Chapter 28: Day 28 of Salted Fish
      6,816 Words
    29. Chapter 29: Day 29 of Salted Fish
      6,119 Words
    30. Chapter 30: The 30th Day of Salted Fish
      6,199 Words
    31. Chapter 31: Day 31 of Salted Fish
      7,018 Words
    32. Chapter 32: Day 32 of Salted Fish
      6,842 Words
    33. Chapter 33: Day 33 of Salted Fish
      6,426 Words
    34. Chapter 34 The 34th Day of Salted Fish
      6,389 Words
    35. Chapter 35: Day 35 of Salted Fish
      6,422 Words
    36. Chapter 36: Day 36 of Salted Fish
      6,532 Words
    37. Chapter 37
      6,309 Words
    38. Chapter 38: Day 38 of Salted Fish
      7,042 Words
    39. Chapter 39: Day 39 of Salted Fish
      6,953 Words
    40. Chapter 40: The 40th Day of Salted Fish
      6,409 Words
    41. Chapter 41: The 41st Day of Salted Fish
      6,489 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      6,053 Words
    43. December 24, 2022 — 12:49 pm
      1,090 Words
    44. Chapter 44: Childhood 3
      6,178 Words
    45. Chapter 45
      4,124 Words
    46. Chapter 46
      3,333 Words
    47. Chapter 47
      3,383 Words
    48. Chapter 48
      2,830 Words
    49. Chapter 49
      2,187 Words
    50. Chapter 50 Parallel time and space between male and female protagonists
      3,985 Words
    51. Chapter 51 Parallel Time and Space 2
      6,769 Words
    52. Chapter 52 Parallel time and space between male and female protagonists 3
      6,097 Words