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    Cover of Breeding Manual of Lu’s Baby Puppy

    Breeding Manual of Lu’s Baby Puppy

    by 愿小汪汪

    There are vicious dogs infested!1V1 Shuangjie, two pairs, main CP: Gentle and black-bellied doctor Gong x Milky, vicious, scheming dog and monster Shou
    Deputy CP: Poisonous tongue, cold love, foolish snake demon Gong × longing for love, sand sculpture beauty Shou
    As Ke Ji, the ancestor with the lowest level of cultivation in Jue Yun Valley, Ke Wei, a dog demon who clamored all day long to rule the human race, managed to get a handsome doctor by himself with no technical content?
    Ke Wei: Who said cuteness can’t be eaten?I’m pretty full~
    I wanted to catch a bully who cheated on food, drink, and feelings, and then let him taste the feeling of being abandoned in the end, but in the end…
    Ke Wei was picked up by the back of the neck by his senior brother and questioned: Where is your dignity?What about your vow of vengeance?Did you eat it all with dog food?
    Ke Wei kicked on four short legs: Brother, don’t worry, Weiwei promises not to like humans!
    Lu Wenyu: Baby, come and kiss me.
    Ke Wei (immediately changing into a human form and running over): Me!Come!up!
    Brother: suddenly want to fall in love…
    Wang Wang’s speech: The background is modern and superficial, humans, monsters and ghosts coexist. The task of witnessing the growth of Xiaonaiji is entrusted to you. Lovers who like sweet stories can rest assured to watch, I have a lot of sugar!

    1. Chapter 1 Doctor Lu Picked Up a Small Milk Base
      829 Words
    2. Chapter 2 You are so naive to treat me like an ordinary puppy!
      1,911 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Ghost!There is a ghost!!
      976 Words
    4. Chapter 4 This Human Family Is So Strange
      1,686 Words
    5. Chapter 5 Running around naked is absolutely unacceptable
      1,682 Words
    6. Chapter 6 Weiwei still wants to marry a wife!
      1,339 Words
    7. Chapter Seven This Dog Bites People, I Can’t Take It
      935 Words
    8. Chapter 8: Weiwei should be nicer to this human being
      784 Words
    9. Chapter Nine: Weiwei Relies on Human Beings for the First Time
      1,448 Words
    10. Chapter 10 Almost Lost His Vest
      1,260 Words
    11. Chapter 11 Is that little belly made of sacks?(surprise at the end)
      1,430 Words
    12. Chapter 12 Again!almost dropped the vest
      1,501 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen Wei Wei is Not Clean
      1,466 Words
    14. Chapter 14 Grandpa likes exciting things (there is a surprise at the end)
      1,711 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Weiwei has lost her vest!!
      1,920 Words
    16. Chapter Sixteen Lying Is Wrong
      1,487 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Wei Wei is leaving now
      1,504 Words
    18. Chapter 18 If you want to wear mine, I have no problem
      2,027 Words
    19. Chapter 19 It’s okay, why are you looking for me?
      1,435 Words
    20. Chapter 20 Can You Not Kiss Me?
      1,592 Words
    21. Chapter 21: Age Doesn’t Matter (There’s a Surprise at the End)
      1,343 Words
    22. Chapter 22: Wei Wei is a Troubleshooter
      1,518 Words
    23. Chapter 23: Is it still impossible to catch up with the little bitch?
      1,485 Words
    24. Chapter 24 Why are you fierce?
      1,483 Words
    25. Chapter 25 You Are Weiwei’s Big Brother (Drunk and Acting like a Baby)
      1,308 Words
    26. Chapter 26 Let’s do it for Christmas
      1,486 Words
    27. Chapter 27 Sending Gifts to Each Other on Christmas Eve
      1,528 Words
    28. Chapter 28: Weiwei’s First Heartbeat (There’s a Surprise at the End)
      1,386 Words
    29. Chapter 29 She is right behind you
      1,490 Words
    30. Chapter 30 Hugging is very necessary (there is a surprise at the end)
      1,468 Words
    31. Chapter 31 He will find his little bitch sooner or later
      1,329 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Brother is angry
      2,508 Words
    33. Chapter Thirty-Third Brother, It Hurts (Scheming Only)
      2,172 Words
    34. Chapter 34 He is a life, not an object
      2,082 Words
    35. Chapter Thirty-Five It Doesn’t Matter If You Have a Brother (There’s a Surprise at the End)
      2,337 Words
    36. Chapter Thirty-Six: The Great Fairy Bewitched by the Evil
      1,960 Words
    37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Weiwei Daydreaming about Spring
      2,169 Words
    38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: Weiwei’s Pad Pad Kiss
      2,090 Words
    39. Chapter Thirty-Nine Treating Brother as a Little Bitch?
      2,090 Words
    40. Chapter 40: Master Only Hugs His Man
      2,175 Words
    41. Chapter 41 Breaking through the nightmare with your mouth
      2,093 Words
    42. Chapter 42 Hug
      2,066 Words
    43. Chapter 43 Like, Want to Kiss (There is a surprise at the end)
      2,022 Words
    44. Chapter 44: If you miss it, you will have no chance
      1,954 Words
    45. Chapter 45: Puppy Meat Dumplings
      1,970 Words
    46. Chapter 46: Both of them are male
      2,043 Words
    47. Chapter 47: His true love has come
      2,053 Words
    48. Chapter 48 Marriage with You Jueyun Valley
      1,955 Words
    49. Chapter 49: Verb Parts of Speech for Day
      2,066 Words
    50. Chapter 50 Have you blacklisted me?!(There is a surprise at the end)
      2,046 Words
    51. Chapter 51 It’s not like you two haven’t kissed before
      2,080 Words
    52. Chapter 52: The Snow Wolf
      2,049 Words
    53. Chapter 53 Doctor Lu’s Dream
      2,038 Words
    54. Chapter 54 I don’t want to hurt you
      1,951 Words
    55. Chapter 55 What is an Angel?
      2,060 Words
    56. Chapter Fifty-Six: Thank You for Your Life-Saving Grace
      2,053 Words
    57. Chapter 57: Doctor Lu Disappears
      2,094 Words
    58. Chapter 58 Don’t scare Weiwei, okay?
      2,073 Words
    59. Chapter Fifty-ninth, Master will conquer you sooner or later
      2,054 Words
    60. Chapter 60 Want to taste the taste of being backlashed?
      2,107 Words
    61. Chapter 61 Knowing the truth
      1,955 Words
    62. Chapter 62 Hate You
      1,997 Words
    63. Chapter 63: Pressing Brother Against the Wall
      1,969 Words
    64. Chapter 64 No way!is unique!
      1,995 Words
    65. Chapter 65 You don’t support me, mind your own business
      2,022 Words
    66. Chapter 66: Soak in a Snake Demon Boss and Go Home
      1,999 Words
    67. Chapter 67: Much more professional than his barking dog
      2,000 Words
    68. Chapter 68 Daxian’er Was Caught
      2,090 Words
    69. Chapter 69 A Little Thrilling Detail Every Day
      1,444 Words
    70. Chapter 70 Yu’er, welcome home
      1,299 Words
    71. Chapter 71 I’m so weird
      1,317 Words
    72. Chapter 72 Freshly Baked White Mantou
      2,015 Words
    73. Chapter 73 Thank you big brother
      2,029 Words
    74. Chapter 74: This is how life goes
      1,321 Words