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    Cover of After all hope was lost, he finally loved me [Rebirth]

    After all hope was lost, he finally loved me [Rebirth]

    by 暗色星云

    Lin Shu died tragically in a fire.
    Before closing his eyes, Lin Shu thought that if there was an afterlife, he would never be a human again. Being a human would be too tiring, and he would be abandoned by his lover, framed by his relatives, and locked in a mental hospital would be worse than death.
    In the raging fire, carbon monoxide poured into his nostrils. Lin Shu listened to Qin Yuchi’s favorite song, thinking that he could finally get relief.
    He and Qin Yuchi are like two poles of a glacier, never meeting.
    He and Qin Yuchi are like a magnetic field with the same pole, always repelling each other.
    Lin Shu knew that they were not suitable, but he didn’t believe in evil or fate, he only loved Qin Yuchi, so he tried his best to make Qin Yuchi accept his love by threatening his acting career.
    So in the end, Lin Shu was sent to a mental hospital and had no peace every night. This was just Qin Yuchi’s revenge, the punishment he deserved.
    At the moment when his breathing stopped, Lin Shu recalled Qin Yuchi’s disgusting eyes, looking at him as if he was looking at the dirt in the mud, and suddenly felt that everything was lifeless and meaningless.
    When closing his eyes, Lin Shu exhausted his last bit of strength and murmured, “I’ll let you go, Yuchi.”
    Opening his eyes again, Lin Shu returned to two years ago, the peak of his career, before he met Qin Yuchi.
    Consumed by the paranoia and pain of the previous life, in this life, Lin Shu avoids all the places where he can meet Qin Yuchi, and even ignores the company affairs, feeling depressed day and night.
    Every day before dawn, Lin Shu drove to the edge of the cliff alone, staring at the sun in a daze.
    Every day when it was just dark, Lin Shu sat alone on the balcony railing, staring at Xingzi.
    Powerless, lifeless, senseless.
    Lin Shu didn’t want to live, and didn’t have the guts to die, he wasted like a walking corpse, waiting for an accident to take him away from the world.
    But who knows, Lin Shu didn’t go to see the mountain, but the mountain rose from the ground.
    When Lin Shu went to go to the sea, he would “coincidentally” meet Qin Yuchi who was shooting a scene by the sea.
    When Lin Shu watched Aurora, he would “coincidentally” meet Qin Yuchi who went abroad to shoot a magazine blockbuster.
    Even if Lin Shu was depressed at home, Qin Yuchi would move in next door to him and be his neighbor.
    Qin Yuchi: “Hello, we meet again.”
    Lin Shu: “I’m not good, bye.”
    Before sunrise, Lin Shu stood on the cliff again, stepped out of the cliff with one foot, and when he stepped on the line of life and death, a figure suddenly appeared behind him, pulling him back to the world.
    Qin Yuchi’s eyes were tearing apart, his eyes were bloodshot, he gritted his teeth, scratching Lin Shu’s shoulders, “Lin Shu, if you like to use those dirty methods to love me, then this time I will accompany you to the end, dare you dietry?”
    Lin Shu looked at Qin Yuchi’s familiar “hate” eyes, felt relieved, and smiled too, but the smile was uglier than crying.
    “I was wrong before, I’m sorry.” Lin Shu turned his head and said, breaking away from Qin Yuchi’s hand.
    Qin Yuchi once thought that Lin Shu was the person he should hate the most.
    But when Lin Shu turned into bones and ashes and disappeared into the world, and Qin Yuchi stroked his aching heart, he realized that he also loved Lin Shu very much.
    Past life: Indifferent and not long-mouthed Gong x Paranoid and crazy Criticize
    This world: paranoid mad dog actor Gong x decadent emo president Shou
    Gongshou opens with double students, 1v1, heh!!!
    After being reborn, Gong was injured and lost his memory, but gradually recovered his memory.
    In the previous life, Shou Gong aggressively demanded love, but Gong was not sent to a mental hospital because of a misunderstanding.
    In the previous life, I suffered a tragic death, and Gong also died a tragic death. In this life, I suffered self-repentance in the first half, and Gong self-repentance in the second half.

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    31. In the first chapter, in addition to the definition and explanation of “mind wave”, there are many case blessings.
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