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    Cover of After transmigrated  as a disgusting Stand-In

    After transmigrated as a disgusting Stand-In

    by 萝樱

    In Jiang Muyang’s previous life, everyone betrayed his relatives.
    It was not until his death that he realized that he was the dead cannon fodder in a book.
    At the beginning, Master regarded him as his own son, loved him very much, and was never willing to criticize him.
    His senior fellow apprentices treated him like a younger brother, favoring and protecting him a lot.
    The young master of the sword sect next door kept saying that when he was weak, he would become a Taoist couple, a couple for a lifetime, and he would never let him down in this life.
    Even the Demon Venerable, who does all kinds of evil, bowed down in front of Jiang Muyang, begging him not to abandon him…
    Until one day, a boy who looked seventy percent like Jiang Muyang came back.
    He claimed that he was Pei Jinyi, the real Junior Brother of the Cang Qiong Sect, and took back everything that belonged to him.
    After Jiang Muyang learned the truth, the sky above his head collapsed.
    It turned out that the whole cultivation world knew that he was the substitute of Pei Jinyi, the junior brother of the Cangqiong Sect, but he was the only one who didn’t know.
    Jiang Muyang, who had lost everything, gradually became distorted and perverted mentally, and tried every means to pull Pei Jinyi down from the altar.
    He has done all the evil things, done all the bad things, he is stupid and vicious, he is a sensationalist, just like a clown, and he ends up miserable in the end.
    After being reborn, Jiang Muyang regretted his past, and angrily lifted the table and stood up.
    He wouldn’t be able to be this substitute for a day, whoever loves to be that one!
    Jiang Muyang resolutely left the division, determined to become the most powerful swordsman in history.
    As long as he has a sword in his hand, he can do whatever he wants in the world.
    Supplement: There are unorthodox comprehension texts, low-level magic, zombies and demons, and there are a little but not many upgrades.There is a process from being hated by thousands of people to being admired by everyone.
    There is a crematorium
    The next edition of “Mistaking Master yandere as a protagonist shou” has the following text:
    The system releases world missions, and a strategy book titled “Prisoner Slave” for the protagonist Shou.
    After the task is completed, go home immediately.
    In order to go home on time to take the college entrance examination, Mu Bai resolutely chooses to perform the task.
    Under the prompt of the system, with extremely thick golden fingers, he plunged into the world of books.
    The Qing Leng Master in the book is called Xi Hua, and he is a cold and sick beauty.Born as beautiful as a begonia, pear blossoms bring rain when she sheds tears, I feel pity for it.
    Just looking at him will arouse the deepest desire in heart, and will use all means to take him as own.
    Everyone tried their best to imprison him, torture him, humiliate him, and enjoy him to their heart’s content.
    Mu Bai transmigrated into Xi Hua’s apprentice, in order to complete the task as soon as possible.
    He began to conscientiously attack the mission target.
    First of all, all kinds of flattery, acting like a baby, from veiled provocations to blatant seductions, she tried her best.
    It turned out to be useless.
    Just when Mu Bai’s heart (brain) gray (shell) business (life) cold (pain), ready to fail, give up the strategy.
    The system beeped: Hello host, the system update is complete, and the target of your strategy is named “Lin Suqiu”, who will be your senior brother from the same sect.Please do it as soon as possible.
    Mu Bai: “?”
    So, he mistook the protagonist Shou???
    After learning from the painful experience, Mu Bai decided to use the trick he used to deal with the master, and use it on the big senior brother.
    Who ever thought that Shizun was actually a yandere, or that kind of dead yandere who was so bad that there was no reason for it!
    In order not to be dismantled by yandere, it is made into a beautiful thing.Mu Bai ran away overnight.
    Unfortunately, he was arrested that night.
    After that night, Mu Bai didn’t have a piece of good skin all over his body.
    The system screamed in horror: Host, you have cleared the wrong mission target!Xi Hua is the main attack!!!

    1. Chapter 1 The annoying double is reborn
      3,019 Words
    2. Chapter 2 What are you barking at?
      2,181 Words
    3. Chapter 3 It’s better to be broken jade than to be whole.
      2,096 Words
    4. Chapter 4 He wants to leave the teacher’s school gracefully
      2,144 Words
    5. Chapter 5 He once pulled Pei Qing off the altar
      1,982 Words
    6. Chapter 6 Otherwise, why don’t you feed me?
      1,559 Words
    7. Chapter 7 Why isn’t Pei Qing angry?
      2,100 Words
    8. Chapter 8 Why did Pei Qing help me?
      1,808 Words
    9. Chapter 9 You have to be responsible for me, Pei Qing
      2,397 Words
    10. Chapter 10 He Doesn’t Owe Pei Qing
      1,666 Words
    11. Chapter 11: Jiang Muyang Intends to Kill Senior Brother
      1,737 Words
    12. Chapter 12
      2,289 Words
    13. Chapter 13 They all feel that Mu Yang is giving up on himself
      1,912 Words
    14. Chapter 14 How Much Do You Install?
      1,724 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Mu Yang has every reason to hate Pei Qing
      2,053 Words
    16. Chapter 16 Pei Qing is really annoying!
      2,293 Words
    17. Chapter 17 Pooh!Pei Qing, don’t be ashamed!
      1,615 Words
    18. Chapter 18 Mu Yang used a forbidden technique in front of Pei Qing
      1,640 Words
    19. Chapter 19 Who Did I Hurt?Who did it hurt again?
      1,588 Words
    20. Chapter 20 This is what you owe me!
      1,609 Words
    21. Chapter 21 Mu Yang is as innocent as a child
      1,509 Words
    22. Chapter 22 I Have No Conscience
      1,242 Words
    23. Chapter 23 If you die, I will take the right path
      2,202 Words
    24. Chapter 24 Picking the Moon
      2,439 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Misunderstood by childhood sweethearts
      2,405 Words
    26. Chapter 26 I hit you!
      6,511 Words
    27. Chapter 27 Dragon Slaying is Dragon Slaying
      2,176 Words
    28. Chapter 28 I hate people threatening me the most in my life
      2,239 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Pei Qing’s Throat Is Deeper
      2,372 Words
    30. Chapter 30 Rebirth is Mu Yang’s luck
      3,360 Words
    31. Chapter 31 Pei Qing’s Heart Is Disturbed
      3,506 Words
    32. Chapter 32
      3,455 Words
    33. Chapter 33 Look straight at me, bastard!
      3,563 Words
    34. Chapter 34 The way you break the defense is so funny
      3,713 Words
    35. Chapter 35 Don’t Love Me, No Results
      3,837 Words
    36. Chapter 36 How Can One Arm Do It?
      3,630 Words
    37. Chapter 37 Please Bow and Apologize to My Junior Brother
      4,399 Words
    38. Chapter 38 I’m Not a Living Bodhisattva
      4,531 Words
    39. Chapter 39 Because You Have No Mom
      3,965 Words
    40. Chapter 40: A Dead Fellow Daoist Will Not Die a Poor Daoist
      4,224 Words
    41. Chapter 41 I saved the wrong person, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
      4,943 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      2,104 Words
    43. Chapter 43 Black Snake Transforms into Dragon
      2,200 Words
    44. Chapter 44
      4,305 Words
    45. Chapter 45 Lu Jinyuan, male mother
      4,341 Words
    46. Chapter 46 Pei Qing, You Are My God!
      4,472 Words
    47. Chapter 47. Yun Zhao kneeled down and apologized to Muyang
      4,059 Words
    48. Chapter 48 Pei Qing is a tear mole for Muyang
      2,079 Words
    49. Chapter 49 Your Freedom, I agree
      4,904 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      3,976 Words
    51. Chapter 51 Not that he can’t do it
      2,223 Words
    52. Chapter 52 Pei Lang, it’s time to drink medicine
      2,057 Words
    53. Chapter 53 Pei Qing’s suffering for him
      2,850 Words
    54. Chapter 54 The Second Brother is a beautiful 啾
      3,725 Words
    55. Chapter 55 Master also agrees to your marriage
      2,763 Words
    56. Chapter 56 That’s Another Price!
      3,025 Words
    57. Chapter 57 Pei Qing, why are you hiding vines?
      3,350 Words
    58. Chapter 58: Mu Yang Taught Pei Qing Hand in Hand
      4,174 Words
    59. Chapter 59
      3,259 Words
    60. Chapter 60 Pei Qing Is Really Jealous
      3,599 Words
    61. Chapter 61 Just pretend, Pei Lang
      4,222 Words
    62. Chapter 62 Mu Yang and Pei Qing got married on vacation
      3,589 Words
    63. Chapter 63: The Demon Lord Came to Snatch the Marriage
      3,133 Words
    64. Chapter 64 Pei Qing Is That Concubine!
      2,781 Words
    65. Chapter 65 Swearing in the Name of Her Husband
      2,742 Words
    66. Chapter 66 The Plague-Stricken Phoenix Finally Changes His Mind
      2,803 Words
    67. Chapter 67: Big brother transmits spiritual power to Mu Yang
      2,584 Words
    68. Chapter 68 Are you caring about me?
      2,850 Words
    69. Chapter 69 Pei Qing, You Found Me!
      2,346 Words
    70. Chapter 70 Master Secretly Likes Mu Yang
      2,086 Words
    71. Chapter 71 Could it be that this is love?!
      2,184 Words
    72. Chapter 72 This vine is so sweet
      2,497 Words
    73. Chapter 73 The Demon Lord’s Dark Childhood
      2,912 Words
    74. Chapter 74 The Demon Lord’s Father Is a Black Skin
      2,598 Words
    75. Chapter 75 The Forbearable Pei Qing!
      2,338 Words
    76. Chapter 76 Pei Qing’s Wanted Love
      2,682 Words
    77. Chapter 77 He’s Really Good, I Like Him
      2,419 Words
    78. Chapter 78: Mu Yang’s Sword Pierces the Demon Lord’s Chest
      2,571 Words
    79. Chapter 79 If he dies, will Pei Lang die for love?
      3,038 Words
    80. Chapter 80 Master secretly jealous
      3,783 Words
    81. Chapter 81 What a fucking crime!
      3,605 Words
    82. Chapter 82 Husband, you take care of the slave family
      2,732 Words
    83. Chapter 83 Pei Qing’s hand slipped again and again
      2,730 Words
    84. Chapter 84 Twelve-character Fengyue formula
      3,445 Words
    85. Chapter 85 Pei Qing’s damn desire to win!
      4,185 Words
    86. Chapter 86 Yangyang, don’t embarrass senior brother
      2,838 Words
    87. Chapter 87 Yun Zhao is no longer worthy of Mu Yang
      2,930 Words
    88. Chapter 88 Let’s fall in love with him to the fullest
      2,357 Words
    89. Chapter 89 Pei Qing is swallowing secretly
      2,407 Words
    90. Chapter 90 Mu Yang and Shizun’s Hug
      2,858 Words
    91. Chapter 91 You Are Actually Yunfeng?!
      2,859 Words
    92. Chapter 92 It’s really a face to you!
      2,605 Words
    93. Chapter 93 May Your Heart Be Like My Heart
      3,258 Words
    94. Chapter 94 The Truth About Yunfeng’s Fall Back then
      2,889 Words
    95. Chapter 95 Master’s tears shed for Yang Yang
      2,533 Words
    96. Chapter 96 Senior Brother Cuts the Spirit Vein and Sends Yang Yang
      2,218 Words
    97. Chapter 97: The Phoenix Holds the Golden Feather and Sends Yang Yang
      2,143 Words
    98. Chapter 98 Yang Yang Elopes With Pei Qing
      2,860 Words
    99. Chapter 99: Pei Qing, the Mad Dog
      2,365 Words
    100. Chapter 100 Pei Qing will act like a baby
      2,613 Words
    101. Chapter 101 Teasing Pei Lang in front of Taiyin Temple
      2,814 Words
    102. Chapter 102 The Taiyin Empress
      2,812 Words
    103. Chapter 103 Brother, I’m So Scared
      2,853 Words
    104. Chapter 104 The Good Deed of Breaking the Demon Lord
      2,638 Words
    105. Chapter 105 I Miss You Very Much
      2,313 Words
    106. Chapter 106 Pei Qing’s Curse Strikes Out
      2,790 Words
    107. Chapter 107 The Demon Lord Invites Mu Yang to Visit the Demon Realm
      2,148 Words
    108. Chapter 108 Passing the Curse on the Demon Venerable
      2,133 Words
    109. Chapter 109 Da Pei Comes Out Again
      2,557 Words
    110. Chapter 110: The Silhouette of the Furnace Cauldron Left by the Demon Venerable
      2,342 Words
    111. Chapter 111 Mu Yang regained her appearance
      2,661 Words
    112. Chapter 112: Pei Qing Starts the Chasing Wife Crematorium Mode
      2,197 Words
    113. Chapter 113 Master’s Secret Desire for Mu Yang
      2,116 Words
    114. Chapter 114 Finally lost her mother
      2,581 Words
    115. Chapter 115 You Are the One Who Comes on the Pole
      2,301 Words
    116. Chapter 116 It was God who made him avenged today
      2,738 Words
    117. Chapter 117 Unfortunately, Yang Yang has no mercy
      2,043 Words
    118. Chapter 118 Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?
      2,874 Words
    119. Chapter 119: Yang Yang Wants to Screw the Demon Lord’s Head Off
      2,098 Words
    120. Chapter 120: Yang Yang Whipped the Demon Venerable to Vent His Fury
      2,157 Words
    121. Chapter 121 Phoenix’s Drunk and Frivolous Elder Brother
      2,376 Words
    122. Chapter 122 The Curse Sweeps the Entire Cultivation World
      2,374 Words
    123. Chapter 123 Reaching a Temporary Consensus with the Demon Venerable
      2,220 Words
    124. Chapter 124 Everyone’s past life memories are awakening one after another
      2,061 Words
    125. Chapter 125 I have a bad temper and am not easy to mess with
      2,170 Words
    126. Chapter 126 The Mozun was severely manipulated by Mu Yang
      2,202 Words
    127. Chapter 127 Phoenix obeys Yang Yang’s words
      2,002 Words
    128. Chapter 128 Phoenix looks at Yang Yang’s expression everywhere
      1,936 Words
    129. Chapter 129 Demon Lord Looks Worthless
      2,129 Words
    130. Chapter 130 The Unacceptable Truth
      2,449 Words
    131. Chapter 131 The Demon Lord and the Thirteen Furnaces
      2,014 Words
    132. Chapter 132 This is simply a public execution
      1,960 Words
    133. Chapter 133
      2,086 Words
    134. Chapter 134 The Phoenix Completely Collapsed
      2,006 Words
    135. Chapter 135: A Beautiful Doll That Only Belongs to the Demon Lord
      1,975 Words
    136. Chapter 136 The Demon Lord Wants to Give Mu Yang a Hundred Children
      2,144 Words
    137. Chapter 137 He Runs, He Chases, Both of them Can’t Fly
      1,891 Words
    138. Chapter 138 I am buried for you
      2,072 Words
    139. Chapter 139 I am willing to share half of your immortality with you
      2,407 Words
    140. Chapter 140 The truth about Phoenix’s previous death
      2,663 Words
    141. Chapter 141 The Widow and Yang Yang Lying in the Coffin
      2,733 Words
    142. Chapter 142 Letter of Appointment Written in Blood
      2,084 Words
    143. Chapter 143 Double death is he
      2,017 Words
    144. Chapter 144 A Bloody Rose for a Beloved
      1,894 Words
    145. Chapter 145 Master Mistress Is Myself?!
      2,258 Words
    146. Chapter 146 It turns out that Master loves him so deeply
      2,618 Words
    147. Chapter 147 Yangyang is not like that!!!
      1,973 Words
    148. Chapter 148 Yang Yang and Shizun missed it
      2,138 Words
    149. Chapter 149 Reappearance of the Heavenly Dao System
      2,104 Words
    150. Chapter 150: The Bet Between Tiandao and Pei Qing
      2,276 Words
    151. Chapter 151 Life and death, choose one
      2,209 Words
    152. Chapter 152 Do you think Pei Qing is worthy?
      2,199 Words
    153. Chapter 153: Honest Pei Qing is really obedient
      2,371 Words
    154. Chapter 154 Pei Qing’s Possessiveness
      2,158 Words
    155. Chapter 155: Beads Made of Ribs
      2,142 Words
    156. Chapter 156: Planting Gu Worms
      2,058 Words
    157. Chapter 157 To Make Pei Qing Happy
      2,095 Words
    158. Chapter 158 Who Does Pei Qing Look Down On?
      2,126 Words
    159. Chapter 159 Tiandao has selfishness towards Yangyang
      2,732 Words
    160. Chapter 160 They are all willing to die for Yang Yang
      2,883 Words
    161. Chapter 161: Phoenix Exchanges His Life for Yang Yang’s
      2,218 Words
    162. Chapter 162 Mu Yang, You Don’t even Want Me
      2,462 Words
    163. Chapter 163 The Demon Lord Thinks Too Much
      2,020 Words
    164. Chapter 164 Yang Yang briefly illuminated the Demon Lord
      2,131 Words
    165. Chapter 165 The Demon Lord’s Birthday Is Three Days Later
      2,374 Words
    166. Chapter 166 Two Pei Qings Appear at the Same Time
      2,256 Words
    167. Chapter 167 Tiandao and his rebellious child
      2,114 Words
    168. Chapter 168 The next person to give his life for Yang Yang
      2,158 Words
    169. Chapter 169 The Demon Venerable Invites Mu Yang to Dinner
      2,167 Words
    170. Chapter 170 This is the three of them drinking
      2,263 Words
    171. Chapter 171 The Demon Lord is Doomed
      2,336 Words
    172. Chapter 172 After the death of the Demon Lord, Yang Yang forgives him
      2,296 Words
    173. Chapter 173 The Next Death Announcement
      2,027 Words
    174. Chapter 174 Master will always protect the apprentices
      2,816 Words
    175. Chapter 175 Finale (Part 1)
      4,349 Words
    176. Chapter 176 Finale (Part 2)
      5,427 Words
    177. Chapter 177
      2,890 Words