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    Cover of The fake young master cant’t run away

    The fake young master cant’t run away

    by 文予

    Tang Ruan was reborn, the day after he was forced to be happy by the sickly person of the Jiang family.
    In the previous life, after he was forced to marry Jiang Chengzhi by his adoptive parents, he kept avoiding him because he was afraid, and he didn’t dare to tell if he took the other party’s cubs.
    After living a new life, Tang, who is delicate, afraid of pain and soft, didn’t run away. He hugged Jiang Chengzhi directly, pointed to his white belly, “I’m pregnant, yours.”
    Jiang Chengzhi, who was thrown into the arms of his beloved, was a little dizzy: his condition was serious again.
    Tang Ruan, who successfully avoided the tragic ending of her previous life, lived a life of domineering.
    After being pregnant with the cub, he became more and more squeamish, Tang Ruan touched his belly: woo woo woo, the bed at home is so hard, the cub told me he was uncomfortable.
    Jiang Chengzhi handed in his card: Buy whatever you want.
    That night, Tang Ruan rolled comfortably on the 200w mattress.
    When it was time to eat, Tang Ruan held his face in frustration again: How can eat Hunan food all day long?Nutrition is not balanced.
    Jiang Chengzhi: From now on, chefs from each cuisine will take turns to cook.
    Later, Tang Ruan finally gave birth to a cute cub:
    Tang Ruan held her small face and frowned: I’m in a good mood when I look at flowers every day, and if Zai Zai runs away, it’s not safe to go up and down the stairs.
    Jiang Chengzhi felt distressed, and immediately bought a mansion worth more than one billion yuan: can only wrong you and the cub temporarily.
    Tang Ruan looked at the mansion covering several hundred square meters, biting his hands nervously: This…is already very good.
    Jiang Chengzhi looked pained: No!not enough!
    Tang Ruan: Did he accidentally cpu Mr. Jiang…
    The housekeeper watched his sick and cunning young master suddenly become lively, and 007 became more and more energetic every day.
    The housekeeper exclaimed: A medical miracle!
    Jiang Chengzhi was typing on the keyboard while making a phone call, his other hand was still signing documents, his eyes were fierce: Hehe, he is worth tens of billions and wants to rob my wife, how can he afford you!

    1. Chapter 1 I’m pregnant with your cub
      2,401 Words
    2. Chapter 2 Jiang Chengzhi,… so fierce
      2,763 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Will Tang Ruan not let him go?
      2,779 Words
    4. Chapter 4 Tang Ruan, cover your ears quickly.
      3,760 Words
    5. Chapter 5 I’m Scared to Sleep Alone
      3,033 Words
    6. Chapter 6 Mr. Jiang…don’t dislike him!
      3,012 Words
    7. Chapter 7 I Can Save Him
      2,206 Words
    8. Chapter 8 Does Mr. Jiang want to touch the cub in his belly?
      2,121 Words
    9. Chapter 9 You are too licking!
      2,109 Words
    10. Chapter 10 Tang Ruan must be thinking about him
      2,051 Words
    11. Chapter 11 Birthday Party
      2,116 Words
    12. Chapter 12 He has the urge to hug each other
      2,047 Words
    13. Chapter 13 In Tang Ruan’s heart, he is still different from others.
      2,337 Words
    14. Chapter 14 He is really different in Tang Ruan’s heart
      2,047 Words
    15. Chapter 15 I Serve You (Updated on December 8th)
      1,929 Words
    16. Chapter 16 Wedding Candy
      2,147 Words
    17. Chapter 17 Mr. Jiang, I Miss You
      2,155 Words
    18. Chapter 18 Brother-in-law, don’t you want to talk?
      2,157 Words
    19. Chapter 19 Can I just call you Ruanruan in the future?
      1,685 Words
    20. Chapter 20 The Marriage Certificate Has Not Been Received
      1,770 Words
    21. Chapter 21 Getting a Marriage Certificate
      1,995 Words
    22. Chapter 22 Pregnant, not a tumor!
      7,795 Words
    23. Chapter 23 Mr. Tang’s Letter
      4,215 Words
    24. Chapter 24 Biological Parents
      4,244 Words
    25. Chapter 25
      4,092 Words
    26. Chapter 26 Does Ruan Ruan Like This?
      4,268 Words
    27. Chapter 27 Mr. Jiang is so fucking sexy!
      4,101 Words
    28. Chapter 28 Dislike him so quickly QAQ
      4,521 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Mr. Jiang, be fierce!
      4,359 Words
    30. Chapter 30
      4,250 Words
    31. Chapter 31 I… also like you
      4,010 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Madam Tang Finds the School
      4,158 Words
    33. Chapter 33 Acquisition
      4,145 Words
    34. Chapter 34 Chen Qian looks at Tang Ruan
      4,230 Words
    35. Chapter 35
      3,985 Words
    36. Chapter 36 He Must Be My Brother
      4,141 Words
    37. Chapter 37 Assistant Tang is at work
      4,019 Words
    38. Chapter 38 Get the hair
      4,089 Words
    39. Chapter 39: A Real Man Says What He Says
      3,987 Words
    40. Chapter 40 You Have Unspeakable Feelings for Yu Dong!
      3,989 Words
    41. Chapter 41 She Really Found Xiaobaa
      4,095 Words
    42. Chapter 42 Xiao Baa is from Province A.
      3,980 Words
    43. Chapter 43 Did my aunt make a mistake, or did Tang Qing lie to him?
      3,909 Words
    44. Chapter 44 Recognition
      3,979 Words
    45. Chapter 45 Returning to Beijing City
      4,048 Words
    46. Chapter 46 I Thought You Missed Me
      4,158 Words
    47. Chapter 47 Breaking off the relationship
      4,021 Words
    48. Chapter 48 Cubs are born.
      3,798 Words