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    Cover of I lost my memory after agreeing to a divorce with the boss

    I lost my memory after agreeing to a divorce with the boss

    by 金玉其内

    “We’re not suitable, let’s get a divorce.” The third-tier starlet Wen Zhi took the divorce agreement, trying to end her stagnant marriage with the wealthy Lao Gong.
    Siming Shen was working, his calm eyes were emotionless: “I respect your opinion.”
    News of the divorce spread like wildfire, and Wen Zhi’s friend exclaimed, “Are you crazy? Without Siming Chen, how long can your Wen family last?”
    Wen Zhi complained: “It’s better to be on the streets than to go home every day and look at his ice cube face.”
    Putting down the phone, Wen Zhi was about to celebrate being single, but unfortunately got into a car accident.Waking up again, Wen Zhi’s memory was confused, and she returned to the stage of a young and beautiful male high school student.
    He pinched his face in the mirror: so tender.
    At the time when Si’s anniversary was held, Si Mingchen, as the chairman of the board, attracted much attention.Due to the rumors of divorce recently, the media took the opportunity to ask: “I heard that you are single again, is it true?”
    Siming Shen’s eyes were cold, and before he could speak, Wen Zhi suddenly appeared in a youthful college uniform, and jumped into Siming Chen’s arms like a butterfly in front of everyone, “Honey, I miss you so much.”
    Siming subconsciously put his arms around his waist, lost his mind for a moment: “I miss you too.”
    Divorce rumors are self-defeating.
    Wen Zhi lost her memory, and when she woke up, she found that she was married to Siming Chen, the senior of Kaolin Flower, whom she had been secretly in love with for many years. She was pleasantly surprised, but found that Siming Chen was a little cold.
    So Wen Zhi tried her best to tease Siming Shen.
    After taking a shower, he would stick out his smooth and white collarbone and ask Siming Chen to help him take his coat; when Siming Chen was working, he would pretend to sit on his lap to read documents unintentionally;All kinds of hints: “I want a child.”
    Siming Shen’s voice was cold: “I don’t have the ability to make a boy pregnant.”
    Wen Zhi hugged the quilt and left angrily, and complained to her friend the next day: “He’s just a piece of wood, I suspect he’s not very good at it.”
    Siming Shen, who overheard the conversation, came in with a blank expression: “Satisfy you.”
    Siming Shen has been secretly in love with the young master of the Wen family for many years, and knowing that Wen Zhi has a white-moonlight/muse senior in his heart, he tried his best to marry him back home.
    He is looking forward to the day when Wen Zhi can fall in love with him, but Wen Zhi is always indifferent to him, and turning in the public food every week is like doing a task.
    Until one day, Wen Zhi asked him for a divorce. He, who had never panicked before, suppressed his sadness and said lightly: “Okay.”
    But just after the divorce agreement was signed, Wen Zhi got into a car accident and lost his mind, as if he thought he was a white-moonlight/muse.
    Siming smiled wryly: “Stand-in is also fine.”
    Take the path of a substitute, so that the substitute has nowhere to go.
    The copy will be archived in 2021, and the screen recording has been uploaded

    1. Chapter 1 Divorce
      3,169 Words
    2. Chapter 2 Car Accident
      3,360 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Husband
      3,011 Words
    4. Chapter 4 Leaving
      3,977 Words
    5. Chapter 5 Sang Qi
      2,750 Words
    6. Chapter 6 Choice
      2,562 Words
    7. Chapter 7 Kiss
      2,460 Words
    8. Chapter 8
      2,081 Words
    9. Chapter 9 Sleeping Naked
      2,628 Words
    10. Chapter 10 Disappointment
      2,136 Words
    11. Chapter 11 Sitting on the Shoulders
      2,509 Words
    12. Chapter 12 Confession
      1,764 Words
    13. Chapter 13 Love
      2,029 Words
    14. Chapter 14 Jealous
      2,541 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Kiss Me
      2,139 Words
    16. Chapter 16 Kiss
      2,741 Words
    17. Chapter 17
      3,883 Words
    18. Chapter 18
      2,662 Words
    19. Chapter 19 Possessiveness
      5,037 Words
    20. Chapter 20 White Moonlight
      7,057 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      5,515 Words
    22. Chapter 22 Kiss
      4,521 Words
    23. Chapter 23 The Truth
      4,628 Words
    24. Chapter 24 Breaking with Father Wen
      4,887 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Each other’s first love
      4,154 Words
    26. Chapter 26 Confession of the truth back then
      4,308 Words
    27. Chapter 27 Mutual Interpretation
      4,104 Words
    28. Chapter 28 A Brand New Love
      4,421 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Your Wife is Fine
      4,380 Words
    30. Chapter 30 Love Pizza
      4,425 Words
    31. Chapter 31: Sang Qi’s lies exposed
      4,787 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Satisfy You!
      4,997 Words
    33. Chapter 33 Surprise
      4,627 Words
    34. Chapter 34 Slowly recovering memory
      4,883 Words
    35. Chapter 35 Complete memory recovery
      4,260 Words
    36. Chapter 36 I Don’t Want to Stick to You
      4,258 Words
    37. Chapter 37
      4,392 Words
    38. Chapter 38 Divorce Agreement
      4,407 Words
    39. Chapter 39 Birthday Present
      4,938 Words
    40. Chapter 40 Confidence
      4,353 Words
    41. Chapter 41
      4,701 Words
    42. Chapter 42 Dance Together
      4,455 Words
    43. Chapter 43 Little Fool Saves Her Husband
      5,182 Words
    44. Chapter 44 He’s My Boyfriend
      4,377 Words
    45. Chapter 45
      4,385 Words
    46. Chapter 46
      4,671 Words
    47. Chapter 47 What do you give in exchange?
      4,913 Words
    48. Chapter 48 Little Bie Sheng Newly Married
      4,996 Words
    49. Chapter 49: Ways to Stimulate Your Rival
      5,010 Words
    50. Chapter 50 Siming Shen’s Accident
      4,921 Words
    51. Chapter 51 The Eve of the Finale
      4,215 Words
    52. Chapter 52 Do you want to be an attack?
      4,918 Words
    53. Chapter 53
      5,119 Words
    54. Chapter 54 Crazy Face Slap
      5,272 Words
    55. Chapter 55
      4,705 Words
    56. Chapter 56 Movie double
      4,815 Words
    57. Chapter 57
      4,824 Words
    58. Chapter 58 Excessive
      4,802 Words
    59. Chapter 59 Double Standard Division Chief
      4,440 Words
    60. Chapter 60 Divorce is a foregone conclusion
      4,386 Words
    61. Chapter 61 The truth of the year
      4,879 Words
    62. Chapter 62 Discovering the Love Letter from Back then
      4,730 Words
    63. Chapter 63 Kidnapping
      5,266 Words
    64. Chapter 64 The Newly Married After a Long Farewell
      4,466 Words
    65. Chapter 65 The Bad Guy Offline
      4,445 Words
    66. Chapter 66 End of Text
      7,641 Words