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    Cover of After transmigrated as a fake young master, he agreed to marry the boss
    BLSlice of Life

    After transmigrated as a fake young master, he agreed to marry the boss

    by 星霖月

    Su Jingmo transmigrated into a wealthy sweet pet article, and became the vicious cannon fodder fake young master in it.
    The fake young master Jiu occupied the magpie’s nest, not only enjoyed the upbringing of the protagonist shou’s aunt’s family for more than 20 years, but also tried to snatch the protagonist shou’s fiancé, but in the end he gave the protagonist Gong’s uncle the wrong drug—this book died youngFu Qinghuai, the rich man of the family.
    As soon as Su Jingmo crossed over, he was already in the embarrassing situation of taking the wrong medicine.He thought of the terrible consequences of seeing Fu Qinghuai suffer like that after the fake young master found out that he had given the wrong medicine.
    Unexpectedly, a few days later, after being kicked out by the Su family, he received a marriage contract from Fu Qinghuai.
    Not only food and housing are included, but also a monthly salary, and even a villa after divorce.
    Coupled with the fact that Fu Qinghuai in the book is cold and lustful, if he hadn’t been drugged, he wouldn’t have any interest in him at all.
    This deal is a bloody profit!

    A few months later, Su Jingmo bit the corner of the quilt with tears in his eyes, and supported his waist that was about to break—who said Fu Qinghuai was cold-hearted?
    The actual product is seriously inconsistent with the description, and he wants to return it!
    Fu Qinghuai knew that his life was not long, until one day, a voice suddenly appeared in his mind.
    “Ding! The host’s life extension object has been bound, as long as the happiness value of the life extension object Su Jingmo is increased, the host’s life span can be increased.”
    “If Su Jingmo’s happiness value is too low, this system will punish the host.”
    Fu Qinghuai didn’t take this voice seriously at first, until the day when the system warned him that Su Jingmo’s happiness value was too low, he tripped over the carpet three times just walking out of the office, and then the elevator broke down directly, and finally the car he took was halfwayBroken down several times.
    Fu Qinghuai: …
    It’s outrageous.
    Fu Qinghuai: God-ordained wife is really fragrant :).
    small theater
    Su Jingmo and Fu Qinghuai were invited to participate in a certain love variety show.
    As we all know, Su Jingmo, a newly promoted trafficker, and Fu Qinghuai, the leader of the Fu Group, are married by agreement and have no feelings for each other.
    All the black fans are waiting to see Su Jingmo’s variety show turn over.
    And then they see—
    Su Jingmo just pursed his lips, and the cold and dignified person in charge of the Fu family handed the water glass to his lips.
    Su Jingmo frowned slightly, and Fu Qinghuai accurately found the place where he had only scratched a little, and kissed it with his lips lovingly.
    ——Good guy, this can be called emotionless, then it is estimated that couples all over the world can break up.
    ——I originally wanted to see the overturned car, but I didn’t expect to trick the dog into killing it.Do you have to download an anti-fraud app even to watch a variety show now?

    1. Chapter One
      1,517 Words
    2. Chapter two
      1,602 Words
    3. third chapter
      2,043 Words
    4. Chapter Four
      1,526 Words
    5. chapter Five
      1,603 Words
    6. Chapter Six
      1,314 Words
    7. Chapter VII
      1,434 Words
    8. chapter eight
      1,440 Words
    9. Chapter nine
      1,951 Words
    10. chapter Ten
      2,506 Words
    11. Chapter Eleven
      1,394 Words
    12. Chapter Twelve
      731 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen
      720 Words
    14. Chapter Fourteen
      1,217 Words
    15. Chapter fifteen
      1,370 Words
    16. Chapter Sixteen
      1,700 Words
    17. Chapter Seventeen
      1,620 Words
    18. Chapter Eighteen
      1,516 Words
    19. Chapter Nineteen
      2,092 Words
    20. Chapter Twenty
      1,639 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      1,523 Words
    22. Chapter Twenty Two
      1,879 Words
    23. Chapter Twenty-Three
      1,796 Words
    24. Chapter Twenty-Four
      1,896 Words
    25. Chapter Twenty-Five
      2,283 Words
    26. Chapter Twenty Six
      1,656 Words
    27. Chapter Twenty Seven
      1,776 Words
    28. Chapter Twenty Eight
      1,987 Words
    29. Chapter Twenty Nine
      2,153 Words
    30. Chapter Thirty
      2,197 Words
    31. Chapter Thirty-One
      1,960 Words
    32. Chapter Thirty-Two
      1,525 Words
    33. Chapter Thirty-Three
      1,585 Words
    34. Chapter Thirty-Four
      2,040 Words
    35. Chapter Thirty-Five
      1,959 Words
    36. Chapter Thirty-Six
      1,414 Words
    37. Chapter Thirty-Seven
      1,325 Words
    38. Chapter Thirty-eight
      2,026 Words
    39. Chapter Thirty-Nine
      1,933 Words
    40. Chapter Forty
      1,290 Words
    41. Chapter Forty-One
      1,366 Words
    42. Chapter Forty-Two
      897 Words
    43. Chapter Forty-Three
      1,752 Words
    44. Chapter Forty-Four
      1,353 Words
    45. Chapter Forty-Five
      3,081 Words