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    Cover of Transmigrated as His Majesty’s Chosen Little Mermaid

    Transmigrated as His Majesty’s Chosen Little Mermaid

    by 卉乔

    (Yan-controlled dragon fish is attacked by allergies vs mermaids) (also known as “Became a group favorite after being mistaken for a mermaid”, “There is a fish tail, but I am a dragon”)
    Chi kiss, nine sons of the dragon, half dragon and half fish, has a beautiful azure blue fish tail after transforming into a human form.
    He grew up in the Undersea Dragon Palace since he was a child, and he has always yearned for the outside world.
    But didn’t expect that after sneaking out of the Dragon Palace, would fall into the era of the Star Empire and become the only natural mermaid in that world.
    The blood is precious, the appearance is beautiful, and the character is friendly.
    Almost as soon as he came here, he quickly lived a life like a group pet.
    Eat the best food, live in the biggest and most luxurious cabins – and choose the world’s most dignified person as a partner.
    At first, Chi kiss wanted to refuse.
    After all, if you are a fish outside, you will lose the face of the dragon.
    However, when he saw the handsome face of the Emperor of the Empire——
    Cough… It seems that it is not impossible to be a fish once in a while.
    Wen Su is the most talented emperor in the history of the empire, and at the same time, the mental riots he endured are also the most difficult to suppress. However, after three years on the throne, he still has not chosen a partner who can appease his mental riots.
    In this regard, his explanation is to wait for a partner with a 100% match to appear.
    The people of the empire waited and waited anxiously, until they finally got the “natural mermaid” chosen by fate, and the whole country reveled in a moment.
    But Wen Su couldn’t be happy at the moment, because he had an unknown hidden disease – mermaid allergy.
    In order to appease the public, Wen Su originally wanted to marry the fish back as a mascot of the royal family, but after contacting him, he unexpectedly discovered that he was not allergic to this fish that came out of nowhere.
    All of a sudden, Wen Su’s eyes were wrong when he looked at his little fish bride.
    Is he really a fish?!
    The combination of His Majesty the Empire and the natural mermaid was once called by the Blue Star Media the most fantastic royal fairy tale in the century.
    However, there are always a few noises in the sound of blessings:
    “I heard that His Majesty doesn’t like mermaids at all, and their combination is completely kidnapped by their matching degree!”
    “Natural mermaids are not liked by His Majesty. I heard that they are unhappy all day long.”
    “What royal fairy tale, this is clearly the biggest royal lie!”
    Such remarks even once affected the judgment of the Blue Star people, thinking that the combination of His Majesty the Empire and the natural mermaid is not happy.
    Until one day, a video before the live broadcast of the royal family was accidentally leaked, in the picture——
    Their Imperial Pearl sat in His Majesty’s arms with red eyes, whimpering and complaining: “The tail hurts…”
    But His Majesty, who has always been cold and serious, coaxed him helplessly and gently at this moment: “Can you rub it for me?”
    Blue Star People: Thank you, got it!
    Edible guide:
    1: There are a lot of private settings, so don’t textual research!
    2: Sweet text, daily text.
    3: The plot of laying eggs may appear outside the episode.
    4: The mermaid form has no combat effectiveness, and the dragon form has explosive combat effectiveness.
    5: Not only will you lose your horse in front of the attack, but you will also lose your horse in front of everyone in the end. After losing your horse, you will still be the favorite of the group.
    6: Shou is animal thinking, and the brain circuit is not the same as human thinking.

    1. Chapter One
      2,517 Words
    2. Chapter two
      1,956 Words
    3. third chapter
      1,959 Words
    4. Chapter Four
      1,963 Words
    5. chapter Five
      2,057 Words
    6. Chapter Six
      2,006 Words
    7. Chapter VII
      2,225 Words
    8. chapter eight
      1,613 Words
    9. Chapter nine
      2,129 Words
    10. chapter Ten
      1,718 Words
    11. Chapter Eleven
      1,672 Words
    12. Chapter Twelve
      1,828 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen
      1,995 Words
    14. Chapter Fourteen
      1,563 Words
    15. Chapter fifteen
      1,537 Words
    16. Chapter Sixteen
      1,649 Words
    17. Chapter Seventeen
      1,432 Words
    18. Chapter Eighteen
      1,547 Words
    19. Chapter Nineteen
      1,452 Words
    20. Chapter Twenty
      1,496 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      2,027 Words
    22. Chapter Twenty Two
      1,700 Words
    23. Chapter Twenty-Three
      1,005 Words
    24. Chapter Twenty Four
      1,388 Words
    25. Chapter Twenty-Five
      1,984 Words
    26. Chapter Twenty Six
      1,971 Words
    27. Chapter Twenty Seven
      2,047 Words
    28. Chapter Twenty Eight
      1,803 Words
    29. Chapter Twenty Nine
      1,152 Words
    30. Chapter Thirty (Two)
      4,715 Words
    31. Chapter Thirty-One (One More)
      2,067 Words
    32. Chapter Thirty-Two
      2,319 Words
    33. Chapter Thirty-Three
      2,193 Words
    34. Chapter Thirty-Four
      2,877 Words
    35. Chapter Thirty-Five
      2,145 Words
    36. Chapter Thirty-Six (Addition)
      1,635 Words
    37. Chapter Thirty-Seven
      2,682 Words
    38. Chapter Thirty-eight (addition)
      1,984 Words
    39. Chapter Thirty-Nine
      2,160 Words
    40. Chapter 40 (addition)
      2,170 Words
    41. Chapter Forty-One
      2,059 Words
    42. Chapter 42 (addition)
      1,728 Words
    43. Chapter Forty-Three
      1,446 Words
    44. Chapter Forty-Four
      2,964 Words
    45. Chapter Forty-Fifth (Yang, no more updates)
      2,402 Words
    46. Chapter Forty-Six
      2,710 Words
    47. Chapter Forty Seven
      2,137 Words
    48. Chapter Forty-eight
      2,361 Words
    49. Chapter Forty-Nine
      2,423 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      2,421 Words
    51. Chapter 51
      2,084 Words
    52. Chapter 52
      2,822 Words
    53. Chapter Fifty-Three
      3,089 Words
    54. Chapter Fifty-Four
      2,154 Words
    55. Chapter Fifty-Five
      1,894 Words
    56. Chapter fifty-six
      2,381 Words
    57. Chapter fifty-seven
      2,239 Words
    58. Chapter 58
      2,671 Words
    59. Chapter Fifty-Nine
      2,175 Words
    60. Chapter 60
      2,530 Words
    61. Chapter 61
      2,300 Words
    62. Chapter 62
      3,239 Words
    63. Chapter 63
      2,202 Words
    64. Chapter 64
      1,711 Words
    65. Chapter 65
      2,156 Words
    66. Chapter 66
      3,130 Words
    67. Chapter 67
      1,499 Words
    68. Chapter 68
      2,080 Words
    69. Chapter 69
      2,332 Words
    70. Chapter Seventy
      2,465 Words
    71. Chapter 71
      2,520 Words
    72. Chapter 72
      2,621 Words
    73. Chapter 73
      2,578 Words
    74. Chapter Seventy-Four
      2,753 Words
    75. Chapter Seventy-Five
      5,335 Words