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    Cover of I heard you are hard to chase
    BLSchool Life

    I heard you are hard to chase

    by 觉初

    Introduction: “be careful!!!! The parallel world outside the story he, a short story of about 80,000 words”
    Xie Huai was notoriously a scumbag at school, he loved to fight, sleep and skip classes, but he didn’t like to study.
    Jumping over the wall to skip class was caught by the monitor, who took him back to the class without saying a word.
    The squad leader saw the fight in the alley, and the squad leader beat the group of people down without saying a word and took him home.
    The monitor caught him sleeping in the classroom, and the monitor took off the school uniform and put it on him without saying a word.
    Later, Jiang Xu passed by the back wall of the school every day, but there was no familiar figure over the wall there.
    After passing the alley, there was no familiar noise from inside.
    When was in class, turned head to look at the sleeping child, but only saw an empty seat.
    Xie Huai suffered, Jiang Xu attacked, be, Xie Huai passed away.
    Content tags: flower season, rainy season, sweet text, campus

    1. Chapter One
      2,484 Words
    2. Chapter two
      2,862 Words
    3. third chapter
      2,337 Words
    4. Chapter Four
      2,614 Words
    5. chapter Five
      1,752 Words
    6. Chapter Six
      2,490 Words
    7. Chapter VII
      833 Words
    8. chapter eight
      0 Words
    9. Chapter nine
      2,218 Words
    10. chapter Ten
      2,249 Words
    11. Chapter Eleven
      2,207 Words
    12. Chapter Twelve
      1,769 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen
      4,799 Words
    14. Chapter fifteen
      1,910 Words
    15. Chapter Sixteen
      2,990 Words
    16. Chapter Seventeen
      2,600 Words
    17. Chapter Eighteen
      2,536 Words
    18. Chapter Nineteen
      2,308 Words
    19. Chapter Twenty
      7,492 Words
    20. Chapter 21
      2,777 Words
    21. Chapter Twenty Two
      3,323 Words
    22. Chapter Twenty-Three
      4,745 Words