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    Cover of I can survive after transmigrated as cannon fodder

    I can survive after transmigrated as cannon fodder

    by 几树

    ==== (fake book flow) ====
    Qiao Xi transmigrated into the brainless cannon fodder of the same name in the villain’s literary novel.
    She was originally a student at University A, her family was poor, her mother was a housewife with no income, and her father was a driver. During college, she lived in the home of her father’s boss. Because she was greedy for the beauty of this villain, she used all the means of seduction.Come out, paint the most coquettish makeup, and be the most stupid licking dog.
    Qiao Xi passed by, and it was the night black wind high, when the original body was a demon.
    He was lying naked under the quilt, and the eyes of the man beside the bed met——
    Shen Xiucheng’s face sank like water: What are you doing on my bed?
    Qiao xi’s face is slightly stunned, and his limbs are moved: drink, drink one cup, and also have three cups … I love bathing skin well, oh oh ~
    For his own sake, Qiao Xi decided to live on, wash his face, take off his make-up, start a new life, run away after graduating from college, and return home to inherit his father’s ant money, resolutely not to have too much with this crazy villaininvolve.
    Shen Xiucheng has been very busy recently. Since he took over a friend’s child, he not only has to manage company affairs, but also guards against the child’s frequent sneak attacks.
    Just when he wanted to teach the child a lesson and let him know how to be restrained, he suddenly became obedient, studying honestly every day, calling him uncle respectfully, no longer being a demon, his little face is fair and clean, and he can button his clothesButton up.
    The change is so great that Shen Xiucheng is not used to it anymore. Could it be that he has fallen in love with him behind his back?
    One day, the nanny at home picked up Master Qiao’s math homework book and handed it to Shen Xiucheng. He opened it without any hassle, and the red letters on it were capitalized and bolded——
    My TMTRANSMIGRATED A BOOK, or hook up with the villain Shen Xiucheng’s cannon fodder!IntersectionIntersection
    Shen Xiucheng slowly closed the homework book: Well, it turns out that my brain is broken…
    Therefore, the title of the book is——
    #I thought I was wearing a book, but in fact I just broke my brain.
    #I scold myself series
    #富富之子Every day, he said that he was poor, and claimed that his father usually works part-time and takes a taxi.
    #吃狗 Suddenly stopped licking, and the person who was licked was not happy
    “Transmigrated A Book Guide”
    1. In the first year, 1v1 sc, 9 years younger
    2. “Sand Sculpture scolds himself for being attacked by a vulgar old man”
    3. There is no transmigrated a book!IntersectionIt was just a reason that I was remembered by my memory and thought I was transmitrated a book!Intersection
    Content tags: A special liking, the proud son of heaven, Zhong Tianwen, inspirational people
    One sentence introduction: “It’s over” I scold myself, a thief!
    Conception: Love others first, don’t forget where you started

    1. Chapter 01 What are you doing in my bed
      2,693 Words
    2. Chapter 02: The original owner of the idiot
      1,941 Words
    3. Chapter 03 Humming, Haw, Is This Constipation?
      2,409 Words
    4. Chapter 04 The Four Great Sorcery: Makeup
      1,830 Words
    5. Chapter 05 Philosophical Questions How to prove that you are you?
      2,256 Words
    6. Chapter 06 Guardian A Husband
      2,353 Words
    7. Chapter 07 What is this red mark?sucked by an idiot
      2,558 Words
    8. Chapter 08 Why Don’t You Respond to My Messages Because Love Is Silent
      1,896 Words
    9. Chapter 09 I Got Caught Again, Secretly Falling in Love with Me Again
      2,279 Words
    10. Chapter 10 I don’t like you anymore, I have to study hard
      1,845 Words
    11. Chapter 11 I’m Not Chasing Anymore No, You Must Chase
      2,143 Words
    12. Chapter 12 How can I give up so easily? The scheming little fanboy
      2,669 Words
    13. Chapter 13 Dressed up every day, pure and innocent in heart
      2,577 Words
    14. Chapter 14 Clean yourself and had a dream about spring
      1,998 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Identity Exposed
      2,255 Words
    16. Chapter 16 It’s not good to take pictures, so I asked someone to help him p
      1,661 Words
    17. Chapter 17 Participating in the competition Qiaoxi is not on the list?
      1,800 Words
    18. Chapter 18 a Husband Called What, You Only Dare to Stalk Me in Front of Me, Don’t You?
      2,011 Words
    19. Chapter 19 Backing up the children Be good, uncle will avenge you
      1,575 Words
    20. Chapter 20 Goodbye Yang Dongdong
      1,570 Words
    21. Chapter 21 Poverty makes me love fitness
      1,644 Words
    22. Chapter 22 Angel Investors Qiao Nan and Shen Xiucheng
      2,001 Words
    23. Chapter 23 You still shave your legs, and you don’t do it anywhere else…
      1,807 Words
    24. Chapter 24 There is such a good thing: I can draw and watch falling objects
      1,513 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Unilaterally Married We have been married for many years and are very loving
      12,219 Words
    26. Chapter 28 Don’t pull the child into puppy love!Delay people study!
      1,957 Words
    27. Chapter 29 Only Children Make Choices, Adults Want All
      3,127 Words
    28. Chapter 30 When is it time to repay the injustice?
      3,879 Words
    29. Chapter 31 Cleanliness gets better without medicine
      3,946 Words
    30. Chapter 32: Feeling Wrong
      4,521 Words
    31. Chapter 33 Draw me so handsome, you deserve an award
      3,862 Words
    32. Chapter 34 We Are So Destined
      3,469 Words
    33. Chapter 35 No longer noble, the heaviest step in life
      3,925 Words
    34. Chapter 36 Qiaoxi, I’m hi… (repair) Did Shen Xiucheng want to kiss him?
      5,943 Words
    35. Chapter 37: The Enemy Really Gives Too Much Wrong Seed Advanced Edition
      2,966 Words
    36. Chapter 38 Take My Brother Chen’s Cub?The tragedy caused by fish-flavored eggplant
      4,390 Words
    37. Chapter 39: The Coffee Is Terrible
      2,416 Words
    38. Chapter 40 Give you a car, but I don’t have a driver’s license…
      2,610 Words
    39. Chapter 41 Why Are You Called Uncle? Because Shen Xiucheng and Dad Are Friends
      3,218 Words
    40. Chapter 42 Welcome to Mine World
      3,669 Words
    41. Chapter 43 Listen to me, be good, this smells good, milky
      2,207 Words
    42. Chapter 44 The Truth Four Years Ago
      4,121 Words
    43. Chapter 45 We live in one room Happy summer travel!
      2,941 Words
    44. Chapter 46 Xiaoxi, Open Your Mouth
      3,927 Words
    45. Chapter 47 Kiss first, then talk, fuck the clean freak
      3,143 Words
    46. Chapter 48 You’d better fall in love with me as soon as possible
      2,302 Words
    47. Chapter 49 Couple Costumes and Eyesight This tour guide can handle it!
      2,166 Words
    48. Chapter 50 I Like Him Very Much and I Want to Pursue Him The Mysterious Text Message Is Delivered Again
      2,234 Words
    49. Chapter 51 Mechanical purpura
      4,309 Words
    50. Chapter 52 Looks so easy to bully, I can’t stop
      4,306 Words
    51. Chapter 53 Why do I feel a little regretful?
      4,434 Words
    52. Chapter 54 Encounter in the bar, the first trip to the bar
      3,212 Words
    53. Chapter 55 You need to be called aunt, sister-in-law, I am Xiaoluo!
      3,869 Words
    54. Chapter 56 So flirtatious, goddamn can handle it
      3,151 Words
    55. Chapter 57 Returning to China unexpectedly
      3,372 Words
    56. Chapter 58 Who wants to eat the saliva of your love? It seems… it wants to be sweeter
      2,565 Words
    57. Chapter 59 Thick and Long Leg Hair Opening Ceremony
      3,589 Words
    58. Chapter 60 Together?Okay baby, say it again?
      3,780 Words
    59. Chapter 61 White and Clean Feels Good Take Five Bottles, Thank You
      6,810 Words
    60. Chapter 63 So I’m the villain, something is wrong with Qiaoxi
      3,169 Words
    61. Chapter 64 Separation Anxiety: Military Training Days
      4,678 Words
    62. Chapter 65 Meeting in the Grove
      2,496 Words
    63. Chapter 66 Qiaoxi, you have the same surname as the richest man!Why worry about him?
      4,274 Words
    64. Chapter 67 Then Who Is My Dad?So he’s not dead yet
      3,478 Words
    65. Chapter 68 After Transmigrating into Cannon Fodder, I Reached the Pinnacle of Life
      4,997 Words
    66. Chapter 69 I am your benefactor
      3,946 Words
    67. Chapter 70 I Want to Deduct Your Allowance Alright, My Master
      3,529 Words
    68. Chapter 71 To My “Dead” Father Don’t Buy Our Love
      5,266 Words
    69. Chapter 72 You have severe cognitive impairment, so you are brothers
      7,211 Words
    70. Chapter 73 Xiaoxi, I Love You Let’s Get Married
      5,275 Words
    71. Chapter 74 Exchange Student at the Royal Academy of Arts in Country W Do What You Want
      1,600 Words
    72. Chapter 75 Loving You Like a Child Always Wanting to Beg the Moon
      3,551 Words