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    Cover of I became famous after transmigrated a mermaid

    I became famous after transmigrated a mermaid

    by 兮音

    Yue Ning transmigrated a book, transmigrated to become the protagonist Shou in an entertainment abuse novel, and awakened as a mermaid.
    In the book, the little mermaid was abused phyBooksically and mentally by the protagonist gong, Yue Ning didn’t want to be abused, and ran away decisively.
    But because of the mermaid’s courtship period, she accidentally had a one-night stand with a certain vampire.
    That vampire was so rude that he was still alive, he opened his mouth to keep him, Yue Ning sneered and hung up the phone.
    After the hospital examination, he was a loyal mermaid of this breed and needed a certain vampire to help him through the three-month courtship period.
    Yue Ning: “…”
    Yue Ning picked up the phone and said kindly, “Darling, it wasn’t me who answered the phone just now. I want to talk to you in detail.”
    In his life, Wen Xiaoyuan hated starlets who crawled on the bed, hated coquettish people, hated troublemakers, hated people who didn’t work hard and just wanted to take shortcuts.
    A certain little mermaid stepped perfectly into his minefield.
    Pretty, squeamish, bed-climbing, and in order to take a shortcut, even make up a courtship period.
    But it just so happens that this little mermaid can help him solve the blood allergy that has plagued him for many years.
    Then make an agreement to take care of them first, and share them when the special medicine is ready.
    Then there are three chapters of agreement: “Don’t fall in love with me, don’t contact me if you have nothing to do, won’t spend the night with you, don’t think about it, don’t disclose your relationship with me, separate when the contract expires, don’t get entangled, or see you in court.”
    But the little mermaid loves him so much, she doesn’t want resources or money, she just looks at him, cooks love breakfast for him every day, seduces him by acting coquettishly from time to time, and tells others that she has admired him for a long time and cannot leave him at all.
    He felt that he could give the other party a chance.
    Place the little roses, light the little candles, and put on the little diamond ring. When she thought she was going to hug the beauty back, the little mermaid ran away.
    Yue Ning: “The agreement has expired, goodbye!”
    Wen Xiaoyuan: “…”
    I am such a big wife!
    A certain 88th-tier starlet who was full of gossip had just gained a wave of fans because of his good looks, but he was exposed as a prostitute for glory, and was taken care of by an old man who was half buried in the ground, and even stepped on three boats, fans turned off fans and turned back.
    #白白我真情真感打黑费 for him, but was taken care of by an old man, disgusting#
    #拼拍so much careful chrysanthemum explosion, then believe you I am a dog#
    The next day, Yue Ning broadcasted a live broadcast to clarify that a certain vampire came over after smelling it, and swore sovereignty in front of millions of netizens.
    Yue Ning smiled: “It seems that I haven’t promised you yet.”
    Wen Xiaoyuan said calmly: “Then think about it now.”
    Yue Ning refused, and then turned into a mermaid under the eyes of everyone.
    The hot search immediately exploded.
    #It turned out to be a mermaid!Sihashiha, I am a dog, I am so fragrant#
    #科普一下,President of Shengshi Group, 28 years old, an awakened fantasy vampire, a high-society high-altitude flower, a man you can’t lick#
    #This is an old man?Such an old man, please give me a stack#
    #啊啊啊很好相合啊Please get married in situ and don’t force me to beg you#
    The beautiful mermaid is attacked by the X boss vampire
    *1V1, attacking sand sculpture brain tonic emperor, relaxed and joyful text, slightly sand sculpture
    * Duplicity is not attack, self-strategy + true fragrance law, the mouth is harder than anything

    1. Chapter 01
      3,002 Words
    2. Chapter 02
      2,625 Words
    3. Chapter 03
      2,487 Words
    4. Chapter 04
      2,830 Words
    5. Chapter 05
      2,597 Words
    6. Chapter 06
      2,420 Words
    7. Chapter 07
      3,250 Words
    8. Chapter 08
      3,135 Words
    9. Chapter 09
      1,987 Words
    10. Chapter 10
      2,119 Words
    11. Chapter 11
      2,384 Words
    12. Chapter 12
      1,528 Words
    13. Chapter 13
      2,253 Words
    14. Chapter 14
      1,851 Words
    15. Chapter 15
      2,340 Words
    16. Chapter 16
      1,795 Words
    17. Chapter 17
      1,624 Words
    18. Chapter 18
      1,741 Words
    19. Chapter 19
      1,986 Words
    20. Chapter 20
      2,355 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      1,911 Words
    22. Chapter 22
      2,792 Words
    23. Chapter 23
      6,921 Words
    24. Chapter 24
      4,966 Words
    25. Chapter 25
      2,327 Words
    26. Chapter 26
      2,982 Words
    27. Chapter 27
      2,871 Words
    28. Chapter 28
      2,073 Words
    29. Chapter 29
      2,677 Words
    30. Chapter 30
      4,350 Words
    31. Chapter 31
      2,830 Words
    32. Chapter 32
      4,618 Words
    33. Chapter 33
      2,421 Words
    34. Chapter 34
      1,901 Words
    35. Chapter 35
      2,664 Words
    36. Chapter 36
      2,322 Words
    37. Chapter 37
      3,876 Words
    38. Chapter 38
      3,073 Words
    39. Chapter 39
      4,598 Words
    40. Chapter 40
      2,223 Words
    41. Chapter 41
      1,830 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      1,721 Words
    43. Chapter 43
      1,935 Words
    44. Chapter 44
      4,410 Words
    45. Chapter 45
      2,353 Words
    46. Chapter 46
      4,654 Words
    47. Chapter 47
      2,462 Words
    48. Chapter 48
      1,621 Words
    49. Chapter 49
      1,555 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      1,564 Words
    51. Chapter 51
      1,878 Words
    52. Chapter 52
      1,646 Words
    53. Chapter 53
      1,573 Words
    54. Chapter 54
      1,790 Words
    55. Chapter 55
      1,650 Words
    56. Chapter 56
      1,745 Words
    57. Chapter 57
      1,763 Words
    58. Chapter 58
      2,040 Words