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    Cover of After being rejected for marriage,  O and the actor A went on a romance
    BLSlice of Life

    After being rejected for marriage, O and the actor A went on a romance

    by 夂槿

    ☆Catching without knowing it can sing, dance, soft, sweet and charming beauty O X Doting wife max every step of the way Sven scum actor A “Purple Grape X Brandy”
    The omega Wen Miaomiao, who has a delicate body and a soft body, has a sweet voice and a sweet voice, was rejected for marriage.
    The other party is a new traffic niche student with a lot of Owwives fans.
    And Wen Miaomiao is just a little fool who signed a contract with a low-level entertainment company based on his face, and there is no such person in 180 lines.
    Traffic Alpha gave the reason for refusing marriage: I’m sorry, I need a partner who can match me in career, not a partner who just rubs off on my enthusiasm.
    However, on the second day after being rejected for marriage, Wen Miaomiao was arranged to participate in a travel love variety show, and the CP assigned to him turned out to be a top Alpha, known as zero lace news, and the model actor Xi Muyan who was never close to porn.
    Xi Muyan was once asked in an interview, “If one day there will be a romance show, what kind of person do you want Omega-CP to be?”
    The corners of the top Alpha’s lips with deep eyebrows and eyes were slightly hooked, and he threw out eight words without hesitation: “AO is equal, independent.”
    The implication – mind yourself, don’t give me trouble.
    In the variety show, Wen Miaomiao follows actor xi’s “eight-character motto” carefully, but who knows that the model actor is completely different——
    Accidentally broke her knee, Wen Miaomiao was in so much pain that glistening tears rolled in her eyes, but she still reluctantly disinfected herself. The next second, a big hand with clear bones reached over to take the alcohol cotton ball. The movement was gentle and precious.The master said with a smile in his voice, “Little crying bag, it hurts and bit me.”
    Wen Miaomiao was too tired to walk, both of Wen Miaomiao’s fair and long legs were trembling, but she still pressed her pink lips tightly, and the next second, the tall and handsome Alpha stuck to his ear and smiled softly: “Shut up!Jiao, my brother will carry you on my back.” —— Appreciating Wen Miaomiao’s ears burning red as she wished, Alpha squatted down in front of him with eyes full of joy.
    Even when the estrus period came, the aroma of grapes filled the room, Wen Miaomiao’s beautiful eyes were blurred, her fair cheeks were stained with blush, but she still shook her hands to inject herself with an inhibitor.Miao Miao was caught in the back of the neck, and Alpha’s hoarse voice contained an uncontrollable sense of oppression: “Miao Miao, do you not like my pheromone smell, or do you think I can’t do it?”
    Wen Miaomiao’s ears were burning red: Isn’t it impossible to cause trouble? QAQ!
    Fans: Has our model brother Xi been pierced by a soul?!!
    Fans at the beginning: Don’t rubbish our brother’s popularity!
    Later fans: Huh my wife is so obedient and soft, why is she singing so beautifully, is she playing the piano, no, she is playing my heart!The waist is too soft for dancing!My wife can even make cute little desserts!Can the best actor do it, I can do it too A no let me come!
    Wen Miaomiao became an instant hit, and Alpha, who previously refused to marry her, approached her again: “Miaomiao, I think you and I are very suitable in terms of appearance, pheromones and career. When will we get married?”
    Wen Miaomiao was wearing a wide shirt, her two long white legs were fully exposed, and she was covered with a strong smell of brandy. Before she could speak, she was wrapped tightly in the arms of Alpha behind her and hid her.
    “Tomorrow is my wedding with Miaomiao,” Xi Muyan cast a condescending glance at the other party, and said coldly, “Please make sure you have a full schedule, and don’t appear to hinder Miaomiao.”
    “Wen Miaomiao once fell in love with a distant star. He thought it would be forever unattainable, but he didn’t know that the star was shining for him.”
    “Su Shuang’s sweet pet/1v1HE double C/highly compatible with no children/poor body shape/atypical two-way crush/I am in the entertainment industry and I am in love and I rely on me to make up a variety of dramas/many private creations/decompressed and free to fly/updated at 20:20 pm”

    1. Chapter 01 A Purple Grape
      2,370 Words
    2. Chapter 02 Two Purple Grapes
      2,730 Words
    3. Chapter 03 Three Purple Grapes
      2,487 Words
    4. Chapter 04 Four Purple Grapes
      2,025 Words
    5. Chapter 05 Five Purple Grapes
      3,290 Words
    6. Chapter 06 Six Purple Grapes
      2,330 Words
    7. Chapter 07 Seven Purple Grapes
      4,153 Words
    8. Chapter 08: Eight Purple Grapes
      1,975 Words
    9. Chapter 09: Nine Purple Grapes
      3,725 Words
    10. Chapter 10 Ten Purple Grapes
      1,783 Words
    11. Chapter 11 Eleven Purple Grapes
      2,244 Words
    12. Chapter 12: Twelve Purple Grapes
      3,699 Words
    13. Chapter 13 Thirteen Purple Grapes
      2,815 Words
    14. Chapter 14 Fourteen Purple Grapes
      2,300 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Fifteen Purple Grapes
      3,126 Words
    16. Chapter 16 Sixteen Purple Grapes
      1,489 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Seventeen Purple Grapes
      2,347 Words
    18. Chapter 18 Eighteen Purple Grapes
      2,189 Words
    19. Chapter 19: Nineteen Purple Grapes
      3,211 Words
    20. Chapter 20 Twenty Purple Grapes
      2,750 Words
    21. Chapter 21 Twenty-One Purple Grapes
      2,970 Words
    22. Chapter 22: Twenty-Two Purple Grapes
      3,820 Words
    23. Chapter 23: Twenty-Three Purple Grapes
      5,817 Words
    24. Chapter 24: Twenty-Four Purple Grapes
      3,425 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Twenty-five Purple Grapes
      2,743 Words
    26. Chapter 26: Twenty-Six Purple Grapes
      2,420 Words
    27. Chapter 27 Twenty Seven Purple Grapes
      3,066 Words
    28. Chapter 28 Twenty-eight Purple Grapes
      1,669 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Twenty-Nine Purple Grapes
      2,929 Words
    30. Chapter 30 Thirty Purple Grapes
      1,936 Words
    31. Chapter 31 Thirty-One Purple Grapes
      3,245 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Thirty-two Purple Grapes
      2,927 Words
    33. Chapter 33: Thirty-Three Purple Grapes
      2,789 Words
    34. Chapter 34 Thirty-four Purple Grapes
      3,747 Words
    35. Chapter 35 Thirty-five Purple Grapes
      2,785 Words
    36. Chapter 36 Thirty-six Purple Grapes
      3,713 Words
    37. Chapter 37 Thirty-seven Purple Grapes
      3,009 Words
    38. Chapter 38 Thirty-eight Purple Grapes
      2,236 Words
    39. Chapter 39 Thirty-Nine Purple Grapes
      2,653 Words
    40. Chapter 40: Forty Purple Grapes
      2,470 Words
    41. Chapter 41: Forty-One Purple Grapes
      2,382 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      4,246 Words
    43. Chapter 43: Forty-Three Purple Grapes
      2,612 Words
    44. Chapter 44: Forty-four Purple Grapes
      1,541 Words
    45. Chapter 45: Forty-Five Purple Grapes
      2,534 Words
    46. Chapter 46: Forty-Six Purple Grapes
      2,941 Words
    47. Chapter 47
      1,418 Words
    48. Chapter 48: Forty-eight Purple Grapes
      3,476 Words
    49. Chapter 49 Forty-Nine Purple Grapes
      2,978 Words
    50. Chapter 50: Fifty Purple Grapes
      2,322 Words
    51. Chapter 51: Fifty-One Purple Grapes
      2,225 Words
    52. Chapter 52: Fifty-two Purple Grapes
      1,617 Words
    53. Chapter 53: Fifty-Three Purple Grapes
      3,467 Words
    54. Chapter 54: Fifty-four Purple Grapes
      2,024 Words
    55. Chapter 55: Fifty-five Purple Grapes
      2,520 Words
    56. Chapter 56: Fifty-Six Purple Grapes
      1,920 Words
    57. Chapter 57: Fifty Seven Purple Grapes
      1,608 Words
    58. Chapter 58: Fifty-eight Purple Grapes
      1,421 Words
    59. Chapter 59: Fifty-Nine Purple Grapes
      2,492 Words
    60. Chapter 60: Sixty Purple Grapes
      1,631 Words
    61. Chapter 61: Sixty-One Purple Grapes
      1,825 Words
    62. Chapter 62: Sixty-two Purple Grapes
      2,049 Words
    63. Chapter 63: Sixty-Three Purple Grapes
      4,212 Words