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    Cover of Married to creditor after sobering up
    BLSlice of Life

    Married to creditor after sobering up

    by 高木鱼

    Big Iron Tree Quiet Mimi Blooming A× Pretending to be a hooligan in reality pure love O
    Lin Erjia originally went to intercede with the creditor Shao Jiangyu on behalf of his father——
    Coincidentally, it hit the creditor’s susceptibility period;
    The creditor is the high-altitude flower that he has been chasing for two years in high school without success——
    Eliminate embarrassment with alcohol; get drunk and fall asleep;
    After waking up from the drunkenness, made a mistake with the creditor and got married——
    Because he was completely marked by others.
    Lin Erjia after marriage:
    ——The creditor refused to obey me back then, but now the prodigal son has returned?
    ——Can the heartless iron tree with a poker face bloom for me?
    ——Presumably there must be something hidden in this, and there must be something strange about this matter.
    Friends for many years: He is greedy for your body.
    Lin Erjia: Well, what you said is very true.
    Under the framework of ABO, the private settings are all edited by me.

    1. Chapter 1 Don’t open the door during the susceptible period
      1,730 Words
    2. Chapter 2 The Three Words Written on the Badge
      2,095 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Descending Like a Hero
      1,709 Words
    4. Chapter 4 Thought the iron tree would finally bloom
      2,050 Words
    5. Chapter 5
      2,229 Words
    6. Chapter 6 Like a Ripe Tomato
      1,801 Words
    7. Chapter 7 Why don’t you talk to me all day
      2,188 Words
    8. Chapter 8 Inexplicably Feeling Trapped
      2,632 Words
    9. Chapter 9 One is a jujube tree and so is the other
      2,116 Words
    10. Chapter 10 You don’t like orange flavor, do you?
      2,511 Words
    11. Chapter 11 Clumsy tricks to tease your sweetheart
      2,389 Words
    12. Chapter 12 He Uncharacteristically Walks Up To You
      2,085 Words
    13. Chapter 13 A Suspicious Sweet Look
      2,184 Words
    14. Chapter 14
      2,037 Words
    15. Chapter 15 The Big Plus Sign on the Kongming Lantern
      2,470 Words
    16. Chapter 16 Your School Uniform Jacket Is Extra Attractive
      2,290 Words
    17. Chapter 17 Efficiently Eliminate Two Love Rivals
      2,171 Words
    18. Chapter 18 Good Evening Uncle, I Ask You a Question
      1,944 Words
    19. Chapter 19: Like Some Kind of Addiction
      2,364 Words
    20. Chapter 20 The Letter That Should Have Disappeared Five Years Ago
      1,165 Words
    21. Chapter 21 A Lonely and Determined Romance
      2,518 Words
    22. Chapter 22 Then I’m Blooming Kazuki’s Flowers Now
      2,437 Words
    23. Chapter 23 Owe You My Love
      2,466 Words
    24. Chapter 24 A Bowl of Vegetable Noodles with Poached Eggs
      3,165 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Oranges and Trees Are Drawn in the Comic Book
      2,700 Words
    26. Chapter 26 Just stay in a daze and don’t hug me
      2,706 Words
    27. Chapter 27
      2,434 Words
    28. Chapter 28 Let’s continue walking together
      2,218 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Extra Story 1 Plant a small tree and bear an orange
      2,600 Words
    30. Chapter 30 Extra Story 2 Good Talented Big Boss×Qiuqiu Little Tits A
      2,584 Words