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    Cover of After awakening, the rival in love is pregnant with my cub

    After awakening, the rival in love is pregnant with my cub

    by 多弥

    After Zhao Boning got into a fight with his love rival, was injured and fell into a coma, he suddenly realized that he was a character in a heart-wrenching novel.
    And when fighting with him, Zhong Yi, who is a rival in love, is just like him, just a dog licking for everyone. Later, the real attack appears, they are just the protagonist gong to set off true love, and even to rob the protagonist gong, both of themThe career reputation is ruined.
    Zhao Poning, who has always been aloof and proud, can bear this grievance, so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t do it.
    In the romance drama, he tried his best to maintain the character design, and in private, the farther away from the protagonist shou, the better.
    Singing heartily in the bar, his rival Zhong Yi slipped into his arms with red eyes, muttering: “Help me.”
    Splashing cold water and taking medicine didn’t work, Zhong Yi threw him down, and they lost each other that night.
    Waking up in the morning, Zhong Yi gave him a cold look, thanked him for his help, and told him to treat him as if he had been bitten by a dog, and continue to be his love rival in the future.
    If remember correctly, he seems to be the dog.
    As the romance continues, Zhao Boning’s mind is no longer on the protagonist Shou.
    Recently, Zhong Yi has always been sleepy, so he went to deal with the program crew to get him to take less shots and get more sleep.
    Zhong Yi’s mouth started to become greasy, and he took him around to eat delicious food.
    Zhong Yi started to vomit frequently, so he hastened to improve his diet.
    Zhao Boning began to realize that he fell in love with Zhong Yi, who is mature, capable and occasionally playful, but Zhong Yi ran away with the ball after knowing that she was pregnant.
    At the airport, Zhao Boning grabbed Zhong Yi’s wrist, and said in a tough and ambiguous tone: “Do you think that if I stare at you every day and pester you every day, I won’t even know you’re pregnant? We’re not chasing wives with the ball.The crematorium article is a sweet pet article.”
    Confident and vicious but listens to his wife’s words. The actor Gong (Zhao Boning 26) × Mature and steady but can play petty temper with her husband “Maybe it’s a spoiled child” Big boss Shou (Zhong Yi 28)
    1V1 double C, both of them liked the protagonist Shou, and after they wake up, they only have each other.
    Fighting is mutual assault, coma is accident, not domestic violence, not domestic violence.
    Attack and receive mutual favor.
    Absolutely sweet text, neither abuse nor abuse.
    There is no scientific basis for having children. After all, who doesn’t want to see a man give birth.
    There may be a daily routine of raising a baby in the future.
    There is no prototype in the entertainment industry, I just made it up.
    Be careful with extreme controls.

    1. Chapter 1
      2,442 Words
    2. chapter 2
      2,092 Words
    3. Chapter 3
      2,425 Words
    4. Chapter 4
      1,646 Words
    5. Chapter 5
      2,630 Words
    6. Chapter 6
      2,218 Words
    7. Chapter 7
      2,090 Words
    8. Chapter 8
      2,270 Words
    9. Chapter 9
      2,542 Words
    10. Chapter 10
      2,370 Words
    11. Chapter 11
      2,083 Words
    12. Chapter 12
      2,597 Words
    13. Chapter 13
      2,057 Words
    14. Chapter 14
      2,583 Words
    15. Chapter 15
      2,143 Words
    16. Chapter 16
      2,710 Words
    17. Chapter 17
      2,389 Words
    18. Chapter 18
      2,284 Words
    19. Chapter 19
      2,530 Words
    20. Chapter 20
      2,303 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      2,032 Words
    22. Chapter 22
      2,098 Words
    23. Chapter 23
      2,262 Words
    24. Chapter 24
      2,118 Words
    25. Chapter 25
      7,186 Words
    26. Chapter 26
      2,238 Words
    27. Chapter 27
      2,292 Words
    28. Chapter 28
      4,424 Words
    29. Chapter 29
      2,540 Words
    30. Chapter 30
      2,264 Words
    31. Chapter 31
      2,200 Words
    32. Chapter 32
      3,026 Words
    33. Chapter 33
      3,265 Words
    34. Chapter 34
      2,563 Words
    35. Chapter 35
      2,223 Words
    36. Chapter 36
      2,172 Words
    37. Chapter 37
      1,964 Words
    38. Chapter 38
      2,323 Words
    39. Chapter 39
      2,021 Words
    40. Chapter 40
      2,353 Words
    41. Chapter 41
      2,197 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      2,102 Words
    43. Chapter 43
      1,980 Words
    44. Chapter 44
      2,060 Words
    45. Chapter 45
      2,031 Words
    46. Chapter 46
      2,191 Words
    47. Chapter 47
      2,072 Words
    48. Chapter 48
      2,132 Words
    49. Chapter 49
      2,024 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      2,234 Words
    51. Chapter 51
      2,074 Words
    52. Chapter 52
      2,307 Words
    53. Chapter 53
      2,092 Words
    54. Chapter 54
      2,086 Words
    55. Chapter 55
      3,060 Words
    56. Chapter 56
      2,144 Words
    57. Chapter 57
      2,236 Words