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    Cover of Accidentally captured by the enemy
    BLSchool Life

    Accidentally captured by the enemy

    by 舟迟不挽

    The troubled boy Jiang Yubai lived smoothly for more than ten years, and finally met a deadly opponent in his sophomore year of high school.
    Once at home during the summer vacation, Mercury went retrograde, and ran into the same person twice in a row, but luckily didn’t die in front of him.
    The first time I met Jiang Yubai, I boasted: “I have been a good student since I was a child. For example, I never do anything like fighting, smoking or drinking.”
    When they met for the second time, Shen Nanyan stared at Jiang Yubai who was just about to make a move: “You never do fighting, smoking, drinking or anything like that?”
    Jiang Yubai: …
    face hurts.
    When the two walked into the bureau together for the second time, he said “the ghosts linger” while thinking that they would never see each other again.
    Unexpectedly, the next day, Shen Nanyan walked into the classroom as a transfer student.
    He has a cold and distant personality, his steps are not too fast or slow, and he exudes a cold and arrogant aura that strangers should not get close to.
    Surprised, Jiang Yubai thought, Oh, here comes another troubled boy.
    However, the fact is that Shen Nanyan hides two faces, and his performance at school is favored by his teachers.
    Jiang Yubai: How can someone be so inconsistent!
    The image of Jiang Yubai’s negative teaching material is already deeply ingrained, and now there is an extra positive teaching material that is always against him.
    So the two couldn’t get used to each other, and meeting each other would cause fire.
    Not long after, Shen Nanyan stared at Jiang Yubai who had drunk himself into the hospital: “Never drink?”
    Jiang Yubai: …
    face hurts.
    Jiang Yubai, who had been humiliated frequently, was bent on breaking the game with Shen Nanyan, but the situation became more and more bizarre.
    During the time they get along, he treats it as a prank, and others treat it as a joke. He thinks that the undercurrent is raging, and they wish they could hug on the spot!
    Jiang Yubai: heard that he hates eating bananas, so give them away.
    Shen Nanyan: In order to understand me, he secretly observed my daily diet!
    Jiang Yubai: He stared at me, he must be displeased with me.
    Shen Nanyan: He is good-looking, handsome, and tall. I like him very much.That broad shoulders, that narrow waist, that—
    As Shen Nanyan’s eyes became more straightforward and presumptuous, Jiang Yubai finally realized that something was wrong.
    After a lot of careful thinking, he came to a shocking conclusion: My nemesis is plotting against me!
    Later, in the extremely ambiguous atmosphere, Shen Nanyan raised his final voice: “I heard that you think I’m inconsistent?”
    He leaned closer to Jiang Yubai: “In the past, he acted in his true colors, but now he is acting differently.”
    After speaking, he bowed his head and kissed her.
    1V1 HE
    High-cold, abstinent, lonely, out of the crowd, proud, academic bully, attacking X, invincible, coquettish outside, arrogant and pure, pure love

    1. Chapter 1
      3,319 Words
    2. Chapter 2
      3,310 Words
    3. Chapter 3
      3,303 Words
    4. Chapter 4
      3,303 Words
    5. Chapter 5
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    9. Chapter 9
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