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    Cover of I was scum, I pretended

    I was scum, I pretended

    by 边淮

    Huo Zeyu followed Fu Ye for six years without a name or status.
    Witness him from a low-level sentinel wandering the nebula to becoming an imperial eagle, becoming the head of the First Legion, and finally becoming a king above ten thousand people.
    He followed Fu Ye eagerly, coming and going as soon as he was called, cooking and washing, warming the bed to chat with him, calming his riotous spirit, and tolerating all his bad tempers.
    Even when he offended someone, he would take the initiative to come to apologize and accept ridicule and insults.
    Everyone thought that he loved Fu Ye so much, that he was humble and ridiculous.
    Until Fu Ye got engaged to the princess of a neighboring country.
    At the engagement banquet, Fu Ye said coldly: “What do you think you are? Get out.”
    In the eyes of everyone watching the show, Huo Zeyu left in a cool way, resolutely fleeing to death.
    [“Tutor System” mission successfully completed!You have obtained a new identity, endless wealth, and sss-level spiritual power!】
    Huo Zeyu: Oh yeah, got the reward, goodbye!
    He went to other nebula and started to mess up his life,
    But he easily became the best guide in the history of Imperial College.
    He brought peace of mind to countless Sentinels, countless Sentinels spent a lot of money, crying to be united with him—
    The gentle and courteous third prince of the empire presented a sea of flowers just to make him smile.
    The stern and mature instructor of the Imperial College vowed to protect him to the death in the battle against the Zerg, even if he was seriously injured, he would not let him be affected.
    The genius sentinel in the same dormitory let go of his pride, blocked him in a corner with a blushing face, and stammered an affectionate confession.
    The Zerg Zerg was crazy about him, and wanted to take him back to be his wife.
    All the stars are crazy about him.
    Huo Zeyu was silent, and waved his hand: Take your time, take your time, the rain and dew are all wet.
    Huo Zeyu was very happy with his freedom, but Fu Ye went crazy.
    After Huo Zeyu’s death, the young king turned into Hell Shura, desperately went out to fight frantically, and led the army to conquer most of the universe.
    He has everything he ever wanted.
    But he could never find the young man who held his hand in the wandering nebula and said he would take him home.
    Until that beam of light appeared again.
    The king, who was used to being superior, knelt down on the ground in humility, grabbed Huo Zeyu’s clothes and begged bitterly: “Brother Zeyu, I was wrong, I know I was wrong, give me another chance.”
    Huo Zeyu smiled and opened his fingers one by one.
    “You think I really loved you?”
    “I pretended, hehe.”
    Slag Gongwen, the main focus is to abuse and attack thousands of fans.No whitewashing, no forgiveness, no change of offense, the brainless Su Shuang embarrassing who focuses on abuse and heartthrob.A slag attack is a scum attack, and a sad attack is a sad attack. It is not a peerless attack, but it is definitely a sad attack.If you don’t like it, please leave the upper left corner. There is no need to shoot ginseng roosters indiscriminately. Turnips and vegetables have their own favorites. If you like it, just keep watching.
    This article is not an article to buy stocks, it is pure heartthrob.Shou never only loves one but never loves two at the same time. He is firm and unwavering in 1v1.The ending is biased toward no cp, I didn’t think about it, anyway, I don’t want to force him with the scumbag, and I’m abused like a dog. Besides, the main focus is Su Shuang’s heartthrob and the crematorium, which is not a pure love story.
    ⒈Wife-chasing crematorium x Asura field x heartthrob, it’s more brainless, Su Shuang is done!
    2. Please do not research the private sentry to paro, everything is based on the settings in my article.
    Content Tags: strong, young, rebirth, interstellar
    One-sentence introduction: The ex-husband chased after him carrying the crematorium
    Conception: Any relationship needs to be carefully managed, and only sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

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