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    Cover of My old house leads to the underworld

    My old house leads to the underworld

    by 西凉喵

    Xia Tong always thought that she was an ordinary college student, but after a visit to the ghost gate, she found out that she had another identity, the heir of the ancestral old house Tongtianguan.
    The moment Xia Tong opened the gate of Tongtian Temple, a golden light shot up into the sky, like a sharp sword splitting the sky and the earth.
    If the Three Realms feel something, the evil ghosts in the underworld howl, the monsters in the demon world fly into the sky, and the metaphysicists in the world bow to the master of Tongtianguan from the air!
    Xia Tong was shocked, and within a day of being shocked, he readily accepted the gift from his ancestors.
    Being the proprietress of Tongtian Temple is simply too fragrant!
    Tongtian Temple is located at the intersection of the Three Realms, sitting at home and waiting for visitors from the Three Realms to come to the door, the first proprietress of the Three Realms is talking about her.
    The Tongtian Temple, which has not been opened for decades, is suddenly flooded with metaphysicians, wealthy businessmen and celebrities trying to book a room.
    The proprietress said: Everyone line up!
    The currency of the three realms is not unified, and it is troublesome to collect money, so let’s build a heaven and earth bank.I really didn’t expect that she, a liberal arts student, would have a day to set the exchange rate for San.
    Xia Tong: Tsk, get a job before you graduate, I must be the outstanding graduate of my alma mater this year!
    Content tags: fantasy space modern overhead
    One-sentence introduction: I inherited the iron rice bowl from my ancestors
    Conception: Practical work, happiness!

    1. Chapter 1 The Arrival of the Master of Tongtian Temple
      2,781 Words
    2. Chapter 2 Which Serious Taoist Temple Raises Ghosts?
      2,612 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Iron rice bowl in hand
      1,237 Words
    4. Chapter 4 Underworld Inflation
      3,026 Words
    5. Chapter 5 Why aren’t you going to hell
      7,310 Words
    6. Chapter 6 You and I are never meant to be, it’s all up to me to spend money!
      4,896 Words
    7. Chapter 7
      3,251 Words
    8. Chapter 8 The Devil’s Moment
      2,565 Words
    9. Chapter 9
      2,815 Words
    10. Chapter 10 Tiandi Bank Project Team
      3,305 Words
    11. Chapter 11 The Fierce Little Fairy
      3,157 Words
    12. Chapter 12 Tall, Handsome, Cool, Stunning!
      7,152 Words
    13. Chapter 13 The New Tenant of Tongtian Temple
      3,953 Words
    14. Chapter 14 Beginners Drawing Characters
      5,019 Words
    15. Chapter 15 Five Lightning Talismans
      2,942 Words
    16. Chapter 16 She’s just a superficial woman
      3,807 Words
    17. Chapter 17
      2,930 Words
    18. Chapter 18 The Strongest Elementary School Student
      2,726 Words
    19. Chapter 19 Jealousy Makes Me Unrecognizable
      3,420 Words
    20. Chapter 20 The Golden Legend Sees the Light
      2,714 Words
    21. Chapter 21: They Are All Bosses
      2,806 Words
    22. Chapter 22 The Son of the Four Demon Kings
      2,643 Words
    23. Chapter 23 Infinite Peaches
      3,611 Words
    24. Chapter 24 Missing Parents
      4,024 Words
    25. Chapter 25 Come here, I’m starting to pretend
      3,214 Words
    26. Chapter 26
      2,508 Words
    27. Chapter 27
      4,945 Words
    28. Chapter 28 Why Don’t You Look At Me
      4,527 Words
    29. Chapter 29 Don’t mention other men in front of me
      4,152 Words
    30. Chapter 30
      3,566 Words
    31. Chapter 31 The Gate of the Void Opens
      3,919 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Boss Xia Shows His Power
      3,504 Words
    33. Chapter 33: Demon Respect Building
      2,686 Words
    34. Chapter 34 Unforgivable crime
      5,344 Words
    35. Chapter 35 A Short Life
      4,998 Words
    36. Chapter 36 Ghost Festival
      4,029 Words
    37. Chapter 37 The Ending
      6,885 Words