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    Cover of The villains do as they please

    The villains do as they please

    by 酒火樱桃

    ??Use magic to defeat magic??
    ? Tags: fantasy space??system?fast travel?shuangwen
    ? main character:……
    ? Perspective: male lead
    ? Favorites: 5262
    ◎ Concept: Cherish life
    Crazy saving manuscript~
    Q: What’s the best way to take down a villain?
    Answer: Defeat magic with magic, and defeat villains with villains.
    The first world: the replacement of the entertainment industry after retiring from the circle to test the public
    When he was reborn and was hacked by the whole network, he expressed his kind greetings to his fans who sent a large box of bloody blades.
    The villain said, “Master won’t play with you guys anymore.”
    Turning around to test the public and go ashore, throwing himself into the embrace of the country, from then on, he was cleansed for nothing, holding an iron rice bowl and watching the bullying in the circle with relish.
    The second world: bloggers’ eyeballs and unscrupulous Internet celebrities
    The unscrupulous Internet celebrities who have not been blocked by Internet cleanup operations are enjoying the spring breeze, but unexpectedly fell on a little cat.
    The reborn villain decided to take revenge on the little cat, kidnapping the stray cat, building a cat brothel, and forcing the cat to sell himself to pay off the debt.
    Relying on various large-scale cat films, stepping on the verge of censorship madness, attracting countless eyeballs, and successfully promoted to the top Internet celebrities.
    “Let the cat head perform our special trick today, cat ga dan”
    The Third World: Fake Lawyers Who Want Money and Shame
    Generate electricity for love?Daydreaming.
    As a “good” lawyer who likes to play dirty tricks, I have always been very principled and only generate power for money.
    The fourth world: the reborn tyrant can be a salted fish as he pleases, wait for the country to be destroyed, and flee to death, merge the world without paying attention, and the salted fish is no longer suitable.”serialization”
    The Fifth World: In the infinite game, deceiving people, ghosts and gods, pleasure criminals who are full of words without a word of truth
    The Sixth World: Information dealers who killed the empire by selling information and built a new country with their backhands
    Others to be determined.
    Copywriting is hard, really don’t know how to write QAQ
    Advance collection of “The Protagonist Who Can’t Be Less than a Raider”
    “In the end, Lysaar, the chosen son of the gods, has gone through hardships, unified the continent, overthrew the pope’s rule, expelled the evil black magician, and bathed the subjects in the holy light.”
    This is the ending of the novel “Blessings of the Gods”, An Xi transmigrated into the evil black magician who ended up miserable.
    In the book, the black magician takes the protagonist home as an experimental tool in the name of accepting apprentices, and pushes the already miserable protagonist into endless purgatory.
    After torturing the protagonist, Anxi felt that it was almost time to run away, but learned from the foresight ball that his gentle and innocent sister would become the queen of Lysael in the future, and was ruthlessly abandoned after being used.Died miserably.
    Sister-in-law An Xi crushed the ball of prediction in a rage, and the corners of her lips slowly curled into a sneer.
    He decided to create an “unforgettable” memory for this scumbag before leaving.
    A false memory of their spring breeze was enough to leave a deep psychological shadow on Laisar, and he never dared to touch women again.
    Satisfied with all this he returned to the Empire, where he continued to be his great and bright Chief Sorcerer.
    Lysar, who woke up slowly, recalled everything that happened that night. The first time he touched the hands of the indifferent and arrogant black magician, it turned out that his body temperature could be so hot.
    He saw his so-called “lover” from the fragments of the prophetic ball – in the light of the candle, a beautiful woman pretended to be docile and fell on his knees, half of her face illuminated by the candlelight was seductive, and her eyes were cold and arrogant…
    He swallowed, but his hands unconsciously stroked the face that he had hated for a long time.
    It turned out that it was no wonder that he was the only one who couldn’t get the kindness of the magician.
    The greatest and youngest mage in the empire has been suffering from headaches recently, and is always haunted by various strange dreams. In the dream, there is a magic wolf biting his neck tightly.
    Anxi had no choice but to ask the new priest for help.
    The priest smiled gently and said that he would definitely eliminate the nightmare for him.
    An Xi drank the medicine given to him by the priest, lay down on the holy altar, and the buttons were unbuttoned one by one.
    Use your finger as a pen, your chest as a cloth, and paint with rose colors.
    Half asleep and half awake, he saw the priest’s face became familiar, his eyes glowed red with greed, and his hands trembled excitedly.
    An Xi had a bad feeling, “What are you excited about?”
    “Because of you, honey, I finally got you.”
    ? Overlord Ticket Ranking: No. 167702
    ? Irrigation: 621 ? Comments: 543
    ? Style: relaxed

    1. Chapter One
      2,466 Words
    2. Chapter two
      2,547 Words
    3. third chapter
      2,567 Words
    4. Chapter Four
      2,242 Words
    5. chapter Five
      2,243 Words
    6. Chapter Six
      2,780 Words
    7. Chapter VII
      2,277 Words
    8. chapter eight
      2,361 Words
    9. Chapter nine
      2,522 Words
    10. chapter Ten
      2,277 Words
    11. Chapter Eleven
      2,182 Words
    12. Chapter Twelve
      2,797 Words
    13. Chapter Thirteen
      2,359 Words
    14. Chapter Fourteen
      2,375 Words
    15. Chapter fifteen
      2,606 Words
    16. Chapter Sixteen
      2,575 Words
    17. Chapter Seventeen
      1,594 Words
    18. Chapter Eighteen
      2,842 Words
    19. Chapter Nineteen
      6,762 Words
    20. Chapter Twenty
      3,285 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      3,425 Words
    22. Chapter Twenty Two
      2,621 Words
    23. Chapter Twenty-Three
      3,310 Words
    24. Chapter Twenty-Four
      1,975 Words
    25. Chapter Twenty-Five
      2,008 Words
    26. Chapter Twenty Six
      3,016 Words
    27. Chapter Twenty Seven
      2,473 Words
    28. Chapter Twenty Eight
      3,940 Words
    29. Chapter Twenty Nine
      3,646 Words
    30. Chapter Thirty
      3,190 Words
    31. Chapter Thirty-One
      4,370 Words
    32. Chapter Thirty-Two
      3,233 Words
    33. Chapter Thirty-Three
      2,408 Words
    34. Chapter Thirty-Four
      6,507 Words
    35. Chapter Thirty-Five
      2,893 Words
    36. Chapter Thirty-Six
      3,043 Words
    37. Chapter Thirty-Seven
      3,720 Words
    38. Chapter Thirty-eight
      2,819 Words
    39. Chapter Thirty-Nine
      2,360 Words
    40. Chapter Forty
      2,083 Words
    41. Chapter Forty-One
      2,976 Words
    42. Chapter Forty-Two
      2,526 Words
    43. Chapter Forty-Three
      2,104 Words
    44. Chapter Forty-Four
      2,165 Words
    45. Chapter Forty-Five
      2,878 Words
    46. Chapter Forty-Six
      2,412 Words
    47. Chapter Forty Seven
      2,935 Words
    48. Chapter Forty-eight
      2,182 Words
    49. Chapter Forty-Nine
      2,830 Words
    50. Chapter 50
      0 Words
    51. Chapter 51
      2,369 Words
    52. Chapter 52
      2,800 Words
    53. Chapter Fifty-Three
      3,110 Words
    54. Chapter Fifty-Four
      3,422 Words
    55. Chapter Fifty-Five
      3,321 Words
    56. Chapter fifty-six
      4,477 Words
    57. Chapter fifty-seven
      2,335 Words
    58. Chapter 58
      3,431 Words
    59. Chapter Fifty-Nine
      3,679 Words
    60. Chapter 60
      2,845 Words
    61. Chapter 61
      3,319 Words
    62. Chapter 62
      5,038 Words
    63. Chapter 63
      6,301 Words
    64. Chapter 64
      8,355 Words
    65. Chapter 65
      4,451 Words
    66. Chapter 66
      2,713 Words
    67. Chapter 67
      3,145 Words
    68. Chapter 68
      3,974 Words
    69. Chapter 69
      4,803 Words
    70. Chapter Seventy
      3,428 Words
    71. Chapter 71
      3,223 Words
    72. Chapter 72
      4,021 Words
    73. Chapter 73
      2,681 Words
    74. Chapter Seventy-Four
      3,196 Words
    75. Chapter Seventy-Five
      3,609 Words
    76. Chapter 76
      6,582 Words
    77. Chapter 78
      2,164 Words
    78. Chapter 79
      2,729 Words
    79. Chapter Eightieth
      1,944 Words
    80. Chapter 81
      2,216 Words
    81. Chapter 82
      2,275 Words
    82. Chapter 83
      2,651 Words
    83. Chapter Eighty-Four
      5,409 Words