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    Cover of The strongest in the universe is my doll [Interstellar]

    The strongest in the universe is my doll [Interstellar]

    by 花见月

    Zhutao is the number one puppet master in the large-scale strategy tower defense game “Magic Tower”. He has mastered five peerless NPCs and ranks first in the standings.
    When she was about to abandon the game, she suddenly traveled to the future era.
    The original body was helpless, with a humble background, living in a remote barren star with difficulty.
    Good news: the game system came through with her.
    Bad news: All five of her dolls are missing.
    The five works made by oleander herself are her most satisfactory works.
    System: Your puppet has been released naturally and has awakened self-awareness.
    Oleander: …
    System: Your puppet hates you +10000, congratulations on winning the title “Abandoned Creator”.
    In the known universe, there are five existences beyond the limits of human imagination.
    Officials are secretive about them and respectful, but there is a common name that is widely spread among the people-“Five Great Disasters”.
    The so-called “disaster” is not a derogatory term, but refers to them being so powerful that they are like natural disasters, and no one can fight against them.
    Later, Oleander discovered that…
    ——Aren’t the so-called “five disasters” the five dolls that were released naturally at the beginning!Gan!!
    Those five dolls are no longer what they were back then!
    None of them are normal, they think they are abandoned, blackened blackened, autistic autistic.Others vowed to dig three feet into the ground to find the old masters who abandoned them, and then take revenge.
    Oleander was dumbfounded, trembling.
    You listen to my explanation!
    Finally one day, the human race managed to figure out where these five people came from after exhausting all kinds of hardships.
    They saw a tower rising from a space-time gap.
    On the topmost floor of the magic tower, the “five major disasters” that have changed the color of all human beings are there.
    The five all-knowing and omnipotent people restrained their minions and knelt down on one knee like tamed beasts, bowing their heads devoutly.
    In front of them is a throne.
    “Your Highness, please use us to your heart’s content.”
    They stared at the young girl on the throne, their eyes burning with the burning heat of their souls.
    It seems that as long as it is used by her, it is a supreme glory.
    “The copy was saved on 2022.5.14, screenshot taken”
    Edible instructions:
    1. This article is only for brainless Mary Su, please enter carefully if you mind
    2. There are male and female villain cannon fodder, everything serves the plot
    3. One of the five dolls can dress up as a man, so pay attention to lightning protection
    4. The female protagonist keeps the heartthrob single arrow to the finale, there is no male protagonist, and there is a single extra.
    5. Please do not mention other articles under my article, let alone compare other articles with mine. Please be polite and respectful to each other.

    1. Chapter 1
      3,083 Words
    2. Chapter 2
      3,108 Words
    3. Chapter 3
      3,178 Words
    4. Chapter 4
      3,155 Words
    5. Chapter 5
      3,118 Words
    6. Chapter 6
      3,021 Words
    7. Chapter 7
      3,080 Words
    8. Chapter 8
      3,118 Words
    9. Chapter 9
      3,153 Words
    10. Chapter 10
      3,239 Words
    11. Chapter 11
      3,175 Words
    12. Chapter 12
      3,144 Words
    13. Chapter 13
      3,188 Words
    14. Chapter 14
      3,185 Words
    15. Chapter 15
      3,128 Words
    16. Chapter 16
      3,107 Words
    17. Chapter 17
      3,239 Words
    18. Chapter 18
      3,040 Words
    19. Chapter 19
      3,087 Words
    20. Chapter 20
      3,036 Words
    21. Chapter 21
      2,965 Words
    22. Chapter 22
      3,183 Words
    23. Chapter 23
      0 Words
    24. Chapter 24
      3,196 Words
    25. Chapter 25
      3,137 Words
    26. Chapter 26
      3,178 Words
    27. Chapter 27
      3,117 Words
    28. Chapter 28
      3,073 Words
    29. Chapter 29
      3,175 Words
    30. Chapter 30
      3,215 Words
    31. Chapter 31
      3,051 Words
    32. Chapter 32
      3,064 Words
    33. Chapter 33
      3,118 Words
    34. Chapter 34
      3,145 Words
    35. Chapter 35
      3,072 Words
    36. Chapter 36
      3,104 Words
    37. Chapter 37
      3,110 Words
    38. Chapter 38
      3,116 Words
    39. Chapter 39
      3,035 Words
    40. Chapter 40
      3,065 Words
    41. Chapter 41
      3,106 Words
    42. Chapter 42
      3,050 Words
    43. Chapter 43
      2,994 Words
    44. Chapter 44
      2,999 Words
    45. Chapter 45
      3,040 Words
    46. Chapter 46
      3,181 Words
    47. Chapter 47
      3,163 Words
    48. Chapter 48
      1,985 Words