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    Cover of After transmigrating the book, the main character was attacked by me

    After transmigrating the book, the main character was attacked by me

    by 白颦州州州州

    Introduction: (The author’s microblog @白染州州州zhouzhou (ID has five states), welcome everyone’s friendly exchanges.)
    Li Mingxiao is an online novel reviewer. After he 9-killed a pure love and abuse novel called “The Villain’s Strategy”, he successfully passed through the book.
    As the reviewer of Jinhe, the largest novel website in China, he has a clear understanding of the routines of wearing books, saving the protagonist, giving love and care, and then——by the sun.
    “Hey, Lord Steel Straight Man.”
    In order not to be caught by the sun and return to modern times intact, Li Mingxiao tried his best to avoid all the settings of the sun being attacked – master, brother, gentle care, flower of Gaoling, and earnestly taught Gong to be a responsible and considerate peerless good Gong,Also conscientiously match the attack and accept.
    Just when he was about to retire, he found that he had been blackened.
    Li Mingxiao smashed the tables and chairs angrily: “Can this kind of plot be written? Ah?! Where’s the auditor?”
    Jiang Jinlou bent down behind Li Mingxiao, held his hand tightly, and said softly, “Brother Mingxiao, what are you talking about?”
    Oh, and the auditor was myself.
    Content tags: next year special liking wearing books

    1. Chapter 1 Abusing Essays Through Books
      2,114 Words
    2. Chapter 2 Rescue the Protagonist
      2,270 Words
    3. Chapter 3 Young Master Xiaobaihua
      2,258 Words
    4. Chapter 4 Encounter with the protagonist Gong by chance in the mortal world
      2,317 Words
    5. Chapter 5 Evolve, Little White Flower
      2,140 Words
    6. Chapter 6 It’s Little Black Flower
      2,062 Words
    7. Chapter 10 The female goose’s road to becoming stronger
      1,810 Words
    8. Chapter 11 Seriously raising children
      2,146 Words
    9. Chapter 12 Encounter with the infatuated male second
      2,157 Words
    10. Chapter 13 Shakespeare’s Sun
      2,075 Words
    11. Chapter 14 Entry Assessment
      2,065 Words
    12. Chapter 15 Brother Mingxiao’s Smell
      2,307 Words
    13. Chapter 16 Apprenticeship Conference
      2,152 Words
    14. Chapter 17 The Foresight Ability of the Protagonist
      1,911 Words
    15. Chapter 18 The Protagonist’s Matchmaking Action
      2,358 Words
    16. Chapter 19 The Legend of God TM Zhen Huan
      2,102 Words
    17. Chapter 20 Birthday (Part 1)
      2,247 Words
    18. Chapter 21 Birthday (Part 2)
      2,212 Words
    19. Chapter 22 Longevity Noodles
      2,334 Words
    20. Chapter 23 Tournament
      2,076 Words
    21. Chapter 24 The scene where the unscrupulous author fell off the horse
      2,048 Words
    22. Chapter 25 Water Uses
      2,280 Words
    23. Chapter 26 Demon Princess
      1,803 Words
    24. Chapter 27 The price of love
      2,304 Words
    25. Chapter 28 Fate
      2,013 Words
    26. Chapter 29 Analysis (Fate)
      407 Words
    27. Chapter 30 Master Cheng Baiyu
      2,041 Words
    28. Chapter 31 Xiao Jiang is really heartbroken
      2,055 Words
    29. Chapter 32 Kidney Treasure, It’s Incredibly Delicious
      2,031 Words
    30. Chapter 33 Returning to Modern Times
      1,873 Words
    31. Chapter 34
      2,216 Words
    32. Chapter 35 Big Change in Temperament
      1,936 Words
    33. Chapter 36 Long-lost Longevity Noodles
      1,973 Words
    34. Chapter 37 Returning to the Immortal Gate
      2,026 Words
    35. Chapter 38
      1,134 Words
    36. Chapter 39 A Poem
      77 Words
    37. Chapter 40 System 001
      1,936 Words
    38. Chapter 41
      1,978 Words
    39. Chapter 44: Sincerely
      1,330 Words
    40. Chapter 45 Outline of the Grand Finale
      982 Words