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    Cover of It’s so sweet after marryed

    It’s so sweet after marryed

    by 相什么两不厌

    Gu Huaijin transmigrated into the body of a sick scholar, and when she opened her eyes, it was her wedding banquet.
    Gu Huaijin dislikes this kind of feudal arranged marriage the most, but she can see the gorgeous young husband beside her – Lu Zhao, the important thing is that his husband Lu Zhao is still a child.
    Gu Huaijin felt that she was not bad either.
    The Imperial Examinations of Dayu State never taboo against women and brothers, but it is not easy for the village to support a son to study, and no one can support a brother to study.
    Lu Zhao’s father, Lu Peng, didn’t think that since Lu Zhao lost his mother when he was young, everyone made a joke of Lu Zhao’s hard work to pass the school entrance examination.
    After Lu Zhaozhong was born as a child, Lu Peng married and filled the house, and soon Lu Peng died.
    Poor Lu Zhao can no longer study, and the only thing waiting for him is to get married and have children.
    More and more sensitive mind.
    After rejecting his stepmother, he was sold to the old man’s house in the town as a concubine, and then he was forced into the Gu family’s Chongxi bridal sedan chair.
    Hearing that Gu Huaijin has a life-threatening relationship but doesn’t want to make progress, she is a frequent visitor to Hualou Casino all day long.
    When Lu Zhao thought he was going to be killed early, when he faced Gu Huaijin, it was like looking at a widower.
    But getting along with each other day by day, Lu Zhao found that the man was not like the rumors.
    Among the villagers, Gu Huaijin, who is said to be the god of evil, took Lu Zhao to separate from the top-ranking grandmother and aunt, and worked hard day and night to set up a stall, allowing Lu Zhao to study all the way to the court for the third rank of the official residence.
    From then on, no one dared to laugh at Lu Zhao’s elder brother’s examination for merit.
    Secretly watching Gu Huaijin’s jokes, he bluntly said that Lu Zhao must have divorced Gu Huaijin after being forced into marriage and promoted.
    But Lu Zhao not only did not divorce Gu Huaijin, but also developed the family of two into a family of three.
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    1. Chapter 1 Accidentally Picking Someone Up
      2,265 Words
    2. Chapter 2: It Smells So Good
      2,435 Words
    3. Chapter 3
      2,502 Words
    4. Chapter 4
      2,280 Words
    5. Chapter 5
      2,221 Words
    6. Chapter 6
      3,452 Words
    7. Chapter 7
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    8. Chapter 8 Buying Tofu
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    9. Chapter 9 Confused Officer
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    10. Chapter 10 Daughter-in-law manages the money
      2,203 Words
    11. Chapter 11
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    12. Chapter 12
      3,152 Words
    13. Chapter 14 Grilled Skewers
      1,367 Words
    14. Chapter 15 Refraining from marriage?
      1,681 Words
    15. Chapter 16 Don’t point at my wife
      1,459 Words
    16. Chapter 17: Shall I Hit You?(one)
      2,219 Words
    17. Chapter 18 I hit you!(two)
      2,189 Words
    18. Chapter 19 I’ll Hit You (3)
      2,215 Words
    19. Chapter 20 I hit you!(Four)
      2,582 Words
    20. Chapter 21
      1,474 Words
    21. Chapter 22
      2,111 Words
    22. Chapter 23
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    23. Chapter 24
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    24. Chapter 25
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    25. Chapter 26
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    27. Chapter 28
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    28. Chapter 29
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    32. Chapter 33 Doing things about husband and wife in the name of husband and wife
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    34. Chapter 35
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    35. Chapter 36 Holding Hands
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    36. Chapter 37 New Year (1)
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    37. Chapter 38 New Year’s Eve
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    38. Chapter 39 Have Lu Zhao?
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    39. Chapter 40
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    40. Chapter 41
      1,170 Words
    41. Chapter 42 Baby
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    42. Chapter 43
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    43. Chapter 44
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    44. Chapter 45
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    45. Chapter 46
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    46. Chapter 47 Wen Qiliang
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    47. Chapter 48
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    48. Chapter 49 Pregnant?
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    49. Chapter 50
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