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    Cover of Ruling Another World Begins with Becoming a Witch

    Ruling Another World Begins with Becoming a Witch

    by 鱼不乖

    Luo Feiyi, a gaming enthusiast, finds herself transported into another world, taking on the life of an eight-year-old orphan in a strange land.

    Transported without any memories of her past life, Feiyi struggles to understand the foreign language of this new world and is unaware that her original body was detected for magical fluctuations and was about to be forcibly enrolled in the Black Magic Academy.

    The Black Magic Academy is a place feared by all in this world, rumored to house the most terrifying black magic sorcerers. The abyss is merely their plaything, and anyone who dares approach it becomes imprisoned by them, their souls forever enslaved.

    Feiyi, observing the terror-stricken face of the orphanage headmistress, belatedly realizes the gravity of her situation.

    However, upon arriving at the academy gates and seeing the familiar architecture, landscapes, and characters, she clutches her chest in shock.

    …Wasn’t this the starting village from an online game titled “Land of Gods and Demons” she used to play?!

    That was the game she had diligently completed and topped the leaderboards for combat strength!

    She knew every hidden level and creature in the game like the back of her hand.

    Feiyi, with literacy skills barely sufficient for kindergarten, couldn’t help but laugh. Could there be a more divinely favored beginning?

    The Witch Academy recently admitted a peculiar student. She appears utterly lost in conversation, never speaks up in class, and does everything at a snail’s pace.

    After observing her for a few days, the teachers conclude that this student might have intellectual challenges.

    Her fellow students also think she isn’t quite right in the head.

    But by the end of the term, Feiyi, deemed not quite right in the head, emerges as the top student of the academy.

    More than that, everyone is horrified to discover—

    She not only recognizes herbs unknown to the teachers but also understands their full effects.

    She freely accesses forbidden areas that even the headmaster cannot enter and is revered by the powerful fallen beings within as their master.

    She even knows the spells of the long-lost Old Gods, summoning children of darkness as her familiars.

    She can make stars fall and wither all life.

    She is no simple-minded child but a true genius, the undisputed Great Witch Queen of this world!

    1. “Chapter 1: ‘Me? A Witch?'”
      2,827 Words
    2. Chapter 2: Enrollment Instructor – The Witch of Great Sin
      2,273 Words
    3. “Chapter 3: This is no terrifying abyss; it’s practically heaven!”
      2,292 Words
    4. Chapter 4: Who Gets Chosen by a Magic Scroll on Their First Day of School?
      2,018 Words
    5. Chapter 5: A witch will never be exploited by anyone.
      2,523 Words
    6. Chapter 6: She’s Only Level 1 and Already Facing a Plot Twist?!
      1,871 Words
    7. Chapter 7: The Singer Must Die!
      2,069 Words
    8. Chapter 8: Even in Death, She Must Gain Something First
      2,138 Words
    9. Chapter 9: Huh? Isn’t this a sure win?
      2,002 Words
    10. Chapter 10: Dark Moon, High Wind, Murder and Plunder
      2,014 Words
    11. “Chapter 11: Does increasing intelligence come at such a painful cost?”
      2,083 Words
    12. “Chapter 12: Defeating a Higher Level Solo”
      1,870 Words
    13. Chapter 13: “Rather than worship such useless dead things, better to believe in me.”
      3,338 Words
    14. Chapter 14 – Three more chapters as a treat, thank you, my dears~
      6,116 Words
    15. Chapter 15: The Gift from the Witch, Are You Ready for Revenge?
      3,304 Words
    16. Chapter 16: “We still have plenty of time, father.”
      1,989 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Triple update combined, thanks for watching~
      5,014 Words
    18. Chapter 18: Trinity, Thanksgiving
      5,408 Words
    19. Chapter 19 “I Shall Never Make a Wish to the Witches of the Abyss!”
      5,121 Words
    20. “Chapter 20 ‘May we both sink into darkness together.'”
      5,067 Words
    21. “Chapter 21: The Wheel of Fate”
      5,123 Words
    22. “Chapter 22: Luke, You’re Done For”
      5,342 Words
    23. Chapter 23: He wanted this monastery to bloom with the Witch 99zl’s flowers.
      5,096 Words
    24. Chapter 24 “No one will forgive a mistake already committed.”
      4,903 Words
    25. Chapter 25: Little Winna!!
      5,001 Words
    26. “Chapter 26: ‘I will offer more and more souls to the great witch.'”
      5,588 Words
    27. Chapter 27: “Those People Only Slow Down My Sword Draw.”
      3,508 Words
    28. Chapter 28: “How Are You Not Dead Yet?!”
      3,612 Words
    29. Chapter 29 “The Witch, Damned.”
      3,516 Words
    30. Chapter 30: Spatial Artifacts!
      4,087 Words
    31. Chapter 31: What’s It to Him?
      3,633 Words
    32. Chapter 32: “Hil, is that a plastic bag on your head?”
      3,428 Words
    33. Chapter 33: “It seems father will never… let any man…”
      4,120 Words
    34. Chapter 34: Second Academic Year?
      3,580 Words
    35. “Chapter 35: About Demons”
      3,523 Words
    36. Chapter 36: How Did It Turn Into a Gathering of Villains?!
      3,434 Words
    37. Chapter 37: Four More Merged into One
      7,172 Words
    38. Chapter 38: Devotees Shouting with Fervent Devotion!
      5,539 Words
    39. Chapter 39: Instructor Jacqueline?! No—!
      5,734 Words
    40. Chapter 40 “In this world, don’t you have anyone who makes you happy?”
      5,663 Words
    41. Chapter 41 “May each of us eventually get what we wish for.” (Regarding the demon’s name)
      5,200 Words
    42. Chapter 42: “No need to be scared anymore.”
      6,291 Words
    43. Chapter 43: A Transitional Chapter
      3,600 Words
    44. “Chapter 44 ‘Ancient Money, What?!'”
      3,754 Words
    45. Chapter 45: The Foundation of the Great Ice Plain
      3,601 Words
    46. Chapter 46 “The world won’t betray you.”
      3,469 Words
    47. Chapter 47 [Swallow it, Faye.]
      3,248 Words
    48. Chapter 48 “At that moment, Beelzebub’s demeanor was as if he wanted to cast the entire world into hell…” (This chapter contains a bit of a romantic subplot)
      3,679 Words
    49. Chapter 49 “I’ve succeeded.”
      3,947 Words
    50. Chapter 50: Daily Life + Final Exams
      2,795 Words
    51. Chapter 51: “Hey! Are you awake, Lord Divine Master?”
      3,063 Words
    52. Chapter 52: “Even if you all attack together, you stand no chance.”
      3,023 Words
    53. Chapter 53: “I too was eagerly looking forward to meeting you.”
      2,748 Words
    54. Chapter 54: “The Archbishop’s manners seem mismatched with his status.”
      2,338 Words
    55. Chapter 55: A catch-up update for the missed days, another update coming at 8 pm.
      1,911 Words
    56. Chapter 56 “But you are different, only you can do it.”
      1,923 Words
    57. Chapter 57: The Divine’s Memory
      2,031 Words
    58. Chapter 58: Absolute Defense!
      1,708 Words
    59. Chapter 59: Killing the Witch
      1,895 Words
    60. Chapter 60: “The Witch of World’s End.”
      1,749 Words
    61. Chapter 61: The Black Moon Will Eventually Be Devoured by the Dark Night
      1,583 Words
    62. Chapter 62: “Faye, Do You Really Have No Regrets on Blue Star?”
      1,786 Words
    63. Chapter 63: “Let the whole continent bloom with the witch’s flowers.”
      1,909 Words
    64. Chapter 64: About the Third Academic Year.
      1,761 Words
    65. Chapter 65: That Familiar Blue Path
      2,113 Words