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    Cover of Unspeakable Sects

    Unspeakable Sects

    by 半杯枸杞茶

    Zhou Wentian was just an ordinary game streamer who died of overwork overnight and found himself transported into the online game he had just been promoting. He successfully became the cannon fodder Ninth Saint Son of the low-tier sect, the Hehuan Sect, embarking on a ‘wonderful’ life with a system and a whip in hand. 【Ding! Host, please open your eyes. Who would you like to whip today: A. The main male lead who is gagged and imprisoned by you. B. The powerful male lead’s uncle imprisoned in the dungeon. C. The future antagonist you’ve tricked into servitude. D. Select all.】 Zhou Wentian, not wanting to die, could only fiercely yet gently tease the above targets with his whip. He completed his missions and made quick getaways. The disheveled and irritable main male lead, Xia Chengying: “You like using props, huh? These are all ones you’ve used before. Do you want to take turns, or all at once?” The dark and manipulative uncle wearing a collar, Bai Moyang: “Lord Ninth Saint Son, didn’t you promise to make me your furnace? How can you break your promise? I’m here for our appointment.” The sickly antagonist covered in whip marks, Shang Feiyu: “Lord Saint Son, please don’t leave again, or Feiyu will have to take you to the grave with him.”

    1. Chapter 1: Congratulations, You Have Imprisoned the Main Male Lead (Part 1)
      1,408 Words
    2. Chapter 2: Congratulations, You Have Imprisoned the Main Male Lead (Part 2)
      931 Words
    3. Chapter 3: Congratulations, You’ve Punished the Main Male Lead’s Junior Uncle
      1,345 Words
    4. Chapter 4: Three Sentences to Revive the Lonely Sword Heart of Eighteen Years
      1,708 Words
    5. Chapter 5: The Main Male Lead’s Negative Emotions
      1,549 Words
    6. Chapter 6: Congratulations on Enslaving the Future Villain
      1,500 Words
    7. Chapter 7: Can I Still Be Your Medicinal Slave?
      1,034 Words
    8. Chapter 8: Today, I Must Take Him Away!
      1,402 Words
    9. Chapter 9: We Can Meet Again Across Thousands of Mountains and Rivers
      1,424 Words
    10. Chapter 10: Starting Today in the Big House, My Cellmate Turns Out to Be My Junior Uncle.
      1,669 Words
    11. Chapter 11: Saint Son Nine, Forget About Escaping Jail
      1,119 Words
    12. Chapter 12: Just Released and Already Facing a Capture by Jile Tian
      1,538 Words
    13. Chapter 13: “I Chose to Be Imprisoned”
      1,354 Words
    14. Chapter 14: Being Older Doesn’t Spare the Pain
      1,482 Words
    15. Chapter 15: How to be a demonic cultivator when you treat the cauldron so tenderly?
      1,632 Words
    16. Chapter 16: Who forces someone to make a small video
      1,351 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Come at Me If You Dare, Demonic Cultivator
      1,506 Words
    18. Chapter 18: Demonic Cultivator, Stop Deceiving Me, You Carry His Scent
      1,360 Words
    19. Chapter 19: Come Here for a Kiss, and You’ll Be Spared
      1,379 Words
    20. Chapter 20: For your corrupt behavior in prison, you are hereby awarded early release.
      1,872 Words
    21. Chapter 21: System Online, Accepting Explosive Missions
      1,387 Words
    22. Chapter 22: My Viral Video Became a Hit
      2,230 Words
    23. Chapter 23: Saint Son, Have You Forgotten About Me?
      1,282 Words
    24. Chapter 24: Forced to Perform an Indescribable Act at the Demon Banquet
      2,010 Words
    25. Chapter 25: Saint Son, Everything He Can Do, I Can Too
      1,616 Words
    26. Chapter 26: Selling Fake Medicine in Bliss Heaven
      1,975 Words
    27. Chapter 27: If I Lose the Bet, All My Fake Medicine Goes to You
      1,992 Words
    28. Chapter 28: Extreme Bliss Heaven Wants to Make Me Their Sect’s Son, I Refuse, But They Offered Too Much
      2,010 Words
    29. Chapter 29: System, I Think I Can Use It Myself
      1,283 Words
    30. Chapter 30: Xia Chengying: I Might As Well Continue to Stay Unconscious
      1,295 Words
    31. Chapter 31: The True Demon / In Fact, I Want to Say Goodbye to You (Combined Chapter)
      2,735 Words
    32. Chapter 32 Bai Moyang, You Traitor to the Righteous Path
      1,228 Words
    33. Chapter 33 On such a fine day, why not enhance the mood with some spiritual medicine?
      1,335 Words
    34. “With this explosion, the true colors of Extreme Joy Heaven are revealed.”
      1,295 Words
    35. Chapter 35: Being Chased by a Nascent Soul as a Foundation Builder, Thrilling Indeed
      1,416 Words
    36. Chapter 36: Was That Day Really That Thrilling?
      1,476 Words
    37. Chapter 37: A Deadly Encounter Upon Meeting
      1,629 Words
    38. Chapter 38: Repairing the Moyang Sword (Part 2)
      2,760 Words
    39. Chapter 39: Nephew Bai, Kill This Demonic Cultivator and Return to Tianjian Pavilion (Combined)
      2,569 Words
    40. Chapter 40: The Town’s Full of News About Our Torturous Love
      2,595 Words
    41. Chapter 41: Young Master, I Don’t Recall Placing an Order
      1,487 Words
    42. Chapter 42: Separation Anxiety
      1,232 Words
    43. “Chapter 43: Is My Normal Demonic Cultivator Life Finally Starting?”
      2,743 Words
    44. Chapter 44 Zhou Wentian: I, Li Feiyu, Am Best at Starting Fires (5,000 words)
      3,234 Words
    45. Chapter 45: I’ll Do Anything to Cure My Uncle
      2,539 Words
    46. Chapter 46: It Was Me Who Came First
      2,653 Words
    47. Chapter 47: But Like This, Would You Still Refuse?
      2,665 Words
    48. Chapter 48: The Fog of Blood and Murder
      2,689 Words
    49. Chapter 49: The Zhu Fruit
      2,688 Words
    50. Chapter 50: It’s Okay, I Will Always Wait
      2,528 Words
    51. Chapter 51: The Remnants of Ancient Shadows
      2,425 Words
    52. Chapter 52: The Blood River Scripture
      2,509 Words
    53. Chapter 53: Mutual Destruction
      2,470 Words
    54. Chapter 54: The True Blood River
      2,487 Words
    55. Chapter 55: Exchange
      2,579 Words
    56. Chapter 56: I Will Only Live This Once
      2,496 Words
    57. Chapter 57: The Will of the Blood River
      2,586 Words
    58. Chapter 58: What I’ve Said, I Will Not Change
      2,644 Words
    59. Chapter 59: Rebuilding the ‘Dual Cultivation Sect’
      2,690 Words
    60. Chapter 60: The Ferocity of the Immortal Sect
      2,624 Words
    61. Chapter 61: The Nefarious Neighbor
      2,611 Words
    62. Chapter 62: With My Strategy Laid Out, How Will You Respond?
      2,720 Words
    63. Chapter 63: The Debt of Young Seedlings
      1,376 Words
    64. Chapter 64: Keep Arguing, and I’ll Send You Both to Tianjian Pavilion!
      1,443 Words
    65. Chapter 65: Laying Low for a Few More Years Isn’t Too Late
      2,104 Words
    66. Chapter 66: Talented and Beautiful
      1,953 Words
    67. Chapter 67: The Sword Tomb
      2,233 Words
    68. Chapter 68: The Ingenious Use of the Mirror of Self-reflection
      1,942 Words
    69. Chapter 69: Aren’t You Afraid I Might Take Your Life?
      1,545 Words
    70. Chapter 70: You Need to Get Used to It Soon
      1,937 Words
    71. Chapter 71: A Thousand Swords Fly, For the Fated to Claim
      2,899 Words
    72. Chapter 72: ‘Shengxie’ Sword Master
      3,043 Words
    73. Chapter 73: Welcome Back
      2,118 Words
    74. Chapter 74: The Scene is Utter Chaos
      1,699 Words
    75. Chapter 75: The End
      2,083 Words