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    Cover of Alien [Future Variant Warfare]

    Alien [Future Variant Warfare]

    by 胖哈/沧澜止戈

    Carnage-ridden corporate live-streams sell goods, and unexpectedly, the second Red Light Catastrophe descends upon the imprisoned workers who collectively mutate.

    Rampaging outlaws, the cold-resistant monster “Bruce in Frosty Garb,” traitors, dense fog, cliff-side car crashes—all events spiral towards an eerie development.

    Nervous analyst Sui Xing is horrified but relieved: “Good thing I’m also a double agent.”

    In the Five Capitals where four great relics reside, with the Forbidden Wall of Tianfu reigning supreme, worldly people pursuing nobility and wealth disdain the likes of the undercover agents known as the “Wu Jian Apostles”: The Tianfu Monarch abhors this identity above all else; sooner or later, treacherous insiders will meet their end!

    Sui Xing wonders: “Is that really so?”

    The world replies: “Indeed! The King witnessed his kin’s tragic deaths at the hands of traitors since childhood. No traitor has ever escaped under his watch, and no one has ever broken such a curse.”

    But Sui Xing breaks it—she chooses to close the King’s eyes forever.

    At a conference in the Five Capitals to discuss hunting down the most despicable criminal in history, Sui Xin, the unexpected turn occurs. A historically aloof and noble King says, “Sit down, you’re one of us.”

    Sui Xing responds: “No, Your Majesty, I am not tired nor sleepy; my loyalty remains unwavering.”

    Another King questions: “Who is she? Does she even qualify?”

    An accident befalls the meeting, leaving several Kings severely injured, one or two eliminated, and Sui Xin reluctantly takes the seat of the deceased after washing her hands.

    Background explanation:

    Corporate hierarchy: Hounds, Horse Slayers, Cavalry Generals, Cthulhu, Gatekeepers, Wu Jian Apostles, and Full-time Fallen.

    Relic Zone hierarchy: Solar Eaters, Lunar Eaters, Total Eaters, Half Eaters.

    Usurper hierarchy, Cult hierarchy, and the most mysterious Forbidden Wall civilization that developed beneath the first Red Calamity.

    Mutation directions for Aliens: Flight, Telepathy, Lie Detection, Body Replication, Invisibility, Control, and Biomorphic Transformation (radiation + viral mutation akin to insects, rodents, lions, fish, shrimp, birds, etc., with the possibility of being influenced by those creatures’ habits).

    Aliens possess singular talents, with only a few exceptional individuals capable of multiple transformations. They are mostly flesh and blood, vulnerable to physical and energy damage. The world’s power structure relies on Martial Arts, Guile, and Micro-Magic.

    1. Chapter 1: The Mysterious Vessel (Don’t forget to add it to your collection, comments and bookmarks are welcome!)
      2,704 Words
    2. Chapter 2: The Helmet
      3,328 Words
    3. Chapter 3: Lethal
      2,272 Words
    4. Chapter 4: Initiation into the Ranks
      3,170 Words
    5. Chapter 5: Bruce of the Cold Armor
      2,568 Words
    6. Chapter 6: Jellyfish?
      2,516 Words
    7. Chapter 7: The Grey Mist
      2,142 Words
    8. Chapter 8: Crimson Worms
      1,798 Words
    9. Chapter 9: United!
      2,714 Words
    10. Chapter 10: The Button
      2,749 Words
    11. Chapter 11: An Advertisement?
      2,778 Words
    12. Chapter 12: Lingzhi, Ah!
      2,506 Words
    13. Chapter 13: Suspended Animation
      2,909 Words
    14. Chapter 14: The Worm King (Entering V tomorrow)
      3,063 Words
    15. Chapter 15: Overwhelming Domination
      8,817 Words
    16. Chapter 16: Fossils
      5,473 Words
    17. Chapter 17: Ambush!
      5,640 Words
    18. Chapter 18: Radiation
      7,894 Words
    19. Chapter 19
      6,256 Words
    20. Chapter 20: A Sweep of the Pot (1W Nutrient Solution+, Seeking Nutrient Solution at Month’s End)
      5,645 Words
    21. Chapter 21: Countdown
      4,453 Words
    22. Chapter 22: Quick Queries! (Welcoming November, Seeking Nutrient Solution on the 1st, and an Additional Update!)
      6,850 Words
    23. Chapter 23: Connections
      5,218 Words
    24. Chapter 24: Eavesdropping (with 2W Nutrient Supplement Advance)
      7,299 Words
    25. Chapter 25: Ba Lang
      8,234 Words
    26. Chapter 26: Dual Kill
      4,961 Words
    27. Chapter 27: Framing the Blame
      5,053 Words
    28. Chapter 28: Malicious Intent
      5,222 Words
    29. Chapter 29: Total Annihilation! (Cool, isn’t it? Nutrient Solution…)
      5,827 Words
    30. Chapter 30: Trouble
      5,400 Words
    31. Chapter 31: P6
      4,888 Words
    32. Chapter 32: The Assault
      6,613 Words
    33. Chapter 33: Shelter?
      6,424 Words
    34. Chapter 34: A Misunderstanding?
      5,153 Words
    35. Chapter 35 Killing the Horse (Is there any nutrient solution for the fairies?)
      8,588 Words
    36. Chapter 36: Self-Detonation!
      6,469 Words
    37. Chapter 37: Encounter
      6,900 Words
    38. Chapter 38: Professionalism!
      6,164 Words
    39. Chapter 39 Nanoclothes?(The content is mostly transitional)
      7,941 Words
    40. Chapter 40: Found!
      6,042 Words
    41. Chapter 41: Escape!
      7,015 Words
    42. Chapter 42: Kaboom! (Requesting nutritional fluid, suitable for climbing the rankings)
      7,441 Words
    43. Chapter 43: Insectoid Monster, (30K Nutrient Solution +)
      7,746 Words
    44. Chapter 44: The Sewing Machine
      5,888 Words
    45. Chapter 45: Python Mountain
      6,282 Words
    46. Chapter 46: Exploration (Interlude)
      5,540 Words
    47. Chapter 47: The Guppy (4W Nutrient Solution+)
      8,594 Words
    48. Chapter 48: Captured!
      5,845 Words
    49. Chapter 49: Shared Interests?
      5,776 Words
    50. Chapter 50: The Valiant Riders
      5,658 Words