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    DramaShounen AiXianxia

    Former Sweetheart

    by 天桥底下说书的

    As the demonic way’s leader, You Jiang’s ambition was to cause trouble for the righteous way. His lifelong dream was to be besieged by all the righteous cultivators under the skies, and his daily task was to be chased by the righteous way’s leader. 
    The righteous way’s leader Fu Hongye, was precisely the irksome obstacle blocking You Jiang’s path to becoming an overlord.
    However, just when everyone was fighting about, trying to seize power, You Jiang woke up one day to find the righteous way’s leader lying beside him in bed. 
    So, in order to prove evil would never suppress the righteous, Fu Hongye topped him? 
    ……Was there something wrong with using this posture to achieve his dreams?

    1. 1. Chapter One
      2,995 Words
    2. 2. Chapter Two
      2,649 Words
    3. 3. Chapter Three
      2,244 Words
    4. 4. Chapter Four
      2,260 Words
    5. 5. Chapter Five
      2,349 Words
    6. 6. Chapter Six
      2,318 Words
    7. 7. Chapter Seven
      2,209 Words
    8. 8. Chapter Eight
      3,531 Words
    9. 9. Chapter Nine
      2,084 Words
    10. 10. Chapter Ten
      2,222 Words
    11. 11. Chapter Eleven
      2,460 Words
    12. 12. Chapter Twelve
      1,978 Words
    13. 13. Chapter Thirteen
      1,929 Words
    14. 14. Chapter Fourteen
      2,275 Words
    15. 15.Chapter Fifteen
      1,873 Words
    16. 16.Chapter Sixteen
      2,451 Words
    17. 17.Chapter Seventeen
      2,025 Words
    18. 18.Chapter Eighteen
      2,322 Words
    19. 19.Chapter Nineteen
      2,141 Words
    20. 20. Chapter Twenty
      2,326 Words
    21. 21.Chapter Twenty One
      2,158 Words
    22. 22. Chapter Twenty Two
      2,269 Words
    23. 23.Chapter Twenty-Three
      1,841 Words