Back Together
Turing’s Code
Wen Tianhe took over the company from his second brother, Wen Tianyue, only to bankrupt on the first day. He tried hard to liquidate his assets to pay off debts as much as he could until he found Prometheus, an AI left by his father, Wen Yuankai and his friend, Guan Zhengping. AI was created from their code and programmed to evolve and grow based on Wen Tianhe’s childhood friend and former lover, Guan Yue. To keep Prometheus operational, Wen Tianhe had no choice but to seek help from Guan Yue. This story follows Wen Tianhe as he reunites with Guan Yue, rescues his company, and eventually develops Prometheus into an original creature of AI who can pass Turing test.
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Before and After Divorce
The wealthy man fell in love with the celebrity at first sight, and after the forced marriage, they divorced because the canary was too arrogant. Su Yan x Xia Tingwan, deep and restrained gong, arrogant canary shou. HE (Author’s) Tags: I have had a relationship with someone else after the divorce (please avoid it if you mind) Urban love / sweet pet / sadomasochism / congeniality / reunion / HE Warnings: Vague mentions of sexual activities, brief mentions and behaviors of abuse, and other warnings will also be added in here or the chapters beforehand.
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The Actor's cannon fodder ex-husband is reborn
The actor's cannon fodder ex-husband was reborn. Jian Nan remembered the tragic end of his previous life and had a strong desire to live.  The divorce agreement was thrown out impatiently by Li Chuan: "Don't be ignorant, I have a hundred ways to make you sign, if you are sensible..." Jian Nan waved a big pen: "Brother I signed it."  At one beginning of the event, Actor Li reminded him: "now the media love to catch clues, you..."
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