Change Gong
Kang Zhuo and Zhuma are a small couple. On the day of the entrance examination of Zhuma, Kang Zhuo carefully prepared to give Zhuma a romantic date, and at the same time gave his first mark. He didn't want to bump into Zhuma and kiss others. Kang Zhuo was deeply shocked. Since then, many quarrels have broken out between them, and he fell into confusion and pain. At this time, Quan Huachen (Zhuma's uncle), who had taken good care of Kang Zhuo since childhood, returned to China. He approached him without any trace, guided him with the attitude of an elder, healed his wounds, corrected his outlook on love, and robbed him of his attachment to Zhuma. When Zhuma came to ask him why he had taken love by force of force, Quan Huachen smiled: "I've kept the baby in my hand for so many years. I'll give it to you only when you like it. If you can't keep it well, give it back to me. If not, don't blame me for robbing it."
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