waste heat
What to do if you have a crush on your friend? Song Yu, who has a good face, a good family background, and excellent grades, has multiple protagonist halo, and has a terrible reputation in Chengnan High School. Not being confessed, or on the way to being confessed. Even his best friend had a crush on him. Cheng Yan had a crush on Song Yu, was drunk for a while, and his confession was rejected, and his friends for many years became strangers.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
School Life   Qiang Qiang   Counterattack  

The Pig Teammates of the Thriller Game Are Overturning Every Day
When Bai Wenxia entered the world of infinite flow, he was bound to a pig teammate system at the same time: we must become the most pig teammates of the pig teammates! The faster you die, the more rewards you will get! Bai Wenxia is geared up, full of confidence: Okay! If you can’t be a boss, can’t you be a pig teammate?! In the end: Bai • cleared the level inexplicably • became the golden thigh of other players • fell in love with ghosts • Wenxia : ? 1v1.
Storyline   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
System   Counterattack   Enjoyable   Infinite  

The president is easy to marry, but the stepfather is hard to be
Su Ze likes Lu Tan very much, almost to the point of obsession.   Su Ze loved Lu Tan, so much so that he gave up his career, concealed from his parents, married Lu Tan, to Lu Tan's children as a "stepmother" but, more than a year of hard work, the final exchange is a paper divorce.   Looking at the divorce papers in front of him, and then looked at the man he had loved for so many years, Su Ze smiled, smiled and cried.   It turns out that he in the heart of Lu Tan is always a servant , as long as the woman back, he will still be Lu Tan did not hesitate to kick away.
Love   Modern   Light   BL   Unknow  
Drama   Counterattack   Wealthy  

After Transmigrating into a Novel, I have Four Older Brothers
Gu Yingying travels to a novel that tells the story of two daughters who were replaced at birth. She is the fake daughter who occupied the heroine’s place in the wealthy and powerful family for sixteen years. However, there is no need to worry! She’s got four brothers! 1: Big Brother is a self-made billionaire with assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars! 2: The second brother is a medical genius who is paralyzed in bed and ready to exact revenge on the world! 3: The third brother is the most famous member of the idol group who is black all over the network! 4: The beautiful fourth brother is a school tyrant who is about to die from congenital heart disease! Gu Yingying, who had packed her belongings, went in search of her own brothers.
Modern   Light   Female   Romance  
Counterattack   Transmigration   Fantasy   Sweet  

This Cannon Fodder Is Not Scientific
Due to unknown reasons, many space-time visitors have entered the small worlds through the cracks in the time and space, seriously disrupting the balance of the small worlds. Jiang Mo, as an employee of the Space-Time Administration, was tasked with expelling these space-time visitors. With the help of the bodies of the cannon fodders, he staged the game of cannon fodder counterattack again and again.
Fantasy Future   Serious   Shou   BL  
System   Counterattack   Enjoyable   Transmigration