Court Marquis
Wife first
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The wife is the top, the nation is the next, and the husband is the least. Throughout his life, the army has made great achievements in battle, but the ending is very miserable; In the end, the only person who never gave up on him was this male wife who had been left out for more than ten years ...... After being reborn once, Jing Shao decided to change his mind and start a new life, but...
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Little dandy, he's a little cute
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After Rong Zhuo's death, it was transmigrate into a book. The original owner was introduced to the prince as a confidant because of his ability and political integrity. Didn't expect to be betrayed by prince in the end When he transmigrated, he was not acquainted with the prince. In order to avoid the ending of the original book, he decided to be a dummy and ruin his reputation so that he would not provoke the prince.
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Wishing You Eternal Happiness
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The brilliant and young high minister, noble and benevolent in character, was once renowned in the capital. Once the situation at court changed, his identity was questioned, and his name had since been tainted. As such, he left for a faraway place. The pure and innocent pearl of the Zhen family, favored and loved by all, once led a smooth and tranquil life. Overnight, the great mansion completely collapsed. She married a bad husband, and her soul succumbed to eternal rest. One day, she awoke from a great dream. Confronting the junction of fate, she was determined to change the course of events. Their reencounter transformed the trajectory of their lives. With his life-saving grace and meticulous care, Pei Youโ€™an brought hope to the helpless her. Staying by his side in happiness and in sorrow, in life and in death, Zhen Jiafu reawakened feelings of concern in the apathetic him. A letter replete with ardent love: traveling a thousand miles to be with the gentleman. Despite the chill of the snowy night, with warmth sustained by love, the two hearts were the most intimate they had ever been. Although the world has its ups and downs, with you keeping me company, this life is enough.
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