What if my husband is the future great devil?
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Wen Qiao's parents died when she was a child, she was frail and sickly, and she was pitiful in the eyes of the world. On the day she came of age, she was not only given marriage to the seventh prince of the dynasty, but also awakened into a half-demon. However, even if she awakens into a half-demon, she is still a weak and sickly little pitiful. It wasn't until the poor little Wen Qiao married the seventh prince Ning Yuzhou that she knew that the seventh prince, who was a waste of cultivation in the eyes of the world, was well hidden, and that all the elixir and talisman arrays were well-connected, and everyone in the world was deceived by him! And Wen Qiao finally lived a life of bullying! Later, Wen Qiao discovered that no matter where the couple went, her husband's identity was the villain behind the scenes.
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My Wife
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The sweet marriage life and the sweet wife have been married for a year. Every time I see her stunning and attractive nakedness, I can't help but admire the divine work of the Creator: The palm-sized face, the curved eyebrows, the slender eyes of the phoenix, the small nose, the pink cherry mouth... coquettish and revealing a trace of innocence; But the figure is so attractive that even the saints can't hold it: The big breasts that cannot be grasped with one hand, the delicate and tender pink nipples;
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What to do if you accidentally fu*k a boy
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Qiao Li slept with an enthusiastic and energetic boy, woke up the next day, and exchanged detailed personal information with him with the idea of continuing to communicate. Speaking of age, the other party struggled for a long time, then hesitantly said, "I, I'm eighteen." ! ! ! Qiao Li was so frightened that she immediately ran away. The other party quickly grabbed her with his eyes and hands, and asked aggrievedly, "You don't want me if you get my virginity?"
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Erotic supporting actress
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Attendant The little transparent follower of the campus goddess has an ambiguous affair with the rich children of the upper class. Stepdaughter Mei's stepmother's malicious thoughts about her stepdaughter and her lover's evil plan for her were finally solved and rescued by her half-brother. Slave The delicate and weak slave was spotted by the master, so she had to unbutton her clothes and obey the story of femininity.
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