Young Adult
After being targeted by a Scum Gong
Jing Yuwen was assigned to the same class as Xiang Siye, whom he disliked the most. Some people, on the surface, are arrogant and cold school tyrants that everyone loves, but behind the scenes they are full-fledged scheming dogs that make Jing Yuwen hate it, plus super hooligans!!! This guy not only uses various methods to drive away In honor of Jing Yuwen's peach blossom luck, he also took the opportunity to leave a big strawberry on Jing Yuwen's neck in the name of being a drunkard!
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He is so sweet to the delicate boy
Luo Chu and Zuo shuci have been unable to get along since childhood. Luo Chu feels that Zuo shuci is too overbearing and unreasonable, and Zuo shuci dislikes Luo Chu's pettiness. Before the University started, the family worried about Luo Chu's health and the inconvenience of living alone. The parents of the two parties hit it off and decided to let Luo Chu move to the apartment Zuo Suzhi rented. Luo Chu slowly:... I'd better say goodbye. Zuo shuci frowned: I'm not used to living with delicate people. It's annoying.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
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