Dawn Sleep
Three years ago, a grievous news came from the distant stars, Crown Prince Ryann died so heroically on the frontier that even his remains couldn’t be found and returned home. The Empire has lost its handsome and dazzling prince, as well as one of the strongest new crystal human beings in this century. It was said that the prince left a poor widow behind.   … At the funeral, the young widow had black hair and white skin. He lowered his head in silence as he held the coffin. The royal family and high-level officials of the empire couldn’t help frowning greatly: The person who made His Highness fall in love during his lifetime was actually such a vulgar creature. ****** Jiang Jianming worked like a salted fish in the imperial military academy for three years, and he was unremarkable to the extreme. In the graduation season, he calmly rolled up his baggage and stepped into the cruel distant star battlefield to collect the body of His Highness. Everyone knows that disabled humans are weak, and they have no fighting ability at all. How many people either sneered or regretted, just waiting to wrap the corpse of this young man who had exceeded himself? Until later, the pale young man scoured the scorched earth covered in blood, and when he raised his hand, the sound of gunfire broke through the long night. The Milky Way was reflected in the bottom of Jianming’s eyes, and the blade of the mecha was bathed in crystal and starlight. Behind him, countless new human beings were convinced by this ‘proud son of heaven’, and they all called him “commander” in unison. The alien creatures were frightened and trembling; The rich and glorious dominion star-lord treat him as a guest; The murderous space pirate love and hate him… Jiang Jianming smiled slightly: “Don’t be so exaggerated, I’m just a weak and sickly disabled human being.” Imperial people: “?” So when the monarch came back from hell to the world, facing the legendary story that his lover had turned the distant star upside down for him, the monarch raised his eyebrows coldly: “Nonsense. The commander is just a weak and sickly disabled human being… Tell me, who encouraged him into a mecha today?” Imperial people: “???”     —Please light the withered years, go through the remnants of the old civilization and the cold stars, and wake up in my arms before the dawn of mankind.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Sci-fi   Mecha   Adventure  

After Having an AI Boyfriend, I Will Never Be Afraid of Sunspots
Before leaving he lay on the hospital bed, with a faint light flashing in his eyes. He looked at the man on the screen with a cold expression but a sad look in his eyes. He laughed in a hoarse voice and said, “I’ve gone, and I’ve taken away the emotion imposed on you. After that… You’re free.” Then, he closed his eyes, leaving a radiant legend for generations after. However, he did not know that at the moment his hand dropped, the man who had been programmed by him for a lifetime looked stunned, and then like a madman wanted to break out. However, the virtual him could only stand at the opposite end of the screen, collapsing as he roared…. After waking up, Bai Ruogu found himself reborn, he became an unimpressive third-rate star in the interstellar future. He was going to live a day at a time until he turned on his smart bracelet and asked his system, “What’s your name?” “Ah Miao.” The familiar voice made him pause. “Which Miao?” “Miao of Muse.” A mechanical, cold voice came from the bracelet. (T/N: Muse in Chinese is written as: 缪斯 and Miao is the character: 缪) Bai Ruogu froze: “Su Miao?” The bracelet flickered and emitted a flash of light for a moment, and the entire interstellar’s artificial intelligence all collapsed…… …… The reborn Bai Ruogu seemed as though he had cheats turned on. Faced with black material – Other stars: Forget it, put up with it. Bai Ruogu: Before he could say anything, his boyfriend had already followed the net to find the rumor monger and hunted down the evidence to send a lawyer’s letter. Faced with a black fan siege – Other stars: Collapse overwhelmed. Bai Ruogu: His boyfriend opened millions of accounts to go against the black powder online. He tore them apart for three days and three nights until they fell to the ground and frothed on the spot. Faced with fan CP – Other stars: see if the other party is popular. If they’re trending, it’s OK. If not, it’s better to say goodbye. Bai Ruogu: Sorry, this message simply cannot be sent at all.  Other stars: ……  Little theatre. Friend: My old attack may be in kindergarten. Young master: My old attack is 100,000 light years away.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Sci-fi   Qiang Qiang   Fantasy   Interstellar  

After Becoming an Interstellar Food Blogger
Ye Jin once traveled to the interstellar era, and became an orphan on a barren star. The weatherproof house is almost out of whack. Ye Jin had no choice but to go back to his old business and become a food anchor, hoping to solve his urgent needs. Ye Jin on the first day of the live broadcast: Today, I will live broadcast to make Chinese delicacies, fish porridge and braised fish cubes. The method is very simple and the braised fish with rice is a must. Netizen 1: Anchor, you can’t do this, I have no appetite when I look at it. Isn’t this a scam? Netizen 2: Chinese food? I’ve never heard of it before, who still eats this kind of nutritious and unpalatable food now! Netizen 3: This meaty smell is so bad and not delicious. Besides, now everyone drinks nutritional supplements, and no one will eat this kind of thing. After Ye Jin really made the dish, netizens were so fragrant that they scrambled to buy it, and even spent a lot of money in the live broadcast room just to get a taste of the delicious food. Since then, the craze for food making has swept the entire interstellar space, and Ye Jin’s food live broadcast room has become the spiritual heaven of the people of the empire. Then one day, many netizens discovered that there were more people in Ye Jin’s family. All netizens: No way! Whoever dog man took away the anchor is unforgivable! Fu Chen, a dog man who is an admiral of the empire: … Netizens who know the truth: QAQ Is there any help for those who scold the admiral?
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Slice of Life   Sci-fi   Comedy   Drama   Mecha   Shounen Ai   Yaoi  

Obey Your Orders
Alor met the most powerful enemy on the battlefield, who he later found out was the soft and sticky little boy who was once by his side. The enemy isn’t the enemy but is here to redeem him. **** In a certain year of the astronomical calendar, the Finni Empire decided to implant a device in their soldiers, the purpose being that they would absolutely obey the orders of their generals. And one day in the same year, Alor crossed and the device in his head malfunctioned. Unexpectedly, he was assigned to that little fool… Alor: His smile suddenly stiffened. The situation afterwards— Little fool: “Say you like me!” Alor: “…” Little fool: “Say you like me the most!” Alor: “…” Little fool: “Say you love me!” Alor: “…” Many years later— Big fool: “Kiss me.” Alor: give up resistance.jpg Dummy, who is clever and quick-witted and also attacks x Verbally says he dislikes it, but in reality is very fond of his attack.
Love   All   Fantasy Future   Completed   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Sci-fi   Comedy   Shounen Ai  

The Supporting Female Character Is Not Behaving Again
It was rumored that a woman beat her weak, poor, helpless husband in the middle of the night. It was rumored that a woman gave up working hard to go to school with her bamboo stick. It was rumored that a woman …… was simply not human! Meng Changjin pressed her throbbing temples: “And it is rumored that today’s dinner would be simmer-fried carp!” Fish System: Hey, hey, the host is not behaving again ~
Fantasy Future   Light   Female   Fanstay   SuperWoman  
Action   Sci-fi   Adventure   Fantasy  

In the year of 2013, the tide of zombies outbreak exploded in everyone homeland, humanity launches a large-scale battle in the endless nights awaiting for the arrival of the dawn. The end is approaching, is there going to be a way out for them? Their faiths were shattered into pieces and buried in ashes in the raging fire. But within the blazing fire, a newborn hope arise once again.
Fantasy Future   Serious   Shou   BL  
Action   Sci-fi   Mature  

I Am the Cutest in the Universe
In the Interstellar era where the strong are king, soft and cute species are almost all extinct. Tu Mianmian, who crossed over, was given a ruthless Duke husband, a husband who could destroy Mechas in minutes. As a lop-eared rabbit who had just refined his human shape, he felt weak, pitiful and helpless. So, he resolutely ran into the entertainment circle, relying on his sky-defying appearance to garner large amounts of fans from interstellar society, including his own gong/husband. It was night, and the Duke who was going to improve the relationship between husband and wife walked to the door and saw a fluffy lop-eared rabbit lying on the sofa… When Tu Mianmian found himself sleeping beside his gong with his rabbit body stretched out, he scared himself. Sitting up in shock and dazed, he unconsciously stomped the Duke’s mouth. Shivering, he retracted his rabbit paw, but was caught by his gong with a cold face. Tu Mianmian: …I, I, I am willing to cut off this rabbit’s paw! Before he could finish speaking, the iron-blooded Lord Duke approached his mouth at the speed of light: Chuu~~ ( ˘ ³ ˘)♥
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Slice of Life   Sci-fi   Mecha   Shounen Ai   Yaoi   Romance   Fantasy  

The Villain Runs Wild
Lin Sui transmigrated into the cannon fodder of a cultivation text, a cannon fodder with a human cauldron constitution, destined to be a servant. Lin Sui, unwilling to resign himself to it, seduced the Son of Heaven, but when the cut out his Dao bone and transferred it to himself, the Heavenly Law struck him down. That Dao bone in his body became the System that restrained him, issuing the order: You must retrieve all of his soul, serve him as your master in every world, and spare no effort for him until your dying day! Lin Su was all smiles as he agreed, but all his life, the thing he loathed most was others telling him what to do. Therefore… In the first world, he was an arrogant and domineering, rich and powerful Young Master, while the other person was a pitiful and humble illegitimate child. He humiliated him by saying he was only fit to carry his shoes, and spoke words of love next to his ear when the noise of the crowd boiled over. System: You motherxxxxxx [beep——] Lin Sui, innocently: Aren’t I serving him as my master? In the second world, he was a newly-promoted top talent in the entertainment industry, while the other person was a former Best Actor who went silent after an accident. He ridiculed and suppressed him, saying deserved to make a comeback even if he was past his prime, and kissed the scars on his body at night, leaving resources behind to gracefully leave afterwards. System: [beep——] Lin Sui, spreading his hands: Am I still not sparing enough effort? In the third world, he was an S-rank Alpha, while the other person was a mentally-damaged former SSS-rank Alpha. He looked down on him, saying that useless people also deserved to get back on the battlefield, and when no one was around he said ‘since you can’t smell pheromones, then I will be your omega’, and almost lost his live giving himself to the other person. System: ….. Lin Sui, smiling: Is my dying day enough? Even though, in the end, he was tucked away in a golden house by the wealthy upstart, captured by the triple gold Best Actor, and completely embraced by the Imperial Marshal, he was still happy. System, weeping bitter tears: Big brother, I’m begging you, I won’t tell you what to do any more!
Love   Light   Shou   BL  
Sci-fi   System   Drama   Romance   Adventure   Transmigration  

Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level
Hua Wu has been a villain in the Space-Time Alliance for many years, laying a foundation for the success of countless protagonists. Seeing that she was about to save enough points for retirement, she was forced to continue working as a guarantor to pay off her debts because her bad friends owed huge amounts of points and ran away. Work is work, but no one told her that she has to change department! When Hua Wu, who has outstanding achievements and was selected as the best villain every year, turned into a heroine… Everyone just wants her to retire as soon as possible. Alliance: You are a heroine now, please control your behavior and don’t rob the villains of their jobs. Hua Wu is full of apologies: Sorry, I’m used to being a villain. I will pay attention next time. The Alliance watches her say sorry while pressing people on the ground and falls into silence. Alliance: Do the villain’s work, so that the villain has no work to do, very good. Hua Wu: You can consider me a villain. Villain: Goodbye! Hua Wu politely says ‘goodbye’ and give a big gift package – if you don’t do it, then die.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Sci-fi   Comedy   Supernatural   Romance   Mature   Fantasy  

Happy Doomsday
Genius scientist, Ruan Xian was in a coma for several years. Once he opened his eyes, his waist no longer felt pain, his legs had healed, and he could jump around. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence outside ran out of control and ushered in the end of mankind. Fortunately, his luck was still strong and he successfully captured a partner with great survival skills. Tang Yibu: Our models are old and especially easy to scrap. Tang Yibu: Remember, the first principle of safety, never get too close to humans. Ruan Xian: ……What? This is a story about a dumb AI x a blindly optimistic scientist.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Sci-fi   Shounen Ai   Supernatural   Fantasy  

Game Making: The Latest Chapter Begins With Healing the Player
Chen Xu traveled to the parallel world, and was surprised to find that many classic and excellent games in the previous life did not appear in the parallel world. I wanted to make a big picture, but why did I still have an ’emotion collection system’, and the emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, anger and other emotions provided by players who have played games made by themselves can make them stronger? But why is it so much easier to get resentment than happiness? Looking at his points harvest, Chen Xu expressed puzzlement. As a result, Chen Xu’s career as a game designer gradually turned crooked. In “Under the Legend”, countless players beat the table and shout: I was played by this game! In “Escape”, countless players shouted, my cabinet moved, and I stopped playing. In “Dark Souls”, when countless players entered the game with a smile, “Go away, please go away, leave the fire girl behind and go out with your fire, we don’t want to spread this fire!” Soap, Xiaoqiang, and Ghost sacrificed in “Call of Duty”; Zack was killed and Alice was killed in “Final Fantasy 7”; Arthur and John were betrayed in “Red Dead Redemption”; Countless players went berserk: Nima Chen Xu old thief, can’t we be kinder to the protagonist? Q: How do I feel about players’ anger towards themselves? Facing the reporter’s question, Chen Xu smiled slightly: What kind of verbal criticism is this, this is the encouragement of players around the world to me, this is love! Thank you all, I will keep up the good work!
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Sci-fi   Adventure  

My Savior Identity Got Exposed Because Of My Savings
Chu Yun’s the sole reincarnater in this world. He had been to prehistoric times and used dinosaurs as his mount. He’s lived with primitives and taught them how to build bonfires and paint the wall. He once drank with the Three Great Kings and Five Emperors and was known as the Emperor’s Teacher. He also discussed topics with the so-called immortals and ascended to godhood. …… Originally, he had been hiding his identity and living the life of an ordinary person. Until one day, his wife decided to look for his private savings, and the result… The world has exploded! “Holy, you turned out to be the savior?!”
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Slice of Life   Sci-fi   Comedy   Drama   Mecha   Romance   Adventure   Xuanhuan  

The Soft and Cute Omega Male
It was the year when Ji Yuezhi differentiated. Everyone had expected that the only son of the Ji family would differentiate into an alpha like his rival Zuo Luohuan. After all, Ji Yuezhi excelled in school, was good at fighting, had a tall stature, and exhibited traits typical of alphas before differentiation, yet he had ended up differentiating into an omega. Those who supported Ji Yuezhi: Gender doesn’t matter, it’s already 9432, omegas can be independent, self-sufficient and fight in war. Schoolmate Ji’s grades are outstanding, his prospects won’t be worse than those rotten alphas. After differentiation, the budding alphas, omegas and betas will have to reschedule classes. Following the Affirmative Action Movement, omegas and betas can choose to take the same classes as alphas, such as marksmanship and fighting…… Everyone was waiting for Ji Yuezhi to take the alphas’ curriculum and f*ck over the alphas but instead he chose to follow a typical omega’s curriculum: “The Art of Flower Arrangement”, “How to Keep a Small Cozy Home”, etc. He even chose “Yoga Class for Omegas”! That’s a course that specializes in training flexibility for an omega’s body!!! No one knew that Ji Yuezhi had someone in mind, and that someone was a female alpha. For the sake of a compatible cohabitation in the future, he planned to gradually transform himself into an O, ideally the kind of omega that emits a pleasant, sweet scent, is traditional and stays at home. Many years later, the Federation’s strongest female alpha Zuo Luohuan, only obeyed the words of one person, and that person was none other than Ji Yuezhi. Everyone saw the light: This is rich, really rich! Ji Yuezhi is truly worthy of his title, number one in the Department of Strategy. He realized that differentiating into an alpha may not necessarily allow him to beat Zuo Luohan, so back then, he chose to differentiate into an omega to seduce her.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Sci-fi   Comedy   Life   Gender Bender   School   Romance  

Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train
This is an indestructible train, this is an unstoppable train. How can the train be stopped?After crashing through 7 cities in a row and killing millions of people outside the carriages, all 1,057passengers in the train chose to give up their lives and let the train be bombed to a halt. The explosion shook the world, but the train still didn’t stop — they were still alive. How on earth can the train be stopped? For a while, the whole world began to feel anxious. *The shared fate of all mankind *48 hours time limit to save itself
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Tragedy   Sci-fi   Supernatural   Fantasy  

Made by God
With messy, jumbled-up spiritual qi and the heritage of his cultivation sect lost, the unlucky Qi Ze who found himself stranded on a different world thinking that he had arrived at the worst possible era. However, the galaxies here were vast and wide, comprised of millions of solar systems, the social status of nations and individual citizens were completely reliant on the level of technological advancement and the strength of its military. Qi Ze then realized that this was the best era: an era belonging to weapons smith cultivators.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Sci-fi   Mecha   Yaoi   Xianxia  

My Marvel Super Girlfriends
My Marvel Superman Girlfriend Profile: In the fusion world of Marvel and DC, can you get the physical ability of the opposite s*x by contacting the opposite sex? ! So, Xi Nian: “Falling in love makes me stronger!” [Krypton Superhuman Body], [Ancient Greek Gods], [Venom Symbiosis], [Double Star Mode], [Crimson Magic Power], [Magnetic Field Control]… The stronger the girlfriend, the greater the ability! Xi Nian: “The Avengers? The Justice League? Why don’t we have a girlfriend alliance! Our purpose is to use love to save the world!”
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Sci-fi   Martial Arts   Comedy   Supernatural   Romance   Adventure   Fantasy   Mystery  

Tales of Soldier
He has always been ambitious, hoping to become the Army Marshal that united the universe. In his mind, in order to become the Army Marshal, he first need to become General, and way before that, a soldier. A journey of hero, an average looking young man, recently graduated from his high school accidentally enlisted in a division that, technically no longer exists. His journey began with torture, but a good torture by his instructors. He always had a dream of becoming an Army Marshal that united the humanity in the universe, and his instructors laid the foundation for him, using an unorthodox teaching methods. The first step, or the first hurdle for him was to survive his basic training in a bootcamp, withstanding the good-willed tortured of his instructor. He did survive, he graduated successfully, and the sky’s limit for him.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Sci-fi   Martial Arts   Mecha   Harem   Mature   Adventure   Fantasy