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Wife first
The wife is the top, the nation is the next, and the husband is the least. Throughout his life, the army has made great achievements in battle, but the ending is very miserable; In the end, the only person who never gave up on him was this male wife who had been left out for more than ten years ...... After being reborn once, Jing Shao decided to change his mind and start a new life, but...
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Abandoned Pearl
When he was young, Qin Mingzhu was probably just like his name, the pearl in the palm of hand, and there were countless people who liked him. He lived happily in the midst of gold and drunkenness. At the age of thirty-five, he got engaged to a crazy suitor who was sixteen years younger than him, and later entered the palace of marriage. At the age of forty-seven, Qin Mingzhu received a divorce agreement. The pearl of the palm has become the abandoned pearl Also in the same year, he died after the divorce
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Just simply love you
Ji Ran has liked Yan Qing for many years, and waited for her for many years, but what she waited for was her telling herself that she was engaged to someone else. It was raining heavily outside and there was no one there. Ji Ran was squatting in the rain alone and weeping. It was Su Mei who came to her with an umbrella. At that moment, Ji Ran raised her eyes, as if she saw a beam of light shining into her dark world. The two met again at a wedding banquet. Su Mei was mocked and mocked by Li Xiao. Ji Ran stretched out his hand to Su Mei: "Su Mei, would you like to come with me?" Su Mei smiled and held the one Hand, softly said: "Okay." Halfway up the mountain, Yan Qing was allergic, and Lu Jiang was helpless. The two passed by, and Ji Ran took medicine from the backpack and gave them to them. Yan Qing took the medicine and looked at Su Mei: "Of course, I didn't expect you to keep this habit." Su Mei's expression became cold, Ji Ran leisurely took out various medicines from her backpack: "This is the first time I went out with Su Mei, I was afraid of any accident, so I prepared some medicines." At night, the crowd dispersed, and the two ran to the top of the mountain to watch the stars. In the empty night, under the starry river, Ji Ran looked at Su Mei: "Su Mei, I like you, I really like you."
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The bustling capital turned into a place of death full of slaughter overnight, and the chosen people called this place the forbidden area. It is a game, and the only rule of the game is to survive. Without trust and luck, the scenes of friends turning against each other and killing siblings are staged every day. Is the coincidental encounter a deduction of fate, or an established arrangement? Each has selfish intentions, calculates from each other, and demands from each other. Whose heart is like a mirror, who deliberately condone? Plan ahead and plan carefully, who will be the winner in the end?
Storyline   Fantasy Future   Serious   MTL   Gong&Shou   GL&Lesbian   
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Become O and be favored by A
When he woke up, Ye Xingchuan became Cannon Fodder A, the supporting role of the same name. In the book, the original owner is very romantic and a small person in the entertainment industry. On the top of the pheromone, he grabbed the little niece of the heroine Shen Yushu, but she didn't know that this alpha heroine, who didn't talk much, grabbed the original owner directly, dug out the glands, and sent him to a mental hospital to be tortured to death. Ye Xing, who transmigrated, said that he was determined not to be cannon fodder, my life was up to me, so became the most popular star, wouldn't it be fragrant?
Love   Modern   Light   MTL   Gong&Shou   GL&Lesbian   
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Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?
Ji Qingzhou was anthrophobic and foolish. She had no redeeming qualities, except for her face. Once she transmigrated, she was bound to a Guide System to save the world. She was tasked with capturing Shen Rongyu, the sinister, beautiful, mighty, gloomy villain and Great Shixiong of Xuanyun Sect, and to prevent him from destroying the immortal cultivation world in the future. Can Ji Qingzhou, who had been single for 20 years, learn how to capture a villain? Of course not. She started off terribly, and muddled through the tasks that the system issued. ***** Shen Rongyu was practicing swordsmanship, leaving bright and shiny sword glints on the snow. She should have stood by and applauded to show her admiration for her Shixiong1. However, she was preoccupied with eating cakes, and accidentally fed some cakes to Shen Rongyu’s sword that killed and drank blood without limit. After she left, Shen Rongyu lifted his sword and shook it several times to make the sword spit out the pastries. While treating an injured Shen Rongyu, she accidentally discovered another old injury of his. She should have shed tears to show her heart ache for him. She squeezed her eyes for a long time but could not shed any tears. She only touched his wound and said dryly, “Shixiong, your tattoo is quite cool indeed.” Shen Rongyu was so angry with her that he became ill for three more months. She finally had a chance to talk with Shen Rongyu under the moon, and she should have taken this opportunity to further cultivate their feelings. However, Ji Qingzhou overslept. The next morning, she brought Shen Rongyu breakfast and asked him if he wanted to dine with her. Shen Rongyu, who had waited all night, said drowsily, “I won’t eat.” In the end, the orthodox sects were subverted. Shen Rongyu stepped on white bones and blood, covered her eyes with one hand, and shielded her eyes from the scarlet view. Ji Qingzhou was very nervous. ‘Is it my turn?’ Her long eyelashes trembled uneasily on his palm. She was about to instruct the system to prepare her funeral, but to her surprise, Shen Rongyu leaned over and brushed his lips past her ear. In the darkness, he spoke in a low and paranoid tone. “Ji Qingzhou, now that everything has come to this, can you be more serious about targeting me?” TL Note: 1 Shixiong – elder martial brother
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Must catch up
At two o'clock in the morning, Qi Lingshun brought a bottle of wine to the balcony of the private room. In the room, Qi Ling's half long black hair was dyed into a blurred color by the blue and purple light. He jumped up and sat down on the handrail on the balcony. Before he could sit down, he found that he had been seen by Xiang Yuan. Xiangyuan is a horn. The mouth of the horn is opened into an "O" shape. He is fixed for two seconds, and then screams. The high decibel sound covers the speaker in the room. "Qi Ling -" "Don't jump!"
Love   Modern   Light   BL   Gong&Shou  
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Assistant Lin Has Something To Say
As Wanzhu Corporation’s number one assistant, Lin Hui was, without a doubt, an incredibly outstanding individual. The CEO trusted him. The employees relied on him. Their business partners appreciated him. Lin Hui’s career was like a duck to water. However, he had been secretly in love with his boss for several years. Just as he thought his life would continue like this forever, he and his boss accidentally… Within Wanzhe, no one could say no to Assistant Lin. Not even the CEO.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
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Cloud Raising Dragon Cub App
Ning Chu downloaded a western fantasy app called “Dragon Island” during winter break, in which you can raise various small dragons. The game was beautifully drawn and unique, and the little dragon cubs are super cute and lovable, so Ning Chu quickly got hooked and raised a dozen of them with crazy funds. The little dragon cubs vary in character and preferences, and Ning Chu works early and late every day, hunting and cooking, cutting down trees and building houses, sewing clothes for the little dragon cubs, playing with them, and singing children’s songs to put them to sleep. Unfortunately, before the little dragon cubs grew up, Ning Chu met with an accident. When he opened his eyes again, Ning Chu transmigrated. He came to a strange and different world where there were wizards, dwarves, elves, half-therians, and… giant dragons. Ning Chu was unlucky to have just crossed into a dragon slaying battle, where the huge creature raised its claws at him in the dusty atmosphere. But… the red scales, the curved horns, and the hot flames coming out of its mouth… This dragon, how come it was so similar to the cub he raised? —— Legend says that dragons are the product of God’s creation. God favored the dragons, gave them great strength, a long life, and raised them personally. But from a certain day, the miracle disappeared and God abandoned the dragons. The young dragon cubs lost their love and care, wailing in the cold night, stumbling to grow up, and eventually became ferocious and tyrannical dragons. Later, God came again. Ning Chu: oooh my cubs, daddy is back!
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL  
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He is so sweet to the delicate boy
Luo Chu and Zuo shuci have been unable to get along since childhood. Luo Chu feels that Zuo shuci is too overbearing and unreasonable, and Zuo shuci dislikes Luo Chu's pettiness. Before the University started, the family worried about Luo Chu's health and the inconvenience of living alone. The parents of the two parties hit it off and decided to let Luo Chu move to the apartment Zuo Suzhi rented. Luo Chu slowly:... I'd better say goodbye. Zuo shuci frowned: I'm not used to living with delicate people. It's annoying.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
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Cherish the people who love you
Chu Xiang and a blind date whom he knew for a month agreed to get married. He thought that he would live a life of respect with each other, but he did not expect the marriage partner to be unusually compatible. During the process of getting along, the two gradually developed feelings for each other. Just when they negotiated to cancel the agreement and become a loving couple, Shen Li had a car accident, and luckily, he lost his memory. In order not to irritate the other party, Chu Xiang had to pretend to be the other party's ordinary friend.
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My Captain
Life is simply too short to have fun. Yan An agreed with this saying and decided to seek some sort of fun during her lonely trip. And now, in the present, inside the cramped airplane cabin, the skydiving instructor is sitting next to her. With an upright face and long and toned legs, the instructor overall has a striking and abstinent impression. Indeed it is an abundantly beautiful spring; spring is now in the human world. “Hey, handsome, my life is now in your hands now, so why don’t you give me your phone number, huh?” * As the first ray of sunlight penetrates the receding darkness of the night, Shan Yi slowly gets up, his rugged and sensual figure laid bare for all to see. But room is so dead and quiet as if there hasn’t been any trace of any living person. Then the phone under the pillow vibrates: There is a sudden emergency, so I’m returning to China first. Thank you for your kindness, and see you in the rivers and lakes soon! Bye-bye, handsome. Shan Yi silently smiled at the message; while morning rays of the sun strangely felt like it didn’t bring any warmth. * In Beitong Airlines, a new batch of trainee pilots has been recently dispatched. Yan An, who was assigned to follow the new captain of the aircraft, heard that he is one of the most competent and punctual captains in the entire civil aviation industry. And around that time, she heard the clacking sound of leather shoes approaching the door, Yan An decided sneakily stretched her neck to take a quick look, where she was left utterly dumbfounded. The man is in a crisp and pristine uniform. He has broad shoulders, narrow waist, and tall, upright body, that is seemingly bursting with testosterone. The gaze of the two collided, and with his black eyes so piercing and deep, Shan Yi raised his thin lips into a smile yet not like a smile, he gently pressed a hundred-euro bill onto the table, and calmly stated, “Returning it to its rightful owner.” The man declared in a cold-clipped tone: “My worth, when compared to this amount of money, is far from close.” Yan Dog: F*ck, you have lost your future by being wild like this!
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He divorced after 12 years of secret love
Ren Zhaoyuan is one of the first homosexuals to receive a marriage license in China, but unfortunately, he waited for approval and did not get long. Once the dog blood bridge is staged, the ten-year relationship will be completely broken. Only Tan Zheng could not bear the shock of his divorce. He was neither unfamiliar nor too warm. He called him "teacher Ren" with a light smile. Ren Zhaoyuan resisted the pursuit and was tired of entanglement. He only found a place to relax here and stole some leisure. But he was not surprised until he was deeply involved in it—— Tan Zheng is not innocent. He is good at patience.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
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He Lived Like You
Living in this apocalyptic world full of zombies and monsters, the rich rely on technology and the poor rely on mutation. Shen Shanwu, 13 years old in appearance but 31 years old in reality, is a mutant that can alter his own appearance. Although he looks like a child on the outside, his wisdom is not very good. One day, he was just passing by when he was suddenly forcibly adopted by a major general, whom he didn’t know where he came from. He resisted, but when he looked up, it turned out to be an old acquaintance. The little boy, who could only hide behind him and cry, transformed into the unsmiling, cold, and tough man in front of him. And that expression of seeing a dead beloved is really unsightly… Shen Shanwu: Can you smile? Jing Huan: After Shanwu died, I couldn’t smile anymore. Shen Shanwu: …Who? Who do you think is dead? It took a long time before he found out about it. He found Jiang Huan crying and holding Shen Shanwu’s nameplate in the middle of the night and told his adopted son how good Shen Shanwu was… All of this…was seen by Shen Shanwu himself! Jiang Huan (raising his gun): Since you have seen my embarrassing side, then I can only marry you or kill you. Shen Shanwu: … Shen Shanwu: Marry, marry, marry! I will recruit 800 zombies to carry you home!
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Gong   BL  
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I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreed
The popular niche student Lu Yuanbai and Duan Yu, the president of the Duan Group, have been married for many years. However, when the two agreed to marry, their relationship was not on good terms. When the agreement expired and was about to divorce, Lu Yuanbai lost his memory. When he woke up again, he not only became a popular fried chicken, but also concluded his marriage with a listed company. The boss looks cold and handsome, rich and powerful, not only that, the news of their love is flying all over the sky. (Popular fried chicken is a buzzword that refers to a person or thing that is becoming popular recently. It is called the direction of the fashion or trend of things.) —— President Duan admits his love affair with Lu Yuanbai, saying that they have been pursuing each other for many years… President Duan proposed a high-profile marriage, but the pigeons blinded everyone… President Duan and the popular Xiaosheng Lu Yuanbai were like glue after their marriage, and they hugged and kissed on the street …
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
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Loving You Dearly
Ning Zhen returned to her sophomore year and swore to finish three things. 1. Try accepting and getting along with her stepmother and stepbrother. 2. Persist in dancing. 3. Stay away from Lu Zhi. The first two were easy, but the third… One day, the lights in the classroom went off. In the dark, the young man grasped her wrist tightly and pulled her into his arms. “You dislike how poor I am, hm?” 【Down and out little wolfdog x cute and adorable girl】 Lu Zhi didn’t like Ning Zhen going to dance. Up until he fell in love with her and thought that dancing had its own perks as well.
Love   Modern   Light   Female   Romance  
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My Exes Are Everywhere
In his previous life, Qiao Xuan had many lovers at once, and one day, he was finally caught red-handed. Once he died, he transmigrated into a bird in a cultivation world. He swore to start anew and focus on attaining a human form. But as it turned out, after he worked arduously to cultivate a human form, when he was undergoing his tribulation, heavenly lightning struck him into ash. All that was left was a trace of his spirit. His master said that his fickle behavior in his previous life had tainted his spiritual root in this life, and the only way for him to achieve human form was to undergo seven lives of love tribulations. For the sake of becoming human, Qiao Xuan could only be reborn and undergo his tribulations. In these seven lives, he was an emperor’s male pet, a devil lord’s furnace, a sword master’s cultivation partner, a demon king’s ugly s*ave… But no matter how infatuated he was, no matter how much sincere affection he expended without regret, in the end, he never had a peaceful death. Just when he finally finished his seventh life and returned to the cultivation world, successfully passing his tribulation and attaining a human form, he found that something wasn’t right… In private, the calm, aloof emperor spent his tender affection on a puppet. That puppet looked exactly like him when he was a male pet in his first life… The cold, savage devil lord had searched the three realms for a thousand years, exhausting both the heavens and the underworld, in order to find a method to gather the soul of his lover… The sword cultivator who killed his wife in order to prove his dedication to the Dao was faced with the most beautiful woman in the cultivation world, who had come to confess her love. Yet he publicly announced that his late wife from the mortal world was the one and only love of his life… The demon king with overwhelming strength had lived on an icy peak in the wasteland for hundreds of years. It was said that this was all for the sake of the ugly little s*ave he had lived with there in the past, and later abandoned… All of his lovers from his love tribulations in his previous lives were here, and they all wanted to get back together with him! Qiao Xuan: …I’m sorry to bother you, but you’ve got the wrong person. Qiao Xuan couldn’t put up with his exes’ desperate pursuit any longer. He could only beg his unapproachable master for help. His master’s cultivation was boundless, his heart was clean of desire, and he was uninterested in the affairs of the world. No matter how you looked at him, he seemed like someone Qiao Xuan could depend on. Most importantly, his master had a detached temperament. Qiao Xuan: “Master, can you help me?” Master: “Yes.” Afterwards, Qiao Xuan sat in his master’s embrace. What happened to being detached? It was all a lie.
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Second Marriage with the Alliance Marshal
Xu Xinghe, a genius omega from the Department of Computer Science at Capital University, was matched by the AI mastermind to Mu Qingyun, a major general of the Alliance, the year after his graduation. A year later, just after the marriage protection period, Major General Mu unilaterally announced their divorce. Xu Xinghe learned the news of his divorce from a colleague. He hung up the phone call from Mu Qingyun during work hours with a cold look, and after work was completed, he sent a text message to his ex-husband: “Send the divorce agreement and I will sign it.” Overnight, media coverage of his divorce was overwhelming. But no one thought that only a few days later, Xu Xinghe’s name would be on the list of mastermind matched marriages again— This time, he was matched to the Alliance Marshal, Ling Changfeng, known as the “Black God of War”. This time Xu Xinghe prepared a divorce agreement in advance. On the first night of marrying into the Marshal’s Mansion, he put the divorce agreement with his signature in front of Marshal Ling. “When you want to divorce, just sign it.” The divorce agreement was burned by Marshal Ling in less than three months. And those who were waiting to see Xu Xinghe being divorced for the second time, waited and waited, only to hear news that the marshal had spoiled his little spouse. ———- Ling Changfeng never received a marriage notice from the AI mastermind for decades, and thought that he would never get married in his life. “What’s so good about getting married? A waste of time,” said the marshal. Later, he met an omega who was many years younger than him and resembled a little hedgehog. Beneath the other party’s cold appearance, he discovered the messily sweet pheromones. “It’s nice to get married.” The marshal thought to himself.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL  
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