Sweet Favour
What if my husband is the future great devil?
Wen Qiao's parents died when she was a child, she was frail and sickly, and she was pitiful in the eyes of the world. On the day she came of age, she was not only given marriage to the seventh prince of the dynasty, but also awakened into a half-demon. However, even if she awakens into a half-demon, she is still a weak and sickly little pitiful. It wasn't until the poor little Wen Qiao married the seventh prince Ning Yuzhou that she knew that the seventh prince, who was a waste of cultivation in the eyes of the world, was well hidden, and that all the elixir and talisman arrays were well-connected, and everyone in the world was deceived by him! And Wen Qiao finally lived a life of bullying! Later, Wen Qiao discovered that no matter where the couple went, her husband's identity was the villain behind the scenes.
Classic   Xianxia   Light   Female   MTL   SuperWoman  
Sweet Favour   R18  

Gold medal coach [E-sports]
In the professional league of "gun king" in Huaguo District, a legendary figure "WING" once appeared. His sniper gun hit a hundred shots. He led the third class team to enter the professional league from the secondary League and won the annual championship, becoming the strongest dark horse in history. However, after winning the championship, God wing suddenly announced his retirement. Netizens have speculated on the reasons for his retirement. No one knows that he is an Omega suffering from "pheromone disorder".
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Kang Zhuo and Zhuma are a small couple. On the day of the entrance examination of Zhuma, Kang Zhuo carefully prepared to give Zhuma a romantic date, and at the same time gave his first mark. He didn't want to bump into Zhuma and kiss others. Kang Zhuo was deeply shocked. Since then, many quarrels have broken out between them, and he fell into confusion and pain. At this time, Quan Huachen (Zhuma's uncle), who had taken good care of Kang Zhuo since childhood, returned to China. He approached him without any trace, guided him with the attitude of an elder, healed his wounds, corrected his outlook on love, and robbed him of his attachment to Zhuma. When Zhuma came to ask him why he had taken love by force of force, Quan Huachen smiled: "I've kept the baby in my hand for so many years. I'll give it to you only when you like it. If you can't keep it well, give it back to me. If not, don't blame me for robbing it."
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After being targeted by a Scum Gong
Jing Yuwen was assigned to the same class as Xiang Siye, whom he disliked the most. Some people, on the surface, are arrogant and cold school tyrants that everyone loves, but behind the scenes they are full-fledged scheming dogs that make Jing Yuwen hate it, plus super hooligans!!! This guy not only uses various methods to drive away In honor of Jing Yuwen's peach blossom luck, he also took the opportunity to leave a big strawberry on Jing Yuwen's neck in the name of being a drunkard!
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL  
School Life   Sweet Favour   Young Adult   

Commander, your flowers are gone
In Shanghai on the eve of the Anti-Japanese War in 1935, under the influence of the current situation, Commander Lu dropped his gun and went to Shanghai to live a leisurely retirement life of walking dogs and birds, but he didn't want to walk his old dog this time. It was the deadly expensive canary from Fu Ci’s family.
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