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Marrying an old-fashioned scientific researcher
Qi Bai from the Department of Art of NTU, looks like a fairy and has a bad temper. Professor Zeng once said that his hands were born to hold a paintbrush, and there are many suitors. Under the repeated harassment of the fanatical suitors, he had to find a special worker as a fake boyfriend to deal with. Jiang Jianzhi, the fake boyfriend, is tall and handsome, full of bookish air, like a son of an aristocratic family who came out of an ancient painting. Aside from being a little staid in character, his fake boyfriend is just perfect.
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The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular
As the other person’s stand-in, he humbly falls in love with the president. Xue Yingshuang was a stand-in, and humbly fell in love with Xing Yun…’s salary paid. As the other person’s stand-in, Xue Yingshuang wishes he could never be separated from the president for the rest of his life. He is a stand-in, and he must get off work at one o’clock. The president’s white moonlight came back, other stand-ins were sad, and depressed. They couldn’t handle the jealousy and finally left with a dead heart. Xing Yun’s white moonlight came back, and Xue Yingshuang had no waves. He enthusiastically served white moonlight and shone brightly at work. Xing Yun: Little stand-in, is this your little trick to seduce me? Xue Yingshuang: Misunderstood. Xing Yun: Do you want to suffer in silence and finally leave secretly, driving me crazy? Xue Yingshuang: You think too much, how can I leave? I still have half a year of social security before I can receive unemployment insurance. Xing Yun: ? Xue Yingshuang: I also haven’t received the year-end bonus you sent me yet. Xing Yun: ?? Xue Yingshuang: I didn’t get my paid annual leave either. Xing Yun: ??? Xue Yingshuang: Wait until I get the money and put it towards a vacation.
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Assistant Lin Has Something To Say
As Wanzhu Corporation’s number one assistant, Lin Hui was, without a doubt, an incredibly outstanding individual. The CEO trusted him. The employees relied on him. Their business partners appreciated him. Lin Hui’s career was like a duck to water. However, he had been secretly in love with his boss for several years. Just as he thought his life would continue like this forever, he and his boss accidentally… Within Wanzhe, no one could say no to Assistant Lin. Not even the CEO.
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