After Being Betrayed, The Immortal Master Ran Away With The Demon Venerable
As Mingguang Sect’s esteemed Immortal Master, Yi Ning had never experienced much heartbreak and suffering. He had always expected his life to be smooth-sailing, and was only waiting to ascend before marrying his disciple with whom he shared mutual affection. However, he had never expected that on a rainy night, his disciple brought back a childhood friend. They were close and intimate, to the point… of sharing a bed. Standing before the bed where they were entwined, Yi Ning’s heart was as cold as sunken ice. He had wanted to end it all cleanly and straightforwardly, yet had never expected that his disciple not only wanted his childhood friend, but wanted his Shizun too. His disciple shattered his spiritual core and laid down a hex, throwing him into the main hall to await nightfall to consummate their relationship. Just as he had fallen into despair and wanted to end his life, he unexpectedly discovered a strange book. The book detailed his life, and the him it described, from beginning to end, was nothing more than a tool used to satisfy his disciple’s desire to conquer, lowly and wretched as a cultivation furnace. Yi Ning’s head spun, and his heart gave birth to a strong hatred. He dragged his wrecked body to the back of the mountain and released the Demon Venerable Yan Xuan, who he had personally sealed nine years ago. In return for undoing the seal, Yan Xuan would aid him in escaping. After the man heard the reason why, he leaned against the wall and smiled with a hint of mockery. Yi Ning had thought he was going to ridicule him for having deserved it, being betrayed by an ingrate who bit the hand that fed him. Yet, what he never expected was for Yan Xuan to reach out and tug him into his embrace, and the words that left his mouth were instead: “You fool, I’ll help you take revenge.” After this, he killed all those who wronged him, and cradled him close to his heart. He wants to shatter your cultivation and mangle your limbs, to turn you into a bird in a cage, free for him to humiliate. Yet, with this lowly and dirty heart of mine, I want to pull you from the swamp and cut down the heavens for you.
Love   Historical   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Adventure   Xuanhuan  

I Obviously Just Want to be a Minor Character
Traversing is a good thing, but crossing into a world that is too dangerous is an undoubtedly bad thing. Therefore, Su Ming decided to be a dragon, not to train himself as the sword god of Shilipo, and vowed not to give up. However…… “I was a neighbor who lived near your house when I was young, and I played with you since I was young. Have you forgotten?” “You are my benefactor. If it weren’t for the piece of bread you gave me at the beginning, I wouldn’t have today. Therefore, I will use my whole life to repay you.” “Everyone treats me as a monster. Only you always treat me as a human being. In this life, I will only recognize you.” When the spotlight appeared in front of his eyes one after another, Su Ming’s whole body was not good. This person is not tricky at all! ! !
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Action   Comedy   School Life   Harem   Supernatural   Adventure   Xuanhuan  

Heaven Official’s Blessing
Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was loved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension. Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock among all three realms. On his first task as a god thrice ascended, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens, yet, unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.
Love   Historical   Light   Shou   BL  
Action   Comedy   Drama   Shounen Ai   Romance   Xuanhuan   Fantasy  

Dinghai Fusheng Records
Immortal arts, magic weapons, magical powers*, and the boundless spiritual Qi between heaven and earth vanished into obscurity overnight, and all the exorcists became mere mortals. 300 years later, the Five Barbarians traversed the pass, a prelude to an era of great turmoil in China. They heralded the end of the world, where thousands of drought fiends stalked the night and the collapse of the Divine Land** was imminent. Fortunately, within this long, dark night*** where silence had fallen on all magic, a lone star still glistened brightly on the horizon. The Heart Lamp appeared, illuminating the vast expanse around it. A 16-year-old young man, who will end his life on his 20th birthday, embarked on a journey of reclaiming the spiritual Qi of the heavens and earth that had been sealed away — only four years remain. The road ahead was filled with countless thistles and thorns, and it seemed improbable for him to succeed. Chen Xing, “The important thing is that I’m the last exorcist in this world, yet the only magic I am capable of is emitting light. What can I do?” Wait patiently then. When the Dinghai pearl reappears on earth, the uncertain trajectory of everyone’s fates will be completely disrupted before converging once more. Chen Xing, “Could I be partnered with a more normal Protector martial god?” Isn’t your Protector really skilled in fighting? Chen Xing, “He is good at fighting, but when he loses it he’ll hit even me……” There’s nothing that can be done about that, you can only blame yourself for losing yourself to lust. — *: Buddhist term: Abhijñā, a mysterious force that surpasses the limits of mortals gained through meditation **: old name for China ***: figurative meaning: long period of misery and oppression
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Action   Martial Arts   Comedy   Shounen Ai   Romance   Historical   Adventure   Xuanhuan   Fantasy  

My Savior Identity Got Exposed Because Of My Savings
Chu Yun’s the sole reincarnater in this world. He had been to prehistoric times and used dinosaurs as his mount. He’s lived with primitives and taught them how to build bonfires and paint the wall. He once drank with the Three Great Kings and Five Emperors and was known as the Emperor’s Teacher. He also discussed topics with the so-called immortals and ascended to godhood. …… Originally, he had been hiding his identity and living the life of an ordinary person. Until one day, his wife decided to look for his private savings, and the result… The world has exploded! “Holy, you turned out to be the savior?!”
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Slice of Life   Sci-fi   Comedy   Drama   Mecha   Romance   Adventure   Xuanhuan  

This Venerable One Really Didn’t Abandon My Familiar
Feng Ci pacified the Four Oceans, created the Six Schools, single-handedly rescued all life under Heaven, and was regarded as the Grandmaster of Salvation. Later on, he grew tedious and randomly found a cave to seal away all of his magic items and a small, skinny black snake that was unable to change form no matter what. Manipulating the boundaries with Dao, his spirit left to wander the great cosmos. This abrupt journey lasted 3 thousand years. 3 thousand years later, Feng Ci’s divine consciousness returned. Not only had his little black snake and the magic items disappear, even his physical body vanished without a trace. Feng Ci settled into the body of a youth who just lost his life. Forced to leave the mountains, coincidentally, the FengXian Alliance just happened to be accepting disciples. Sitting above on a high cloud terrace, with black silk covering his eyes, the legendary coldblooded and merciless Leader of the FengXian Alliance, Pei QianYue, said coldly: Terrible innate constitution. You can go sweep the floors of the outer sect. Feng Ci: …… Who talks to their Master like this??? After that day, a new disciple arrived in the outer sect. Good-looking in appearance, cultivation hard to describe in words, and exceptionally lazy, a salted fish doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and waiting for death all day. Everyone joined in the wager, betting how long it would take for the Leader to sweep him outside the door. Until the Immortal Alliance turned traitor and the rebellion army marched straight up LinXian Terrace. Feng Ci casually broke off a branch from the cold plum tree. With a light wave, the sword light shook the Heavens. Then after that— It’s said that the Leader knelt in front of the room of that outer disciple for three days and three nights, but still didn’t manage to enter the door.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Drama   Shounen Ai   Yaoi   Supernatural   Romance   Adventure   Xuanhuan   Mystery  

Godzilla In Konoha
After crossing over to Naruto World, Shiranui Yuuji found that there was an incomparably terrifying Godzilla in his body. “You are Tailless Bijuu? Your chakra is astonishing…. What a coincidence, so am I.” “You know Bijuu’s coat? I don’t have Bijuu’s coat, but I do have Godzilla Coat-” “Bijuudama is terrifying!! It can destroy a mountain as soon as he sends it down?” Hiss, that Bijuudama scared Yuuji, he quickly moved his hands to form seals, “Nuclear Release – Atomic Breath!” When Yuuji turned into Red lotus form, Godzilla pressed Nine-Tailed to the ground. “Nine-Tailed, your strength is too strong. You need to be fried…” Nine-Tailed, “?” “What Jinchuriki are you exactly?”
Xuanhuan   All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Martial Arts   Supernatural   Shounen   Adventure   Xuanhuan   Fantasy  

Ultimate Assassin System
Regardless of how developed a society becomes, assassins and prostit**es will never cease to exist. There’s no need to think of the former as anything mysterious, and there’s no need to look down on the latter. They are simply doing their jobs. When Tang En crossed over planes, he was forced into this murderous and hopeless profession. “You have great talent for assassination.” Tang En: “Huh, I have this kind of talent?” “That’s right, your looks are exceedingly plain, this is very useful to assassins.” “……” Tang En: “But I haven’t even managed to kill a chicken.” “Irrelevant, assassins don’t need to kill chickens, only people.” “……” The story is about a plain college graduate crossing over worlds after dying in an awkward situation. Inheriting the game-like assassin system and a badass butler from the transition, he now has to adapt to survive in this dangerous, new world. Set in a western fantasy universe.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Adventure   Xuanhuan   Fantasy  

The Paranoid Tyrant’s Illness Got Worse Today
The most fearsome female devil in the four continents of the Immortal Realm had finally died.   Mei Xueyi felt that she would surely be sent to the bottom of the eighteen layers of hell after her death.   Unexpectedly, when her eyes opened, there was an extremely ill but beautiful man in front of her.   He stared at her fiercely, his gaze was wildly affectionate, paranoid and morbid.   He regarded her as his beloved wife, building her a golden house and a jade palace, setting up a tower and a pond, and building a star-picking platform.   He waged war at the drop of a hat.   The human tyrant is so terrifying that the female devil sighed to herself.   Mei Xueyi: “In fact, I am nicknamed ‘Bloody Devil’, not your little wife.”   Wei Jinzhao: “Xueyi was stained with blood because of me.”   Mei Xueyi: “You and I have different paths. I have to return to the immortal realm one day.”   Wei Jinzhao: “I will destroy the immortal realm, see where you can escape.”   Mei Xueyi: QAQ   She always thought he was an arrogant maniac with a problem in his head.   It was only when the smoke of gunpowder rose, the clouds and winds changed and the immortals descended to destroy the country that she discovered that he could really cover the sky with one hand and pick the stars and the moon with the other.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited   Drama  
Action   Shoujo   Supernatural   Romance   Xuanhuan   Fantasy