Paying Dues
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When Old Beast runs into Bad News, it’s not love; it’s karmic dues. A certain bottom encountered two scum tops in a row, one worse than another. Ex-ex-boyfriend had a pair of slender peach blossom eyes and was a master at getting around. In the month they were together, there were twenty-seven days of cheating. Yup. In February. Of a common year. Ex-boyfriend was a 190cm, big-dicked, looks-chasing male chauvinist. After they slept 18000 times, he pulled up his pants and said, “To tell you the truth, I have a virgin complex.” Before leaving, he even tossed out, “Oh, right, too much cum makes poison, you be careful now.” The bottom cried his eyes swollen. Slapping the bed with gritted teeth, he decided to get revenge. Hence, he used ex-ex-boyfriend’s photo to seduce ex-boyfriend on social media, exchanging nudes and flirting aggressively every day. Ex-boyfriend sent the bottom polite invites to come do it 108 times and was blown off by him 108 times. Lying alone on a huge double bed in a hotel, as he jerked himself off lonesomely, ex-boyfriend gritted his molars and seethed, “One day. One day, I’ll do you.” Then, one day, the two tops ran into each other in a bar.
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