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    This non-human ear must have heard the movement long ago, and he knew what was going on, but he didn't stop me. I blushed and gave him a fist.

    Wu Julan said, "I said 'it shouldn't be necessary'. Wu Liangliang's persuasion method is definitely more efficient than yours."

    Thinking back to the picture I just saw, I covered my hot cheeks with my hands and laughed happily.

    So happy! So happy! Finally, there is a girl in this world who still chooses to love him after fully knowing the situation of Jiang Yisheng's family and Jiang Yisheng's situation! It turned out that his loneliness and sadness in those years was only because he had not yet encountered the best one!

    I couldn't help standing on tiptoe and hugged Wu Julan hard, "Thank you!" Thank you for appearing in my life, thank you for letting Wu Liangliang appear in Jiang Yisheng's life!

    I dragged Wu Julan to the stairs and waited for Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang.

    I held my phone and kept counting the time for them, exclaiming, "It's been a long time!"

    Wu Julan tapped on my head, "What are you thinking about? They're talking right now."

    I asked eagerly, "What are you talking about?"

    Wu Julan glanced at me, obviously not interested in answering my question.

    I don't believe that they will only talk, and I don't believe that Jiang Yisheng's xing style will not "reverse accepting and attacking". I smiled and rolled my eyes, turned my phone to the video recording function, and decided to record...

    Wu Julan grabbed my collar and dragged me back, "Wu Liangliang is a ninth dan in judo."

    In my mind, the image of her carrying Jiang Yisheng like a sandbag that day vividly appeared in my mind. If I replace it with me...

    I shivered, and immediately decided to just sit back and wait!

    After a while, Jiang Yisheng and Wu Liangliang came out one after the other, and saw Wu Julan and I sitting side by side on the stairs, looking like "sit in a row, divide the fruit, watch the big show", both of them both stunned.

    Jiang Yisheng said, "Brother Wu, I'll go check your body with you."

    I quietly grimaced and gave Wu Liangliang a thumbs up, two opposite thumbs on purpose, and touched them lightly.

    Wu Liangliang's face turned red with a swipe, and I almost cried out "Ouch". What did Jiang Yisheng do to make the witch queen blush?

    Jiang Yisheng turned his head and glanced at Wu Liangliang, and said to Wu Julan with a smile: "Brother Wu, I have a lot of photos of Xiaoluo when he was a child. Would you like to see it?"

    The threat of red luǒluǒ! I immediately grabbed Wu Julan's arm for help.

    Wu Julan said to me and Yan Yuese: "It doesn't matter, you can show Wu Liangliang his childhood photos." He then said to Jiang Yisheng: "In retaliation, if you have any secrets about Xiaoluo, you can tell me. "

    Jiang Yisheng and I looked at each other.

    Wu Liangliang burst out laughing, she winked at me, "You two are welcome to continue fighting and exposing each other!"

    After the four of them had lunch together, Wu Julan and Jiang Yisheng went to Violet's research institute to check their health, Wu Liangliang went to the company to help Wu Julan prepare travel documents, and I stayed in the apartment alone.

    I was a little bored and decided to look for a book to read, walking slowly among the bookshelves in the reading area.

    Wu Julan has a large collection of books, no less than a small library, but there are also many kinds of books, including almost all the languages ​​of European countries, and the only foreign language I understand is English, so I can read not many books.

    I pulled out the book Agneteandthemerman in Danish. On our first night in New York, Wu Julan looked at the book on the shelf and said, "The book I've read before."

    I thought he meant seeing the story, and now I see, he meant it literally - he read the book. The title page has Andersen's autograph, and nothing else can be read, but Regulus can.

    Another old man who has turned into a white bone! I sighed with emotion and gently put the book back on the shelf.

    Finally, I picked up an English version of "Andersen's Fairy Tales" and read it while leaning on the sofa in the reception area.

    When I opened the title page, the names on the catalogue were basically familiar. I chose the "Little Mermaid" that everyone knew, that is, "The Daughter of the Sea".

    It's a short fairy tale, I probably know all about it, and it's a quick read. It's just that this time many qíng festivals have different feelings.

    For example, the mermaid princess became mute and could not speak. It is described in the story that she replaced two human legs with her beautiful voice, but I think it is more likely that her transformation is incomplete. Like Wu Julan, under certain circumstances, the vocal organs still remain in the form of a mermaid, and naturally there is no way to make a human voice.

    Also, the story says that because the mermaid princess lost her voice and couldn't speak, she couldn't tell the prince the real situation. The prince didn't know that she saved him, mistakenly thought it was the human princess who saved him, and fell in love with the human princess. But I think humans and mermaids are high-level intelligent creatures. How can they be unable to communicate because they can't speak? Gestures, words, and paintings can all flow!

    Moreover, even if the mermaid princess can't speak, as long as she wants, she can find a middleman to convey it. Her sister, and the witch, without losing her voice, can go and tell the prince the real situation. It is not so much that the mermaid princess was unable to tell the prince everything because she lost her voice, but rather that she chose not to tell the prince everything.

    The thing I can't understand the most, though, is the second half of the story. The witch gave the mermaid princess a sharp dagger and asked the mermaid princess to kill the prince. Only the blood and life of the prince could make the mermaid princess return to the sea and continue to live.

    Why does the story turn into a situation of "either you die or I die"? Could it be that if a girl can't get a man's love, she must kill him to save herself?

    I was thinking about this fairy tale, when suddenly, the doorbell rang.

    I immediately took the book and rushed downstairs. When I approached the door, I realized that it could not be Wu Julan. He knew the password to open the door. However, it can't be a stranger, otherwise the front desk in the lobby and David who drives the elevator won't let him come up.

    I turned on the monitor, and it was Violet standing outside the door.

    I thought about it and opened the door.

    Violet smiled and asked, "Can I go in and sit for a while and chat with you?"

    "Please come in!"

    I went into the kitchen and asked, "Coffee or tea?"

    "Tea, there is no need to prepare milk and sugar. Like the Chinese, I have fallen in love with the bitterness of tea."

    "If that's the case, then I'll treat you to Gongfu tea."

    I brought out the whole tea set and brewed a pot of Chinese Dahongpao for her.

    While drinking tea, Violet picked up Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, which I casually placed on the sofa.

    Violet smiled and asked, "Did you think you were lucky enough to meet a mermaid from a fairy tale?"

    I said: "I am very lucky, but not because I met the mermaid in the fairy tale, but because I met Wu Julan."

    "Please don't think I'm here today, I'm absolutely loyal to Regulus," Violet said.

    I drank tea, undecided. She deliberately chose a time when Wu Julan was away to see me, definitely not just to chat with me over tea.

    Violet pondered for a moment and said, "Regulus should have told you that the last time he came to New York, something very unpleasant happened."


    "Regulus is noble, and certainly didn't tell you who betrayed him and hurt him."

    "No. He just said that a good friend asked him to protect her qíng people on the battlefield. In order to save the man, he accidentally revealed his identity. He didn't expect that just after the war ended, the man planned to frame him."

    "A good friend? You still think it's a good friend..." Violet murmured and repeated several times, and said to me, "The person who betrayed Regulus, drugged him, and arrested him with outsiders is my great-grandfather."

    I put down my teacup and looked at Violet in disbelief.

    "The person who asked Regulus to protect her later set fire to the Barnummuseum Theatre with others. The person who rescued Regulus at the risk of death was my great-grandmother. The fire not only destroyed a large theatre, but also burned ten people to death. Several people, one of them is my great-grandfather."

    Violet smiled bitterly, "From a certain point of view, my great-grandmother killed my great-grandpa herself. After the fire, my grandmother said that my great-grandmother never smiled in her life. Of course, it's not just because of my great-grandpa, It's more because she feels ashamed of Regulus. If the great-grandmother can hear with her own ears that Regulus still considers her a friend, and doesn't mind the thing that seriously hurt him, she will be very happy."

    Violet put "Andersen's Fairy Tales" in front of me, "Since you have met the real mermaid, please allow me to introduce you to the witch who serves the mermaid. My great-grandmother and grandma are witches who follow and serve Regulus, and so am I!" Violet bowed gracefully at me.

    "What? Witch?" No matter how strong my nerves were, I was startled.

    Violet smiled and said, "Is it weird? We witches exist in every mermaid story, even though they often play evil roles!"

    I said nonchalantly, "I just didn't think that... witches are real."

    Violet said: "Witches are an indispensable and important chapter in European history, and of course we are real. What do you know about witches?"

    I embarrassedly said: "I don't know much about European history, but I've seen witches in Hollywood movies. Wearing black clothes, wearing a pointy hat, riding a big broom, you can fly around in the sky."

    Violet said with a smile: "The world is full of endless possibilities, but neither my family nor the witches I know have the ability to fly in the sky on a broom, although this is indeed environmentally friendly and worth promoting!"

    I couldn't help but smile.

    Violet said: "Our family's connection with mermaids can be traced back to the hunting of witches by the Holy See in the 15th century. The first reason for the hunting of witches was not because of the 'special ability' you said, but because there were such a group at that time. Women, who can read, study the human body, animals and plants, formulate medicines to help people heal and save lives, and make a living. However, their existence endangered the promotion of the faith in the Holy See. In 1484, two priests Heinrich and Yekob wrote "The Hammer of the Witch" was written, and with the support of Pope Innes VIII, a 'witch trial' was launched to hunt down and kill witches. Over the past few hundred years, hundreds of thousands of women have been raped, and some research data say that Millions died under the torture of hunting witches. My ancestors were very lucky, they met mermen, and with the help of mermen, they passed through those dark and terrifying days safely."

    Violet said: "When people talk about 'witch hunt' now, they don't feel it, they just think it's a very distant term, but only those who are in the middle will understand how influential this bill is with the support of the Holy See. Profound and terrifying. Guess when the last witch trial happened."

    I thought about it and said, "How many years in 1880?"

    Violet shook his head. "In 1944, the witch Helen Duncan was arrested by the British government."

    I said in surprise, "1944?"

    Violet smiled and said: "Look! The persecution of witches is not as far away as you think. The Witchcraft Act was passed in England in 1735, and it was not repealed by Churchill until 1951. You can imagine from 1484 to the end of the 19th century. , how hard life was for my ancestors. From the fifteenth century, when we made a pact with the merfolk, we followed and served the merfolk, not only because they saved us, and not only because witches and mermen were killed by humans Seen as alien, but also because mermen have always helped us continue to do what we like to do - study our 'evil witchcraft', the secrets of the human body, the secrets of every plant, every animal. From the past to the present, witches have longed for Understand the secrets hidden in this ròu body, want a healthier body, a younger face, a longer life... used to be regarded as heresy, only the mermaid recognized our persistence, but now... we are called the scientist."


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