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    Chapter 137: Reality: Assistant

    "I don't have a professional medical license, so of course I can only work as a personal doctor for the old man. Don't tell me there's no ambiguity in that statement."

    A hint of anger crept up Ming Yiyang's brows and into the corners of his eyes, his emotions burning like wildfire, quickly spreading upward from the fabric resting against his chest.

    But soon, he looked away, calming those feelings at an unsettling pace. He then replied with a cool and rational tone:

    "It's alright, go ahead and change your shoes. I'll carry the box inside first."

    The purple sandalwood floor was expensive and delicate; while it might be convenient to roll the box over it, it would certainly damage the wood.

    Ming Yiyang lifted the box and hurried into the living room as if afraid of hearing any additional sounds.

    Standing in the foyer, Yan Qiling felt a rare sense of helplessness.

    When he said that, he hadn't thought too much about it.

    Once the urge to bless someone took hold, his emotions seemed to overwhelm his entire brain, causing his usually meticulous and conservative tongue to unusually utter purely sentimental words.

    For a moment, he was at a loss as to how to make amends.

    Supporting himself on a wooden cabinet, Yan Qiling slowly put on his slippers in deep thought.

    Just as he finished, Ming Yiyang had already emerged with the second box.

    Seeing the young man's sluggish demeanor, he could no longer hold back and said,

    "I'll tell you this, I've made up my mind to stay with you now. Don't even think about getting me to take on other jobs. Whether it's a personal physician or a celestial master, I won't do it! Right now, I want to stick by your side. If you try to get rid of me, that won't work!"

    With that, he stormed into the living room, carrying the second box with a huff and thumping footsteps.

    Amidst the sound of the young man's furious footsteps ascending the stairs, Yan Qiling suddenly smiled in a daze.

    This smile completely dissipated the previous awkwardness.

    Adding an indescribable tenderness and affection deep in his heart.

    He couldn't quite pinpoint this affection that seemed to resemble how one would dote on cats and dogs, for he didn't exactly love the youth in the same manner as one would care for felines and canines.

    He seemed to anticipate some uninhibited display of emotions from the other party, be it anger or reproach. It made him feel that life was genuinely charming.

    As expected, Ding Tai took on all the tasks he could handle.

    The online sentiment towards Yan Qiling was no longer favorable, if not turning detrimental.


    Especially after Lin Yongjian's recent scandal of being arrogant, the incident where Yan Qiling was publicly "teased" by Lin Yongjian in a variety show somehow became a symbol of Lin's greasy behavior and was repeatedly used as ammunition in the war of public opinion.

    The public wielded this incident as a weapon to criticize Lin Yongjian, while his fans defended their idol's image by insisting it was an affectionate gesture between friends.

    As more details emerged, it became clear that Lin Yongjian couldn't wash himself clean in this matter. His fans quickly shifted their strategy, resorting to defamation and suppression against Yan Qiling.

    Lin Yongjian's fanbase accused Yan Qiling of being cunning and opportunistically seeking attention by deliberately seducing a popular senior for exposure. They fabricated rumors based on a few backstage photos, portraying Yan Qiling as a lascivious person who shamelessly lured famous stars.

    Ding Tai, however, was indifferent to these developments. Despite the wavering public opinion, the heightened attention meant it was a prime opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and make some money.

    As for whether or not the rumor confirmed Yan Qiling's "riding on someone else's popularity," Ding Tai didn't care. After all, Yan Qiling would likely fade from the scene after this wave of attention and wouldn't return to the industry. Making some tangible gains in the meantime was understandable.

    However, the rumor was swiftly suppressed by an unknown party, leaving no trace behind. The "swimming circle" changed their strategy, no longer attempting to smear Yan Qiling but choosing instead to collectively ignore him.

    The popularity of analysis videos related to the incident quickly dwindled. Although some people noticed and protested, the commotion was promptly quelled, shifting the blame onto Lin Yongjian himself.

    In no time, Lin Yongjian's team utilized a series of public service articles to turn the tide of public opinion regarding his "arrogance" to a minimum.

    Complaints about "arrogance" and "stealing the spotlight" were matters within the industry. Lin Yongjian had his own body of work to back him up. After leveraging this shift in public opinion, his popularity rose to another level.

    Yan Qiling, caught up in the turmoil, remained indifferent throughout. Especially when he was busy shuttling around for his schedule, he had no time to pay attention to the meaningless noise that didn't concern him.

    Just as his work was nearing completion, Ding Tai unexpectedly received a call from Tuan Mi.

    Tuan Mi bluntly asked if Ming Yiyang was going to take her position as an assistant.

    Tuan Mi was distressed, Tuan Mi felt helpless, and Tuan Mi was vulnerable.

    Ever since Yan Qiling started working, she had also begun her duties as his assistant.

    But Ming Yiyang, who had previously been referred to as a "friend" by Yan Qiling, followed him closely, occasionally assisting the props team with moving items. He effortlessly took on virtually all tasks that an assistant would typically handle.

    Tuan Mi's role had now been reduced to merely sitting in the shade for some respite. Everyone assumed she was about to lose her job, and some even offered to help her look for new employment opportunities.

    She never could have imagined that this young man, whom she had only met once, had come to snatch away her job!

    If she had known... she wouldn't have shared so many of Yan Qiling's little habits with him.

    Observing Ming Yiyang deftly order milk tea with oolong tea base and less sugar, Tuan Mi once again felt utterly useless.

    Ding Tai was perplexed by her subtle complaint, but he could roughly guess what had happened.

    While the other artists were around Yan Qiling's filming location, he sneaked a glance and, as expected, saw the very silver-haired vixen who had made Yan Qiling "retire from the game" swirling around him.

    The person directly poked a hole in the milk tea lid, offering the straw to Yan Qiling's lips. They also lent a hand to the hairstylist, holding up one side of the man's hair as a human hair clip.

    Ding Tai was deeply astonished by what he saw.

    This fox spirit is truly formidable; so much so that it would forego being a star altogether just to tail {Yan Qiling} ceaselessly, as if it had no need to attend work whatsoever.

    Amidst his astonishment, his phone vibrated in his pocket. Pulling it out, he saw that it was a call from Lin Yongjian.

    Ding Tai found himself in a dilemma as he looked at the phone.

    In the past, he would have instantly answered a call from someone of Lin Young Master's caliber. But now, seeing Yan Qiling and the white-haired fox spirit in such harmony, he hesitated to take the call.

    He was afraid that Young Master Lin might get angry and punish both him and his young artist under contract.

    However, avoiding the call wasn't a solution either. With a worried expression, Ding Tai pondered for a moment before finally answering the call, promptly putting on an enthusiastic tone to maintain consistency with their previous interactions:

    "Professor Lin, how nice of you to call! That new movie that just came out is really good. I was even thinking of taking my team to watch it together, to learn from you."

    "You can just ask meya for the tickets," Lin Yongjian replied, then swiftly delved into the main topic:

    "I've heard that Professor Yan has been quite busy lately. Would he be free this afternoon?"

    Ding Tai dared not commit, quickly scanning through his schedule in his mind:

    "Mr. Yan has a cocktail party to attend tonight, so he might not be available..."

    "Which party? The Moonbloom Business Networking Event?"

    Ding Tai felt a chill upon hearing this, realizing that the person had already done their homework before inquiring.

    He could only respond helplessly:


    "I'll join later. Thanks for your trouble, President Ding."

    Ding Tai was flattered by the formal address but knew it was just polite rhetoric. The caller didn't seem interested in further conversation and quickly concluded the call with some brief pleasantries.

    Closing his eyes, Ding Tai imagined the scene of Lin Yongjian arriving at the party and seeing Yan Qiling standing beside Ming Yiyang. A grand drama was unfolding in his mind.

    When gods fight, what can mere mortals do?

    All Ding Tai could do was reach for his phone to call Tuan Mi:

    "At the evening cocktail party, I'll be there too. Remember to keep an eye on Ming Yiyang and don't let him participate."

    Tuan Mi was taken aback by this sudden assignment, but before she could say more, Ding Tai hung up and messaged her that he was occupied.

    Tuan Mi: ?

    She glanced back at Ming Yiyang's towering 6-foot-3-inch figure and then down at her own slender frame, falling into silence.


    Before the evening party began, Tuan Mi whispered conspiratorially to Ming Yiyang,

    "Ming Ge, there's something in the car that needs to be moved. Could you give me a hand?"

    Ming Yiyang cast her a quick glance and swiftly draped his casual suit over himself.

    "We'll move it after the party. It's not urgent."

    Tuan Mi grew anxious,

    "But if we don't do it now, later on, it might..."

    "Oh, then call a driver to help with the luggage. I need to follow Yan Qiling; we're leaving."

    With a long stride, he left in a most dashing manner.

    Tuan Mi was on the verge of tears. Sitting in the back seat, she held her phone and called Ding Tai, "Big Brother Tai... Ming Ge insists on following Teacher Yan. I couldn't stop him at all – he's already inside..."

    Ding Tai cursed indistinctly on the other end, possibly using profanity, which Tuan Mi wasn't entirely sure about.

    Ding Tai continued, "Then keep an eye on the entrance and let me know when Teacher Lin arrives."

    Through the car window, Tuan Mi had already spotted the much-adored celebrity arriving at the red carpet event. She quickly said, "He's here, he's here! Big Brother Tai, Teacher Lin is already at the entrance."

    Ding Tai mumbled a few more words, and this time, Tuan Mi was certain that he was indeed cursing.

    The call ended, and with a sigh, Tuan Mi, holding her assistant's bag, stepped down from the car and entered the designated resting room for assistants. There, she enjoyed some cake and drinks.

    She didn't know how long she could keep her job as an assistant... Hopefully, she wouldn't be fired by Ding Tai or Teacher Yan...

    With a melancholic heart, Tuan Mi decided to focus on enjoying herself.

    Regardless of Tuan Mi's devouring feast, under Ding Tai's anxious gaze, the two people he was most concerned about... indeed encountered each other.

    Murphy's Law stated that if anything could go wrong, it would, no matter how unlikely the possibility.

    Lin Yongjian's impression of Ming Yiyang was still rooted in the incident when he had been sent away after eating spicy food at Yan Qiling's house.

    He called for a waiter to bring champagne for Yan Qiling and then raised his glass calmly towards Ming Yiyang, who was standing behind him:

    "Mr. Ming, why are you also at this cocktail party? I didn't know assistants were allowed entry."


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