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    The next morning, Fat Brother sent a text message to Director Liu and boarded the plane back to Pengcheng.

    Dai Zhiyang picked up at the airport last week, otherwise he went straight to Aidou Music, a network technology company specializing in the music field. Aidou accounts for at least 70% of the market share of music APPs. The chart, when Zhou Bei was the anchor, a few new songs were swiped from their list.

    As for the other two slightly larger music companies on the market, they did not reject Dai Zhiyang, the outdated "minister".

    I don't know if it's because Dai Zhiyang still has some thin noodles, or because Zhou is not, but the person who received them from Aidou Music turned out to be a vice president.

    "Hello Mr. Qi!"

    Dai Zhiyang looked like he wanted to change his face, and he smiled as soon as he entered the door.

    Zhou Beibu also said hello after him, and President Qi immediately stood up as if surprised and surprised: "Old Dai! It's really you! Oh, at first they said there was a man named Dai Zhiyang, and I wondered if it was true. Not someone with the same name and surname!"

    These two know each other? Zhou Buran turned his head and glanced at Dai Zhiyang in surprise, and his smile seemed to be a little unstoppable.

    "What's going on now? Bring someone new?"

    President Qi glanced at Zhou, otherwise he continued to ask "enthusiastically".

    "This is my current boss, not Zhou."

    Dai Zhiyang was also tired of laughing, and returned to his usual appearance lightly.

    When President Qi heard the words, he had a strange look on his face, and his half-smile, but not a smile, made Zhou Beibu really want to grab his neck and ask, "What do you mean by looking at me?"

    Then Dai Zhiyang explained his intention, hoping to release Zhou Bubu's new album on Aidou Music in the form of download and payment. If Aidou thinks it is feasible, everyone will continue to talk about it.


    As soon as he finished speaking, President Qi started to make trouble: "There was no precedent for this before! Why don't you go through the distribution channel? If I open this opening today, any cat or dog who wants to release a new album will come to me and tell me to Signing a sharing agreement, then you say I have to be busy? Besides, how much can I sell songs for you?"

    "It's not about money, and I'm not short of money!"

    The fat brother couldn't stand Mr. Qi's sneering look at Lao Dai and said.

    Mr. Qi got excited again when he heard it: "Yo! I'm young, and my tone is not small! I dare not say that I am not short of money when I am in this position today!"

    "Qi Sheng, whether you cooperate or not is another matter. I hope you keep your mouth clean!"

    Dai Zhiyang frowned upon hearing this and said coldly.

    "Dai Zhiyang, I also hope that you can have an accurate understanding of yourself, okay? You are no longer the director of the artist, but just a horse boy under the control of a silly country boy. The more you mix, the more you go back!"

    Qi Sheng's response was even more unpleasant.

    "let's go!"

    The fat brother stood up, wondering if he should say something cruel, stared at Qi Sheng condescendingly, and said word by word, "You will regret your decision today!"

    Qi Sheng shook his head speechlessly, stretched out his hand and pointed at the door, signaling the two of them to get out.

    On the way back, Dai Zhiyang wore sunglasses and drove silently, as if nothing had happened just now.

    "Let's build our own music website!"

    Zhou Beirui suddenly said something, breaking the silence in the car.

    Dai Zhiyang pursed his lips, thought about it for a while, and said with a smile: "This is unrealistic, our small studio can't support it at all, all songs that are willing to cooperate with copyright are sold by Aidou and two other similar genres. The company is divided."

    Can't stand it?

    This can be said to anyone, but it's not easy to let me go!

    Do you know where my brother came from?


    "What am I afraid of, I can write songs myself!"

    Dai Zhiyang couldn't help but sigh secretly, being forced to this hurdle, do they still have a choice?

    In two days, otherwise the studio took back all the contents of Zhou’s album from Galaxy at a cost of 800,000 yuan. This fee is purely for recording and producing songs at top market prices.

    Dai Zhiyang saw that Zhou was not happy, thought he was distressed about money, and kept comforting him, the price was already very kind!

    Although Zhou Bei is distressed for money, what is even more uncomfortable is that from now on, he and Yinhe will be officially separated from each other on the bright side.

    It was the first time to shoot a TV series, the first time to appear on a variety show, the first time to record a song, including the first time Chen Li helped him deal with those bullshit paparazzi. .

    The matter of the website is left to Lao Dai to deal with, otherwise Zhou will still have the Spark Game stall waiting to be dealt with.

    If it weren't for the LOGO at the door, Zhou would have suspected that he had gone to the wrong door!

    Originally, there were only 13 people in Xinghuo and himself, and there were table tennis tables, table football, etc. in the office. When I came in, the office was full of people, and it felt like there were people everywhere. If two people met in the aisle , you have to turn your body sideways to pass!

    A new employee met this young man who had just entered the door, and he looked very excited. He wanted to say hello, but he was afraid of being abrupt. After Zhou Bei entered the small office, he and the newcomer next to him excitedly said: "I see Fat brother! I saw the fat guy!"

    In the entertainment industry, Zhou or Zhou is just a scum, but in the game industry, the three words Zhou or Zhou are already emerging. Huaxia's first "exported" game was operated by Microsoft, which has never set a precedent. Jie's didn't say it in front of his face, but when he talked about Zhou behind his back, he would be thumbs up, awesome!

    "Qizhi, how many people did you recruit this time? You can't even sit outside!"

    As soon as I opened the door and entered Zhao Qizhi's office, there were three people sitting in this office, Zhao Qizhi and Sun Bin, but 6 people would be stuffed!

    "The boss is here!"

    When Zhao Qizhi saw the boss coming, he got up quickly and introduced the other three by the way, all of whom were skilled technicians from other companies.

    For them, Xinghuo is very attractive, the boss is generous, the company attracts money quickly, and it is a start-up company with ample room for promotion.

    "The main consideration is that there is no place to sit, so this time only 29 people were recruited."

    Zhao Qizhihui reports.

    "How about making you look for a new office?"

    "Next week at the latest!"

    Saying that, the fat brother took out his mobile phone and looked at the time: "It's almost time to get off work, tell everyone that I'll treat you to dinner tonight, let's have a meal together!"

    "Hey, boss, our one..."

    Seeing Zhao Qizhi's hesitant and constipated expression, Zhou Buu frowned and said, "If you have a fart, let it go!"

    "Boss, we, that S County snack downstairs might not be able to seat so many people?"

    "What did Zhao Qizhi say? What did you say? Am I the kind of stingy person!"

    The fat brother came when he opened his mouth, and immediately humiliated himself.

    In my heart, I was complaining about Zhao Qizhi, do you still have your eyesight, how can you follow me through the rivers and lakes...


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