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    The website "Or Music Online", which Dai Zhiyang found someone to work on, was finally launched.

    Dai Zhiyang really felt that it was necessary for Zhou to go to a university or something. He was really difficult to name.

    The website has been made, and the song has been uploaded, so it must be advertised, right? It is absolutely unwilling to pay for the fat brother.

    "Uncle Wang, help in Jianghu! Hurry up and forward my first Weibo for me, just say you are crying!"

    "Old Cai! Cai Chongqi? Help me, I opened a music website, help me promote more, yes, just promote it on Weibo! Thank you!"

    "Director Liu, I'm not! Help me forward... What? Oh, you've seen it? I'm not doing my job, I just sing!"

    "Old Ou, I don't think so!"

    "Old you sister! I'm only 30!"

    Ou Zhengqing on the other end said with a displeased expression.

    "Do me a favor, quickly forward my first Weibo, comment and say you're crying!"

    The fat brother hung up the phone when he finished talking shamelessly over there. He harassed his pitiful few acquaintances before he was satisfied.

    What the hell are you crying? Ou Zhengqing clicked on Fat Brother's Weibo and took a look:

    "To my dearest friends, my first album of the same name, uh, can be heard on the Internet. If you still have me in your heart, go and listen to it. The link is below!"

    Hey, it's been more than half a year since Zhou Beier said he was going to release an album, but he finally got it out! However, netizens are not in a hurry to listen to the song, it is serious business to molest a wave of fat brothers first.

    "When you need someone, call them dear, man, ah!"

    "Fatty brother, I really want to listen, but I have long lost you in my heart, what should I do?"

    "This is the first time I see someone whose album is called "Fat Brother"!"

    "I think what he meant by the album of the same name was 'Nothing Else Zhou'?"

    "Come on everyone! I have an honest man upstairs!"

    "Forget it, let's say everyone has known each other for so long. Let's buy an album to support it."

    "Agree upstairs, break zero sales!"

    Everyone clicked on the link with great interest, and they actually played on a website called Elei Music Online. Is Fat Brother so formal this time? He also built a website that sells movies, ahem, records...

    The website is surprisingly clean, and the homepage is pale. Shouldn't there be a photo of the singer in the normal operation? Netizens thought that the website had crashed without looking closely at the words of BANNER above.

    There is a solitary "Zhou Bubu" hanging on it. Click it and see the name of a song hanging on it. There are songs he sang when he participated in the Masked Singer King, and songs he sang when he was an anchor. There are some who have not heard the name, it is estimated that it is the song in his new album.

    There are no other options except favorites, play and download. Does this website pay for phone calls? Could it be any simpler!

    Listen, listen, and don't want money anyway. Fans of Fat Brother are now being led by this "inferior idol" very well.

    Ou Zhengqing casually clicked a play with a curious attitude, and a melodious prelude came out.

    "Your tears are soft and wounded

    The pale crescent moon hooks the past

    The night is too long to condense into frost

    Who is the icy despair in the attic

    Rain flickers on the vermilion window

    My whole life has been swept away by the wind on paper

    Dreams turn into a ray of incense in the distance

    The wind blows you away"

    Ou Zhengqing couldn't help being a little stunned, leaning back slowly on the back of the chair as if recalling something...

    Li Hu loves music very much, but in the past few years, most of his collections are in foreign languages. Because the domestic music scene has been standing still for many years, he and many of his colleagues have been extremely disappointed.

    Until he chanced to win the live audience ticket of the Masked Singer King, and listened to the leader of the song, that is, the live version of the blue and white porcelain of the fat brother Zhou. Finally, the album is about to be released, and he is the first one who refuses to miss it!

    "Sky blue is waiting for misty rain and I am waiting for you

    The smoke from cooking rises thousands of miles across the river

    On the bottom of the bottle, the Han Li imitates the elegance of the previous dynasty

    Just when I foreshadowed to meet you"


    Li Hu parked the car on the side of the road and turned on the double flash, closed his eyes and quietly admired it.

    The live version has the fineness of the recording version, and every detail is just right. The melodious soundtrack can't help but make Li Hu goosebumps. He seems to be in an ancient study in an instant, carefully drawing a pair of Danqing on the paper. , In the painting, a peerless beauty who raised her hand to cover her handkerchief was looking at herself with a smile from the corner of her eyes.

    When half of Li Hu was intoxicated, the music stopped abruptly, and then started playing from the beginning. What happened?

    Li Hu opened his eyes and frowned and looked at the phone, and a small line of words suddenly popped up on it: the audition is over, if you like it, please buy this song!

    Such a disgusting move is absolutely forced by Zhou Beirui!

    "I really don't know how Zhou could write such a song if he was such a jerk!"

    Li Hu said angrily and clicked to buy, scolding and scolding, this would prevent him from continuing to listen, just like a cigarette addiction.

    "Five cents? So cheap?"

    Li Hu suddenly felt that he had wronged Fat Brother. This kind of meticulous work actually only sold for 5 cents a piece? He felt that the price was too low, and even desecrated such a work.

    Anyway, it's cheap. Li Hu bought all the other songs in one go, so he should support the fat brother. The total of 8 songs is only 4 yuan. If it is a physical album, it will cost at least 30 to 50 yuan, right?

    By the afternoon, several big coffees that Fat Man had asked for came to Amway for him one after another.

    Liu Jianmin: "Although I am very reluctant to advertise this kid, I have to admit that his musical accomplishments amaze me!"

    Cai Chongqi: "I advise musicians not to listen to it first. After listening to it, it can't work at all! I have been sitting in the office and listening to it for a day. Even if the speakers are turned off, my mind is still full of his songs! I have to admit, absolutely Master level!"

    Wang Zhizhi: "The first time I collaborated with Zhou Beirui on music was when I was filming Xianjian, and several of the songs that were tailored for Xianjian gave Xianjian a lot of points. This album shows that he is indeed extraordinary!"

    Ou Zhengqing: "I never advertise on Weibo. This time I really recommend everyone to listen to Zhou Bubu's new album, I will never let you down!"

    Ou Zhengqing's tens of millions of Weibo fans are more than the whole bunch of people above combined. The influence of one of his Weibo can only be described as horror.

    As of the afternoon before Ou Zhengqing's Weibo post, the total number of purchases on the website in terms of singles was more than 420,000 times. Within half an hour after Ou Zhengqing's Weibo post, the number of purchases surged to more than 1.8 million times!

    At this time, the studio was in chaos, and from time to time two voices howled:

    "Up to 50,000 at a time!"

    "It's 190 soon!"

    "The boss is awesome!"

    Dai Zhiyang sat in front of the studio computer, watching the purchase volume that was about to break the 2 million mark, his heart that had been silent for a long time suddenly seemed to be injected with a cardiotonic!

    Maybe this is a good move?

    Perhaps, I, Dai Zhiyang, have a chance to get back everything that belongs to me!


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